Saturday, December 27, 2014

Roll Cal Roll...!!!

This is a film that was made 3/4 years ago (released in 2011) but we came across this, because of a post by Arnab Mitra (Creative Director  at Famous and a non resident Calcuttan)...
To quote  Arnab...  "At a Christmas party this year, I overheard a very senior advertising guy dissing Calcutta to an audience - a bunch of schnooks who were merrily nodding away to his life changing discourse about a city that he should have known a little better before commenting. In an ideal world, I would have gone up to the gent and given him a piece of my mind, just that he was not talking to me. But, I did not forget what he said about Calcutta, my city.At the end of the party, I went up to him, introduced myself and we exchanged business cards. Yesterday, I sent him this video. And a note.We did not escape Calcutta to live inter-state or overseas. We left behind a fabulous city because we want to do something spectacular wherever we live now. And that will never change."

Client : YPO, Calcutta Chapter
Priyanka Rungta of Navsoft
Creative Agency : 
100 Watts Design Studio
Branding, Art Direction & Copy :
Kritika MalhotraProduction House: Arko Sen (with Amar Sen)
Published: December 2011

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