Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Ants Go Marching

Crazy Rob Zombie Cures Ant-Fueled Craziness

School's Out Forever???


HELP I WANT TO SAVE A LIFE -- Cannes Lions 2012 Grand Prix for Good

Isskinn Turble?

Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Face Wash

If Seen In The Indian Context... Really...!!! How Much Our Kids Carry...!!!

Though this is an American 'Back To School' Ad...
If Seen In The Indian Context...
Our school going kids here...

How Much They Carry...!!!BestBuy Backpack Commercial 2011

Jaadoo Ki Chhadee...!!!

Scotch Purple Gluestick

These Are Actors... They Are Paid To React...!!!

Meijer- Mom

World's Largest Union Jack

Marks & Spencer Create World's Largest Union Jack Flag from Unwanted Clothes

Would You Want To Be Styled By Zombies???

To Break Free In To The Real World...!!!

TOYOTA GT86: The Real Deal Advert - Full Version

Penélope & Mónica Cruz With The Mario Bros

New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Penélope & Mónica Cruz TV ad (Nintendo 3DS)

Mmmmohini...??? KyaKarRahiHo...??? Mohini...??? Kya Kar Rahi Ho...??? Mohinnnni...??? Kyaaaaa Kar Rahi Ho...???

Tata Docomo-Unlimited Ad

Who Is The Voice In This Olympics (2012) Ad???

Summer Olympics 2012 - Morgan Freeman

Jeevan Ko Upahaar Kaho...

Kotak Thematic

The Pigeon & The Speed Of Flight????

Send Reinforcements - Verizon 4G LTE

"Govt Officer" - Money??? Under The Table...!!!!

Sunpure Oil TVC "GOVT OFFICER" Kannada 30sec

The Hunter

The Hunter

Bodybuilder Directing Traffic?

GEICO - Bodybuilder : Commercial

Pizza Delivery

BankPlus: Pizza Delivery

Friday, August 17, 2012

The Ballerina Stunt

What's Inside???

What's Inside

I Don't Give Tips...!!!

Motilal Oswal ad - The man from Motilal Oswal

Seriously Lamb...

McDonald's Serious Lamb Burger - hug


Reliance Life Insurance Whistle

Kitnaa Vishwaas Hai Aapko?



Anlene "Athlete"

LADY GAGA's BLACK Perfume...


I Am A Girl...!!!

Plan International: Mass Construction

I Want To See My Logo On The Taj Mahal...


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Long Day of Childhood - Hamster

Ragú Long Day of Childhood Commercial: Hamster


Hello Little Printer..!!!

Hello Little Printer, available 2012 by BERG

Football Fans - Which Comes First? The Family Or The Game???

Love or Football

Abbay Bhatooray... Meri Table Pe Baithegaa Tu???

Somewhere In The Caribbean Sea...

Lynx Chaos Island 60second TV advert

Down Under - London 2012

Down Under Ad for London 2012 Olympic Games - Telstra

Made In India...!!! Bilkul Fit Hai...!!!

Dhanush new single featuring 'Tata Nano'

Mubaarak Ho...!!! Ladki Hui Hai...!!!

Kaun Banega Crorepati 2012 - Starts from 7th September 2012 @ 8:30pm - Promo 3

I Chief...!!! I Run...!!! I Fly...!!!

Red Chief Shoes

Jigar Fernandes...!!!

Kaun Banega Crorepati 2012 - Starts from 7th September 2012 @ 8:30pm - Promo 4"

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What's Inside D Rose???

adidas Basketball: The Return of Derrick Rose Launch Video

Domincedes...??? Dominoyota...??? Dominuzuki...??? DominMW...??? Dominyundai??? Dominiat...???

Domino's Ultimate Delivery Vehicle Project

Vaat Man???

Stop... Play... Stop... Play... Stop... Stop... Stop... Stop...

Virgin Holidays - Jamaica Tourism Board TV Advert (Stop)

Running with the Bulls - How Extreme Can Your Hotel Bookings Be?

Xtreme Booking 2 — Running with the Bulls

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

17 Years Ago... They predicted What The Internet Would Be Like Today...!!!

Beech Raat Mein... Iss Ped Parr Bhoot Nahin...

Come Back Untouchable...!!!

I Am India...!!!

A World Cup For Siesta???



One World... One Love...!!!

Jana Gana Mana - Baiju Dharmajan's Independence Day Tribute To His Childhood School...!!!

Baiju Dharmajan ( widely considered to be one of the best guitar players who has surfaced from the country in the last decade) returned to pay tribute to his childhood school where he weaved his dreams and passions.

What Ted Baker Did With The Statue Of Liberty...!!!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

"Days Go By" - This One Won A Grammy In 2003

Mitsubishi Eclipse "Days Go By" commercial"

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When @smjindia Made Its Twitter Journey

Satyamev Jayate Twitter Journey -- A Film Made By Ketan Mehta

How Do You Have Your's???

Nutella taps into morning rituals with new TVC

"A Rhythmic Ghat"

Stride Mintacular's Spoof Of Apple Style Videos...

Stride Mintacular

Oh Bhaai Sahaab... Yeh Aapkaa Jism Hai... Koi Diary Nahin...!!!

Ghajini spoof Tattoo

Wherever Our Trains Go...!!!

City of Possibilities

Are These The Only Factors That Make Us Indian...???

You Tell Us...!!!

So...??? What's Your Action...???

BlackBerry - Action Starts Here

Flavoursome Radvertising???

Dunkin' Donuts Flavor Radio(2012 Cannes Lions)

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ghoom Ghoom Dekho Mhaaro Pyaaro Rajasthan...!!!

Zamaane Ko Sajaane Chalaa

Dirty Khabar Apnay Maa Ke Wahaan Dekhogay????

Dirty Khabar - Coming Soon - Promo

Team GB Dance Around To Queen Like Giddy Idiots...

adidas | Team GB Don't Stop Me Now
Via: Team GB Dance Around To Queen Like Giddy Idiots For New adidas Campaign

Halla Bol... Mahngaai Pe Halla Bol...!!!

Big Bazaar


This is not an Ad in any sense whatsoever...
But we won't be surprised if someone were to pick up this concept and convert it into an Advertising Idea

Man-eater from Daniel Disselkøen on Vimeo.

Celebrating 80 Years.... LEGO's Story

The LEGO® Story

Tag Me If You Can

Expedia Australia presents: Tag Me If You Can - Play Today


Remember what flowers can do

Aise Karke Amitji Ne Laakhan Ki Kahaani Bataayee...!!!

Amitabh Bachchan Narrates Laakhan's Story- MAGGI New TV Commercial

Prateik Chaplin Babbar

The Delivery


Funny Thai Commercial (Hall) Are you OK?

A Flipbook That Might Make You Faint...!!!

Listerine - Flipbook with Bad Breath

Our Life... Our Future...

Indian Chemical Council (ICC)

Slow Day At Work???

Usain Bolt - This Is SportsCenter

As A Child He Threw Anything He Could Find...

CANVAS Olympia (dc uk)