Saturday, September 29, 2012

When The Grim Reaper Had To Face Death Too...!!!

To quote Adfreak "The Grim Reaper gets his comeuppance in this jarringly well-done Hyundai Veloster spot, which many are saying was "banned" by Dutch TV. However, an agency-provided summary on Ads of the World says the spot was spiked by Hyundai itself for being "too shocking for our brand." The car has two passenger-side doors but just one on the driver's side, a quirky feature that serves as the setup for a punch line that really slams home the safety message. Note the especially effective editing in the commercial's first vignette as the woman in the backseat of the Ford Focus and Death both reach for the door handles at the same time. Things play out a bit differently when the moment is replayed in a three-door Veloster. The real villain isn't Death, though. It's the doofus driver who seems more than willing to let the gal get out on a dark, lonely road late at night. Is chivalry dead, too?"

The Hyundai Veloster banned commercial

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