Monday, October 15, 2012

Hardchorus... England/France/Germany/Italy... Who Do You Love More????

In 2010 Puma and Droga 5 came up with an ingenious Valentine's Day campaign to link the romance for Football...
To quote from this post on Agency Soy... 

"This ain’t no American Idol tryout; in Europe, rough n’ tough football fans from across the continent are cutting loose and showing off their vocal chops in a competition from Puma and Droga5 New York called the “Hardchorus Song Contest.” Hooligan choirs from England to Italy are taking part in this event, where fans can vote through May 29 for their favorite “Hardchorus” on Puma’s YouTube site. This marks the second such Hardchorus battle this year, following the amusing Valentine’s Day effort where geezahs sang an a capella version of Savage Garden’s “Truly, Madly, Deeply.”
Europeans will recognize the spokesman in the clip above as Sir Terry Wogan, who was the commentator for the hugely popular Eurovision contest, which this Puma campaign seems largely inspired by.
PUMA | Hardchorus Case Study - YouTube:






The Full Hardchorus

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