Sunday, October 21, 2012

Changing Advertising Square To Art Square...

To quote from this article on adage Time Square, New York, is a signature of America's marketing and financial prowess, a world-famous tourist attraction and one of the country's most coveted marketing communications venues: Times Square. Awesomely bright and shamelessly gaudy, its billboards towering above the Broadway and 42nd Street neighborhood are also among the country's most effective -- and most expensive -- advertisements.

And to quote from Times Square Art Square's page on kickstarter, Justus BrunsTimes Square Art Square (TSAS) is looking to stage the world's largest public art exhibition inside the world's most popular tourist destination. Our ultimate goal is to establish a sustainable event in which billboard advertising throughout Times Square is replaced with dedicated artinstallations for one whole month each year. Ambitious? Sure. Possible? Absolutely. 

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