Tuesday, August 27, 2013

And This Is How (They Wish) Hitler Was Killed...!!!

MCP from dath - Tobias Haase on Vimeo.

To quote from this article in the Huffington Post: "A fake ad in which a young Adolf Hitler is killed by a Mercedes got no love from the auto brand for the spot's darkly comic revisionism.
The clip, done by German film school students for the First Steps film competition sponsored in part by Mercedes-Benz, shows a Mercedes C-Class winding through Hitler's Austrian hometown. The vehicle's collision-prevention feature helps it avoid hitting two girls in the village, but the car then plows over a young Hitler as his mother screams his name.
For a split-second (watch carefully above) on impact, we see the mass killer the boy would have become; instead, he ends up dead, twisted in the form of a swastika."

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