Saturday, February 25, 2012


Introducing Nike+ Training"

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Generation After Generation: SL-2013

Art - The All-New 2013 Mercedes-Benz SL"

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Paper World

Chevrolet sales in post-World Role"

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Salma Hayek Runs All Night For Milk...

MilkPEP: Midnight Run"

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The Wife Today...!!!

Modern Life (Hyundai 2)"

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Friday, February 24, 2012

Talk to My Car

Talk to My Car (Hyundai 1)"

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The Zero Puzzle

The Coca-Cola Zero Video Puzzle"

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Fridge Magnets

Bond + Bond - Fridge Magnet Billboard /"

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Are Those Clones???

Sprite -- Si te quedas, te atrasan"

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"We Want the Funk"

MasterCard "We Want the Funk" Commercial

I Simply Remember My Favorite Things....

My Favorite Things - Mastercard Ad - YouTube: ""

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The Valentines' Happiness Machine...



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Why A Miss India (Worldwide) Contest In Suriname?

London Paris New York - Close Up

London Paris New York - "EK DIN ACHANAK" - Close Up Contest Ad_Promotion.HQ WHQ"

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Go For It

Invest NI Go For It - Sandwich - TV Advert"

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Body Image

Body Image Television Commercial

Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Blast In The Oven... - Film Blast TV Ad"

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"Sangeet" Raymond TV Ad"

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Compete... Against Yourself...

Introducing Nike+ Basketball"

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Shatranj Ki Ladaai Amul's Take On Indian Cricket

Amul's Take on the rift between the captain and vice- captain of the Indian cricket team

Chase The Pig...

Financial Literacy - Chase :60"

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You Want To Taaach Meee?? You Want To Taaach Meee??

Spice Cappuccio.mp4"

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The Tunnel...

Are Bananas Only For Monkeys???

Banana (Gainomax 1)"

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Is It Fast???

Volkswagen Jetta Commercial: Fast"

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MS FightingGoogle (Anti-Mail Version)

Gmail Man - YouTube: ""

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Do Waqt Ki Roti... Has Now Changed To Do Waqt Ka Pizza...

Oxicash - D'war Viral"

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Which Is The Most Lethal Kung Fu Weapon?


He Needs Me.. He Needs Me... Meee....

Serena Williams Nike Tennis Instructor

Rubik's Cube

Citroën Cube - Seb K - WIZZprod° - YouTube: ""

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Break The Silence...

Amnesty International - CRCR - WIZZprod°"

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MS FightingGoogle

Shirts...??? Or Pants...???

CLEAR "Shirts" Commercial"

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Dutch Settlers Nearly Bought Manhattan For A Tin Of...............

Altoids Exchange - Flying V - WIZZprod°"

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The Race... Is Only Part of the Story

The Race is Only Part of the Story"

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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flare Gun

Flare Gun"

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Idiosyncratic Paradoxes? Or Paradoxical Idiosyncrasies?

For Copy Writers, Poets, Authors, Teachers, Professors
And for the ones who indulge in Pedantry Semantics
And others who revel in Semantic Pedantry...  

Test Ram's Mettle

Ram Truck Month | Ram Works Harder"

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Test Ram's Mettle

Ram Truck Month | Ram Works Harder"

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The Gawky Squirrel

2 SOX 1 GOAL - Love Football, Lose Racism

2SOX1GOAL - Love Football, Lose Racism."

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From Plain Jane to P.S. I Made This...

Sharpie Presents: Plain Jane to Stained

From Shor Bazaar To More Bazaar

This post was originally called "From Chor Bazaar To More Bazaar"... Because in spite of the word 'Chor' meaning 'Thief" in Hindi, Chor Bazaar in Bombay is more a Flea Market where all the Kabaadis (Scrap Dealers) come and sell old used/thrown/stolen-too-at-times stuff...
Big Bazaar EXCHANGE - YouTube: "

When per-chance we found this information on wikipedia
Chor Bazaar (Hindi/Marathi: चोर बाज़ार), located near Bhendi Bazaar in South Mumbai, is one of the largest flea markets in India. The word Chor means "thief" in Hindi-Urdu. Initially, though , it was called Shor Bazaar; Shor in Hindi meaning Noise. The place was noisy and full of chaos. It still remains so. Chor bazar is Mumbai's famous thieve's Market where tourists rummage for Ming vases and Muranos at throwaway prices. The main avenue is Mutton Street, flanked by rows of little antique shops that sell just about anything at bargain prices, including colonial-era lamps, Art Deco clocks and trinkets of every kind. A store called Mini Market also offers old Bollywood posters for sale Others offer authentic Victorian furniture, wonderful for browsers, antiquarians and restorers. Although bargains are sometimes staggering, haggling is considered mandatory. This area can be considered one of the tourist attractions of Mumbai.

Cup to Canvas - What Are You Gonna Start?

Nikley Thhay Bhopaal... Pohochay In Between... Samajh Gaye Naa...


Eon-D-Lite + TV Commercial"

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Full Length Feature Film In 60 Seconds...???

Axis Bank - Badhti ka naam zindagi..."

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Giving The Car Awash???

Presenting the Stylish New Xylo -- TV Ad."

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Mirinda Goes Classically Breathless...

Mirinda Taste Twister Challenge - Classical Singer - "

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The Little Things...


The Sketcher...


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The Voice Over Man...

Special Order"

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Why Do We Always Have To Take Your Mom's Car?

2012 Tiguan Commercial: Safety Sacrifice"

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Bon Jovi Sings For The National Rugby League...

NRL brand campaign - via Mumbrella"

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Get An Upgrade... And Fall In Love... ???

The SSD Angels"

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MAD Beirut"

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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pepsi: Graffiti

Pepsi: Graffiti"

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Arre Sirji... Chaliye Aap Hi Khujaa Dijiye Naa Sirji...

Dish Sawaar Hai - Magician"

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Unlimitedly Unlimited....

Amul's Take On Crises Faced By Vijay Mallya...

The Lincoln Fry...

lincoln fry commercial"

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366 Stickers To Change The World This Year...!

CCD Planner - Change the world"

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Porcelain Unicorn...

Porcelain Revised Score"

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Too Drunk To...

This is a wonderful and interactive campaign by Switzerland Talks Of Alcohol, where they've set up a youtube channel and ask viewers to share stories of their own...

The Car Keys... 

Bump On The Head

He Can Barely Stand Himself...

Bottoms Up...!!!

Happy New Year Card 2012 - Brilliant Animated Summation of 2011

Carte de voeux 2012 - Euro RSCG"

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Birds Eye The Australian Open

Birds Eye Australian Open TVC by BWM Melbourne - B&T"

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Abb... News Idea....!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

What Have You Done To Stop A Drunk Friend From Driving?

Invest In Solidity

Spot Enel Campagna Bond 2012 - Soggetto pietra - 30 secondi"

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The Pug Is Back...

Over the years...
Marketers have been targeting....
Younger and younger audiences...
Which is why it is not surprising...
That skeptics wonder when.... 
Pre-natal audiences will start getting targeted??? 

Raam Naam Satya Hai...

Ogilvy anti smoking ad campaign Chanting Lighter TVC"

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'Futbolista = Footballer'

'Futbolista', de Bassat Ogilvy Madrid para Banco de Santander"

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The Optimists"

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All the rules (except 8. because you can choose to drink tea or juices instead of coffee ;o) are applicable not only to advertising but any sphere of work where creativity is required.


'Valores', de Publicis Comunicación España para Bankia"

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It Comes In An Envelope...

Apple MacbookAir - Envelope"

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Honey I Slingshot The Baby

Doritos® - Sling Baby -- Crash the Super Bowl 2012 Finalist"

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The Hush Money Supplier....

Doritos® - Man's Best Friend -- Crash the Super Bowl 2012 Finalist"

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Col___le_______ge____________ Goss__________________ssip_??? ______Keep Yourself Recharged...!!!

This Football Starts Howling Like A Dog...

ETN e.V.: The Howling Football"

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Iss Sey Achchha Laddoo Katvaate?

Monginis 40_sec.mp4 - YouTube: ""

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ONN Hai? DON Hai? CON Hai?

DON is ONN making the Lux Cozi Ad Shah Rukh Khan - YouTube: ""

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Partners, Naturally

Partners, Naturally"

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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Be Something Different....

Is This Roller Coaster Ride For Real???

Working In Advertising... Perceptions V/S Reality...

Darth Vader Landing Sighted In Copenhagen

Death Star over Copenhagen"

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Richard Gere Here... Richard Gere There... Richard Gere Everywhere...

KappAhl - Richard Gere"

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You're Seeing Someone Else Aren't You? Who Is It?

iSKY - Cheat on your TV"

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Honda 'Choir'

Honda - 'Choir' Advertisement - YouTube: ""

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Let's Take _____________ Out Of _____________

Apollo Munich - Let's Uncomplicate Theme Film"

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These Kids Should Be In School...

Amnesty TV - London Fashion Week"

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"The Flying Tigers"

Sovil et Titus "The Flying Tigers" 1993 Director's Cut - YouTube: ""

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