Monday, September 24, 2012

Shockvertising - How Much Blasphemy Can One Get Away With???

Note: We do not in anyway support, condone or concur with any of the concepts portrayed in the Ads portrayed below!!!
We too find them controversially shocking and offensive!!! 

Shockvertising, as described by wikipedia is advertising that is deliberately shocking. Which can, at times, be lewd, vulgar and offensive.

They are deliberately made that way to attract attention...

Question is... How far can one go???

Recently there's been this series of Extremely Offensive Tee Shirt Designs Posted as Ads on Ads Of The World which (if one reads the comments on the original posts) even atheists consider offensive.

Eshe Streetwear:Religion is garbage

Advertising Agency: Muckmouth, Auckland, New Zealand
Creatives: NobjockeyTatsieStrange GDabset
Illustrator: Kennedy Poynter 
Question is... At such times, is the brand (as a business entity) happy with cultivating a small niche at the risk of alienating everyone else???

Ads Of The World  

I realize that this is a highly controversial campaign and I want to make sure it is clear to everybody that the fact that we publish any campaign it doesn't mean we support it too. We're just publishing it for the world to see and comment on. Apologies to anyone offended.

Here you can see images of the posters in situ and also branded skateboards and t-shirts.

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