Sunday, October 7, 2012

You Rascal....... - Father and Son - TimePass

TimePass - Father and Son

The Translation (provided to us by Karthik Hariharan)
Father:                        You rascal

                                   Have you taken leave from college today?
                                   In 3 years, you have accumlated 30 arrears
                                   You have celebrated diwali in the principal's office
                                   You have seduced the maths teacher
                                   You have given love torture to everyone in the library
                                   You have bunked
                                   You have wreaked havoc
                                   And now... You have left college
                                   Then, all these days, did you go to college only for time      pass?

Son:                            Yes yes yes yes, everything was a time pass

                                   But i have got a bigger time pass now
                                   Blah blah blah about how entertaining the magazine is for 5 bucks
                                   This is boss of time pass

To quote from Bhatnaturally's post on this ad...
"The Vikatan Group, a renowned Tamil publication group has launched an entertainment magazine called Timepass. The ad tells the story of a son whose hitherto ‘timepass’ activities are no match to what is to be expected from the magazine".

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