Saturday, December 29, 2012

Amitabh Bachchan's Lines On What Has Happened Today...

No this is not an Ad...

Friday, December 28, 2012

Traffic Mein Jam Kaa...????

Iffco Tokio - Motor Insurance - Traffic jam (10 sec)

Hockey... They Say Is Their's... Well We Can't Call It Our's... We've Got Cricket No...?

Hockey Is Ours - Nike

Guess Which Brand This Is...??? Not Too Hard Though... :-)

Pizza Hut - Klingon (1994, UK)

Yaar He's So Cute... Ussne Meri Picture Hi Toh Like Ki Hai... Doesn't Really Mean Anything...!!!

Vadafone Made For You, Girl AD



Bandar Kissey Bulaa Rahey Ho...???

Freska Wafer ... BE WOWED! "Monkeys - Zoozoo"

Keep Up The Good Work...!!!

Samsung Galaxy Note II - Office Upgrade



In 2013... Be Brave...!!!

ad nauseum - got an idea !

ad nauseum - got an idea !

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Bollywood Ka Tedhaa Banker

Meet 'Bollywood Banker' - the second member of the all new Kurkure Family

Do Bichchde Bhaaiyon Ki... Hai Yeh Kahaani...!!!

State Farm® Commercial - Born to Assist (Chris Paul)

Stop... Freeze....!!!

Frozen car

Koi Aur Cartoon Dekhein...???

Havells Wires TVC- Desh

Full India Mein Full Contact Hain Inkay....!!!

Vodafone 'Made for you' STD offers on 121 (ENG)

Inn Lakeeron Ko Zameen Hi Par Rehne Do... Dilon Pe Matt Utaarnaa...!!!

Aman ki Asha - Amitabh Bachchan

Oyy Yaar Apnaa Baithaa Hai Koi Yaar...!!!

Aman Ki Asha - Bengali Market : Passport Ad

Time We Changed Our Mindsets...!!!

Monday, December 24, 2012

4 Times The Thrill...

Director's Cut

Karaate Maushee...!!!

Aap Ko Kissney Bataayaa...???

Return-It | Dinner

Wait Kartey Kartey Ek Race Ho Jaye...???

SONY Xperia play mov hd

Maamaa... You Are Sooper...!!!




C H R O M E... What Is That...????

What is a Browser?

Rekha In Her First Snickers Commercial... The Original And The Copy...

The Original

The Copy...

Kyaa Tum Dabbangg Ho...???

Thums Up Dabangg TVC

And Coca Cola Has Not Sponsored This Film... - How Does Light Look In Slow Motion???

This film talks about work that will probably affect us in many ways, but what interests us, is to see how, in the future,  such techniques would be used in Advertising...

And Coca Cola Has Not Sponsored This Film... - How Does Light Look In Slow Motion???

Ramesh Raskar: Imaging at a trillion frames per second

I'll Be Home Christmas...!!!

Apple - iPad mini - TV Ads - I'll Be Home

Before The Interview...

Google Search App: Interview


Winter To Forget 30

Rekha In Her First Snickers Commercial...

The Copy...

The Original
Snickers Road Trip Commercial

Papa Aap Kitnay Smart Ho...!!!

Google Search App: Smart Dad

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sirf Apni Maa Yaa Bahan Hogi... Tabhi Haath Ka Phisalnaa Roakogey Kyaa...???

Funny India Ads - Sorry, My Hand Slipped

Sach Much Bohot Sundar Hai...!!!

Asian Paint Royale

Six Zero Six Zero Double Seven Double Seven...!!!



"moments" IBM.mp4

Pehle Paise Logay... Yaa Paani...???

Bank of India rain.mpg

Mother Dairy - Bengali

Mother Dairy.mpg

Duniyaa Ke Sair Pe Chali...

Reliance Blog

Air Reinvented

Air Reinvented

Nain Mattakkaa Laagaa Re... Manne Backseat Pe...

Hero Glamour

"Definition of Sleep"

Simmons "Definition of Sleep" TV Commercial 2011

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Raaahhuulll...??? Tum Itnay Badey Kab Ho Gaye...?


Ghar Hai... Yaa Chidiyaa Ghar...???

Fortune Oil

LEGO: The Hobbit

LEGO commercial: The Hobbit

Chhupaa Rustam - Bhhoalee Surat... Naughty Harkat...!!!

Kurkure Chupra Rustam

Bahu - Thhoadaa Tradition... Thhoadaa Sensation...!!!

Kurkure Bahu Remix

6 Things These Guys Missed While Reading A Newspaper...!!!

6 things you can miss while reading a newspaper

Why The World Did Not End Yesterday...???

One can surely count on the Citroen...!!!
La Fin du Monde ?

"Truly Cool"

Volvo Holiday Greeting 2012 - "Truly Cool"

Up The Hill???

Quaker Up: The Hill

A Portrait Made Of Salt - Gisele Bündchen

Gisele Bündchen de sal

60 Things In 60 Seconds Your Husband Can Do...!!!

MySky, '60 things in 60 seconds' DDB Group New Zealand

Friday, December 21, 2012

Give Naked - Your Gift To The Environment...???

Give Naked

You Deliver The Baby....

Kindertraum WEB 17sec e MOV HD



Big Picture

富士ゼロックス TVCM 「Big Picture」篇(90秒版)

How The End Of The World Was Averted On 21/12/2012...???


Sony PlayStation 2 | "Mountain"

Hyderabad SunRisers - Rise Up to Every Challenge

The official video of SunRisers, Hyderabad - Rise Up to Every Challenge

Sachin Kaa Aur Salman Kaa... Duplicate...???

Dooms Day - Breaking News - 21 December 2012

Dooms Day : 21 December 2012

Aankho... Dekhaa Haal...???

HD+ commercial 2012 'abandoned'

Dilliwaalon... Chandni Chowk Is Now Online...!!!

Chandni Chowk Now Online

Bolti Bandh...!!!

Celkon Mobiles TVC

Wanna Feed Hungry Sharks...???


The Letter...

Moconna The Letter

Thursday, December 20, 2012


HELL Pizza - Super Gourmet

Aankh Hai Yaa Pakoadey...???

KAYAK Pupils

Sucks Just About Anything...

LG Kompressor Plus Vacuum Commercial Thin to Fat Woman. Hilarious!


India's Most Stylish Home...???

Big Bazaar India's Most Stylish Home


JC Penney Nooo

A Merry Hunt...!!!

A Merry Hunt

Oh My God... Oh My God I Love It It's Perfect...!!!

Best Buy Christmas Commercial (2008)

Abbay O... Dum Hai Toh Haath Lagaa Ke Dikhaa...!!!


Look...!!! I Just Want Some Olives... And That's All...!!!

Google Analytics In Real Life - Landing Page Optimization

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Vous Voulez Comprendre...????

Vous Voulez Comprendre...???? = You Want To Understand...????
Nous Aussi...!!! = Us Too...!!! 

Naaaice...!!! Can It Like Fly And .... ???

LBi UK - Cool Unicorn Bruv

A Zebra Crossing That Flashes...!!!

IBM Flashing Zebra Crossing

2012 - Rewind YouTube Style

Rewind YouTube Style 2012"

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Naa Jee Naa... Kahaan Rukna Hai Pataa Hai... - Gadhhaa...!!!!

Kahan Rukna Hai Pata Hai - TVC 2

What Can Destroy... Can Create... Reverse Engineering

Trend Hunter's Top 20 Trends in 2013 Forecast

Top 20 Trends in 2013 Forecast - 2013 Trend Report from Trend Hunter

You All Right???

Ca Va ? (VW Golf) from DTan on Vimeo.

What man Santa - Why Don't Come To Peter Home...!!!

Now... This is not an Ad... We agree... But it is a song which has all the potential to go viral...
What you say men???

What man Santa - Daniel B George

Bhaaijaan... Khayaalon Mein Hi Pulaao Pakaaoge... Ki...???

Iss Flight Pe... Hamaaraa Santa Ke Saath Banntaa Hai...!!!

KLM's Happy Holidays flight from Amsterdam Ad Blog on Vimeo.


JELL-O Funpocalypse Fun to the Rescue :60

Chhoado Naa... Tazo Collect Karo...!!!

Cadbury Gems Commercial

Topman Distil

Alex Turvey - Topman Distil (Dirs. Cut) from White Lodge on Vimeo

'The Motherhood'

'The Motherhood' feat. Fiat 500L

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Cognitive Computing: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM...

Cognitive Computing: 5 Future Technology Innovations from IBM

Bass Kar Yaar...

Sugar Free TVC

I'm Just Looking For Milk... Normal Milk...!!!

Google Analytics In Real Life - Site Search

The Monster Who Wouldn't Let Kids Go To School...

ING Spain in association with UNICEF has launched an excellently launched website that solicits donations to help children go to school...
This website is a must log-in for anyone who is in to internet oriented marketing or advertising.

El monstruo que no dejaba ir a los niños al colegio

The Badi Badi Baatein Spoof

The Original Ad

The Spoof On NDTV

Itnaa Sannaattaa Kyun Hai Bhai...???

Sunfeast Dream Cream Family

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving An Active Shooter Event

RUN. HIDE. FIGHT. Surviving an Active Shooter Event - English

Are You A Fire Breather...???

CATALYST "Office" 90 Sec

Santa Under.Cover...!!!

Bar Refaeli New Xmas Clip - under cover

Isn't It Good In Advertising Land...???

Isn't it good in advertising land

Great Things Happen When This Meets That...

The English Version

The Original Spanish Version

Monday, December 17, 2012

The Road Home...

The Road Home - BMW

Eat From Far Beta...!!!

Perfetti -Stop Not TVC-DIVE HINDI.mp4

Eat From Far... Hmm?

Stop Not TVC - Dad

An Unreal Academy...??? Really!!!

the unreal academy.wmvVVia: The Unreal Academy

Jeremy Clarkson's Advertising Adventures In India...!!!

How to lose a head in advertising - Top Gear Christmas Special 2011 - BBC

Naa Jee Naa... Kahaan Rukna Hai Pataa Hai...!!!!


Yaar... Ladkiyaa Kittttnaaa Baatein Karti Hai Yaar....!!!!

Vodafone 'Made for you' Full Talktime offer on 121 (ENG)

I Missed All Of This.... In One Second...???

Miami Short Film Festival 2012

Ek Chheenkh Mein Itnaa Sab Miss Kar Gayaa...???

Miami Short Film Festival 2012

Brand Building Through Human Connections....

The Conspiracy Wall...???

Enjoy Better - Conspiracy Wall

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Dior's Gold & Marvels...!!!

Dior 'Ors & Merveilles'

100% Rebate... Matlab Fully Free Kyaa???

Myntra - Hottest December Ever

Congratulations... It's Cold...!!!

Under Armour: Congratulations, It's Cold


Canon Canada Inc. 2012 TV Commercial "Why?"


MADD Canada - PSA - Impact -- Victim Support

Groundhog Dates...

Groundhog Dates - RSVP's new TV ad

Speeding Up Science...

Facebook Stories: Speeding Up Science

Be Amazing

GameFly Commercial - Be Amazing - Featuring Blake Griffin!

Dog | Let The Art Decide | Art Directors Club

Art Directors Club | Let The Art Decide | Dog

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Beyond the Yellow Boat...!!!

Facebook Stories: Beyond the Yellow Boat

100 Years of Movies...

Warning: This Video Is In 3D. You Might Need 3D Glasses...
(Though We're Not Quite Sure If Those Work For Youtube Videos)

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Hamaarey Parivaar Mein... Chaar Loag... Chaar Tareekein...!!!

Nikki Galrani in Varalakshmi Ad

Happy Technolidays To All...!!!

Chance Pe Dance... - Sculptor - Sculptor

Tell Me You Love Me... For Who I Am...!!!

Hallmark Tell Me Commercial - Holiday


Foldify - Overview

Captain...? Vice Captain...???

Irrespective of one's political leanings, one can not but agree with BJP Gujrat's portrayal of the infighting in their opposition (The Congress) party.
Ekmat Gujarat - Kabaddi Toss - BJP Gujarat TV Ad

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Something in the Air...

Something in the Air -- Official 2012 Coca-Cola Holiday Song

Protecting The Right Stuff...

Norton Funny Thanksgiving Mishap

Santa's Phonebooth Magic...

Orelhão Mágico

They Call This Kissing...?

Nokia Lumia 510 -Kissing

On Your Side

Nationwide "On Your Side" Advert 2012 | Nationwide Building Society TV Advert

Salman Khan and Aditi Rao Hydari Want a Baby?

Salman Khan and Aditi Rao Hydari Wants a Baby? - Maya Jewels TVC (HD)

Full Unglee Chaatoo...!!!

chinnis pickle
Tamil Version

Marathi Version

Get Ready For What...???

Get Ready (Teaser)

JWTIntelligence 10 Trends for 2013 in 2 minutes

JWTIntelligence - 10 Trends for 2013 in 2 minutes

Popping & Locking The Ice Cubed Way...!!!

pub Foot Locker Adidas 2012 [HQ]

Yes Virginia...!!!

Yes Virginia

Google's Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review

The Family's Day... Out...???

Playstation: Family Day Out

But Dad... I Don't Wanna Play Basketball...!!!

E-Trade - Basketball
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Science in Society -- The Eureka Moment

The Eureka Moment -- Science in Society

Understand Music...

Mai Ek Hafffftttay Se Diet Pe Hun...!!!

2. BGH Diet

Yeh Meraa Hi Dabba Hai...!!!

3. BGH It's mine

The Polo Shirt of the Future

Polo of the Future

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Rajinikanth's Birthday - Coffee Art

Rajini Coffee art

'It's Showtime!'

'It's Showtime!' with Rob Brydon - Episode One - BBC One Christmas 2012 Trailer

THis Mafioso's Story...

Mafiosos - Toyota

The Subtitled Version

The Mafia

[TV] Pub Canal plus (Mafia)

When Was The Last Time You Got One Of These...???

POSTA ITALIANA reading 120dc2

Hindi Filmy Train Run... But UnHindi Filmy Scene End... !!!

2 BREIL TRAIN dir Luca Maroni copia

The Feel...

7 NOKIA6170 Castor

Everybody Technology - Stephen Hawking's Dream

Everybody Technology - Stephen Hawking's Dream - Audio-Description version

Ek Khhujlee Special... Ek Jalan Special... Aur...?

O Creme - Chemist

Woh Bhi Gas Cylinders... Yeh Bhi Gas Cylinders...!!!

Fogg - Women

Coming Home:To Family - The India Story

Kancils 2012- Non Broadcast(Bronze) & Film Direction(Silver)-Petronas Coming Home: India Story

The UnToy Store...

Chicago Children's Museum Opens Toy Store

What A Way To Present A Brand Identity...!!!

Apni Duniyaa Roak Dun...???

Maxwell House slow it Down Agency Version

Why You Won't Have Time This Saturday...!!!

Amnesty International: Saturday

Wall of Shoes - Doom

Doom "Wall of Shoes"


Bad Tennis

Facebook Pages in India - November 2012 - Socialbakers' Social Media Report:

For The Full Report... Click Here

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Juss Cleek On Ze Beeg Button When You Want Start...!!!

Publicis Groupe: Maurice Lévy's Digital Wishes for 2013"

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Young & Mature...

Axe Young & Mature - Ingles

Armando's Dream...

Armando's Dream

Golee Ko Hairpin Banaa De...!!!

Denver hair Gel

Why She Is Topless & Why The Scorpion...!!!

Yesterday when we posted this Ad, we entitled the post "What Does Her Toplessness Have To Do With The Scorpion...????"

To which we got this response from Roshan Jacob  
Topless = The new fiat 500 is a convertible... Hence topless; 

The scorpion = The abarth emblem.

Thanks for the input Roshan...!!!

NikeFuel Missions

Nike+ Presents: NikeFuel Missions

"Clothes for Smiles"

Uniqlo × Novak Djokovic "Clothes for Smiles" -- introduction - English

A Christmas Present Sir...? For Your Wife Sir...?

Ronson Stylerdryer - Christmas Present (1976, UK)

This.... Is Not A Jesey...!!!

Russell Athletic "Declaration" Director's Cut

The Cateura LandfillaHarmonic Orchestra

Landfill Harmonic teaser

Kaisaa Yeh Madh-Hosh Saa Pall Hai... Toot-Taa Nazron Ka Sabar Hai...!!!

snakker D'cut

Uncle Ko Chaand Pe Pohochaa Diyaa...???

priya Gold

Is Your Baby The Best...?

2013 Dallas ADDYs - Start Over

No... This... No... That... No Childhood...!!!

BBC - Children in Need

The First Tweeple-Powered Hoarding In India...

The first ever Tweeple-Powered collection launch by Allen Solly

Cisco... Tomorrow Starts Here...!!!

Cisco Commercial | Tomorrow Starts Here (:60)

"Saarey Jahaan Se Achchhaa..." Wg. Cdr. Rakesh Sharma

Join The Indian Air Force - TVC

Monday, December 10, 2012

Stay Another Day...

Mariachi Doritos sing Stay Another Day - Teaser

Falling In Love Again...

MERCEDES Falling In Love Again

Field of Dreams

Reebok - Field of Dreams

To Turn Mouse...

Lego commercial - Kipper

Zilda Please... There Might Be Children Watching...!!!

Johnson's Cotton Buds 1982 Richard Williams Studio Animated Advertisement

Race Me Phissaddi Kaa...???

Iffco Tokio - Motor Insurance Edit 1

Jeegness Ki Heerni Kaa...???

Iffco Tokio - Motor Insurance Edit 2

Barsaat Ki Raat Kaa... Chaai Samosay Ke Saath Kaa...???

Iffco Tokio - Health Insurance Edit 1

Kyun ZEE...!!!


Maamaa Ke Muh Me Aayay Paanee...!!!

Hajmola 40seclow

Mummy Kay Purrmeeshun Kaa...???

Iffco Tokio - Health Insurance Edit 2

Innhhonay Andheray Mein Apni Biwi Ki Jagahh... Bheema Pehelwaan Ki...

Eveready Amitabh Bachchan Jeevan Sathi Commercial

Bachch(p)an Kaa Jeevan Saathi

Eveready Amitabh Bachchan Jeevan Saathi Ad

MIRINDA MOONU : Ab Masti Bhi Tignaa...!!!


This One Movie Should Forever Stay In Your Brain...!!!

Brain Scan PSA for Alzheimer Society of B.C.

Christmas 2012 - Maria - Unicef

Unicef - Christmas 2012 - Maria

Kaylay Ka Chhilkaa...!!!

Aircel Full Talktime TVC starring Suriya