Saturday, October 20, 2012

There Was A Time When....


Changing The Game...

IBC collective

Kaan Ki Safaai... Paani...!!!

airtel callhome new series

W = _____________???

Interpret the World - War

Lootere Penguin...!!!

Bluebird Penguins Heist

When Desires (& Wishes) Do The Full Circle...!!!

Max Newyork Life: Karo Zyada ka Iraada

Aaaeyyy Jhatke... Zara Hatke...!!!

Bingo: Hatke Jhatke

Are You??? Me???

Lincoln Financial Nursery Future Self

I Could Use A Little More Support...

IKEA woman needs support

Problem Toh Local Team Ko Hoga.... Buss Ek Baar Ground Toh Pohoch Jaaye...!!!

Aveo U-va: Bada Dil Badi Car

Fever 104: Music Ka Bukhar

Fever 104: Music ka bukhar

If We Were To All Use Cups and Threads...???

Kitnay Angles Se Dekhogay Bhaiyya???

Bingo Mad Angles Film Festival

If We Were To All Use Paper Planes...

The Masseuse???

Axe - Massage

The Pet Storchestra...!!!

@Trident_Brasil apresenta Trident Fresh! UHU REFRESH!

Aaaaaah.... Owww... Owww... Owww... Owww...!!!

Girls shaving

The Amount Of Work A Plumber Has To Do...!!!

McDonalds UK ad - plumber


Wild Stone Deodorant Guddi Commercial


Milwaukee Police Department | "Walking"

But Why....

Is He Nailing The Other Guy To The Wall???
Boost Mobile | "Nail Gun" - YouTube: "

Grass... Is Dumb...!!!

Denver Water | "Lawnmower"


RAV4 'Get Outdoors' Bed ad


DSTV - Javas Directed by Marc Sidelsky

My First Visit Home After Marriage...

Platinum Day of Love - 2012 Television Commercial

Meet Mr. Chakkumaar Khan...!!!

Very Funny AD: Good Night Clap

A Black & White Video In Colour...!!!

Black & White (In Colour)
A black & white video created by painting a whole room (including Eran Amir the Director)  in shades of grey. All footage was captured on camera in colour.

*** No Colour Correction was used to alter the footage ***

Watch the making of the video here:

Created by Eran Amir.

Music: Bill Callahan - Eid Ma Clack Shaw.

Special Thanks to Omer, Avital, Shira, Alon, Hanna, Erez, Scott from 'Drag City' records, Bill Callahan & 
Eran's Parents.

Romo Your Robophone...!!!

In How Many Ways Does One Express Oneself...???

The famous AirTel Commercial ad With the jingle

Corporate Traveller

Corporate Traveller - Whiteboard Animation

'Playin' With My Friends'

IKEA 'Playin' With My Friends' Advert

Friday, October 19, 2012

Dogs in Slow Motion

Dogs in Slow Motion - 1000fps - Orapup

Even Chitty Chitty Bang Bang Has To Pay Road Tax...!!!

DVLA - Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (2002, UK)

Unlock The 007 In You. You Have 70 Seconds!

Unlock the 007 in you. You have 70 seconds!


PLACES For Women

Gasp... Gasp... These Guys Just Don't Stop Moving....!!!

GoPro HERO3: Black Edition - Smaller, Lighter and 2X More Powerful

The Future... Marketing... And You... Scary...???

TRUE SKIN from H1 on Vimeo.

Ghanti Bajaao...!!! Jootaa Le Jaao...!!!

Ring My Bell Instagram Stunt by Aldo Israel

Hum Indians Bhi Naa... Makkhi Bhagaane Ke Liye Bhi CONTACTS Ka Isstemaal Kartein Hain...!!!

Justdial - Fly - 888

Shouldn't They Have Called Her Memena Lisa Instead...???

Art Appreciation — Troy Polamalu School of Deeper Learning

Bohot Naam Hai Inka... Kyun... Saneema Me Aati Hai Kaa...???

UNICEF Total Sanitation TVC 1 - Priyanka Bharti Featuring Vidya Balan

Issay Kehtay Hai Superstar Style mein Keechchad Uchchaalnaa...!!!

Mahindra Tractor - Har Waqt Ka Superstar

How Good A (Single Handed) Driver Are You????

Nowadays the clowns who pull the single handed stunt, generally have a mobile phone in the other hand.
1960's "The Good Driver?" National Safety Council Ad Council PSA

The Duffy Twins

Ad of the Day: Conjoined Twin Brothers Embrace Spike TV | Adweek

Arrey Jaanoo... Mai Gaadi Dho Rahaa Hun Naa...!!!

NSW Rural Fire Service Australia 'Car' TVC - AdNews

Jaanoo Kab Tak Computer Se Chpki Rahogi...???

NSW Rural Fire Service Australia 'Computer' TVC

"The Treasure", featuring Mr. & Mrs. Clooney

DNB ad "The Treasure", featuring George Clooney

Chromebook: For Everyone...

Chromebook: For Everyone

Gana wala Song : Spoof-iatic version

Gana wala Song : the Q-tiyatic version

Looking For Someone..???


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Isski Moochhey Kidhar Hai....

Kurkure South Special

Song Sounds Good... Now We Know What The Words (In Tamil) Mean...!!!

RMKV Navarathri 30 Sec

Tranlation courtsy: Swetha Vasu

"Moms who shower affection are all 1 step higher ;
Dads who shower affection are all 1 step higher;
Happy family is always 1 step higher.."

RMKV clothes which fill the hearts of the family members with satisfaction

Baaraatee Maggi...!!!

Amitabh Bachchan Narrates Raakhi's Shaadi Story- MAGGI New TV Commercial"

'via Blog this'

Never... Ever... Be A Bystander...!!!

Bullying Prevention - Anderson Cooper

Have You Heard The Egg Screme???

Cadbury Screme Egg "Last Stand"

Brad Pitt... "Wherever I Go" Part 2

Wherever I go - CHANEL N°5 Part 2

Hot TLC For Women...!!!

Rethink Breast Cancer Presents: "The Hottest App Update Ever"

If You Play Nice & Don't Think Twice... I Might Pass You The Keys...!!!

Titan Raga "Pottery"

That's Why We Say... Aajaa Table Pe...!!!

Saath Khao, Khushiyaan Badhao

Jhanvi's Maggical Birthday Cake...!!!

Amitabh Bachchan Narrates Jhanvi's Hostel Story- MAGGI New TV Commercial

Maa... Missing You Soooo Much....!!! And Your Cooking... Even More...!!!

MAGGI 2 MINUTE NOODLES - School Camping (Mom & MAGGI - Missing You So Much).wmv

The Surprise - With The Kashmiri Lyrics...!!!

Love surprises?
Hukus Bukus Telewan Chukus

This is a Kashmiri Children's Rhyme.

The children start:

"hukus bukus telli wann che kus
onum batta lodum deag,
shaal kich kich waangano,
Brahmi charas puane chhokum,
Brahmish batanye tekhis tyakha."

The Teacher corrects:
"Itkayne ne Itkayne
Tse Kus Be Kus Teli Wan su Kus
Moh Batuk Logum Deg
Shwas Khich Khich Wang-mayam
Bhruman daras Poyun chokum
Tekis Takya bane Tyuk"

Tse Kus Be Kus Teli Wan su Kus
Who are you and who am I then tell us who is he the creator that permeates through both you and I

Moh Batuk Logum Deg
Each day I feed my senses/body with the food of worldly attachment and material love (Moh = attachment)

Shwas Khich Khich Wang-mayam
For when the breath that I take in reaches the point of complete purification (Shwas = Breath)

Bhruman daras Poyun chokum
It feels like my mind is bathing in the water of divine love (Bhruman = nerve center in the human brain, poyun = water)

Tekis Takya bane Tyuk
Then I know I am like that sandal wood which is pasted for divine fragrance symbolic of universal divinity. I realize that I am, indeed, divine (Tyuk = Tika applied on the forehead)

Piggy Chops Apnaa Pataaka Khudd Hai... Diwali Pe Holi...!!!

Nokia Lumia Smartphones Diwali Offers TVC

GHar Jaisi Koi Cheez Nahi Hoti...

Ek Kadam Aagey Services

"So You Want To Be A (Copy) Writer?" by Charles Bukowski

Since our's is page with relevance to advertising, and copy-writing is the most important form to us, we have taken the liberty of adding the word copy to writing in the title of this post. 

Kyun...!!! Jab Ghar Chalaa Sakhti Hun... Toh Gaadi Nahi Chalaa Sakhti Hun...???

New Ford Figo - Change Is Wonderful

The Scary Fairy...!!!

StubHub, "Fairy"

Like Him... Are You A Bloody Idiot Too...??? - Warning: Some Of The Visuals Depicted In This Ad Are Gruesome...

Warning Some Of The Visuals Depicted In This Ad... Are Gruesome...!!!

What Bernie Marcus Is Afraid Of...

RJC - Bernie Marcus TV Ad

Yogi Pehelwaan Krishna...!!!

American Tourister Perfect Jodi Offer TVC

Michael Malone- The original Upgrader

Iinet - The original upgrader by Cirkus

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Khaaney Mein Thhoadaa Namak Kam Hai... Par Tum Badey.... .... ...

Pigeon "Pyaar" Tvc

A woman hand starts her Enfield Bullet and rides it too... What Do The Khap Panchayats Think Of This???

Now this is not an Ad, but the fact that it has had 2.8 million odd views, means it would well work as an ad for Bullet.

We came across this viedo thanks to a post by Shubho Sengupta to quote Shubho "Those khap boys should see this. Any idea which state?

We too are wondering... Both on the state, and the state of mind of the khap boys...!!!

My Sister hand starting her Enfield Bullet and taking a ride.. - YouTube: ""

'via Blog this'

Bird Brain...

Say Yes To Less...!!!

Panasonic Brand TVC 2012 - Say Yes To Less (Dia Mirza)

Tum Dance Master Kab Se Bann Gaye???

Parachute Advansed Body Lotion TVC South

Infrastructure Ka Superhero

Ek Kadam Aagey Infrastructure

Cheer Me On...!!!

All on the Line...

Sobeys Traceable Seafood: All on the Line

Just In... Find My Gold Shoes...

Justin Bieber - Find My Gold Shoes. adidas NEO contest

Jhhoothhaa Ho Gayaa...!!!

Cadbury India AD with cute girl

Do You Keep All Your Cards In One Place???

Keep all your cards in one secure place

Play... A New Way To Learn...!!!

[GALAXY Note 10.1] A new way to learn with Institute of Play

When The Shading Becomes A Face...!!!

Carhartt WIP Fall/Winter 2012 illustration ad campaign by SHOHEI - Clip 3

Marketing Saviours Of The Universe???

M2W: Saviors of the Universe marketing strategies


PNC Bank: Bigger

Ghar Ke Safaai ke Liye... Abb Jaadui Chhadee

Versatile cleaning - The new Dyson Digital Slim

What Did Richard Post On Facebook For Her To Aplogise On TV????

Bodyform Responds :: The Truth

WeWonATrip WeWonATrip We Won A Trip...!!!

McDonald's Monopoly Max - Voyage

We Won A Trip...!!!

McDonald's Monopoly Max - Voyage

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Americans Don't With Till Noember 6... Vote Left Wing Or Right Wing... Now...!!!

Boston Market Bowl Poll Campaign Video


Eniro - Restaurang

Diwali Pe Yeh Kapday...???

Diwali Offer with Nokia Asha Smartphones TVC

Shoes...??? What Kind...???

Eniro - Skor

Aap Apnay World Ko Kaise Banaayengey...???

Create your world with Thread Art

Toh... Iss Diwali Pe Apni Biwi Ko Kyaa De Rahein Hai Aap...???

Celebrate Diwali to the fullest. Sparkle it up with Tanishq Jewellery.

The Heavily Metallic Ballet...!!!

Radio Rock: Ballet

Sachhee??? Issko Khaaney Se Koi Hero Bann Jayengaa???

Steak 'n Shake - Daydream - Steakburgers


The Surface Movement

Disgustology... In India We Could Also Use It To Stop Dowry, Bribes, Segregation, Suppression, Casteism, Communalism and So Much More...!!!

Val Curtis, Disgustologist

All the music you love, every way you want it

Xbox Music


Instagram Menu 

LEGORIGINAL VERSION - Stratos jump successful!

Stratos jump successful! ORIGINAL VERSION

Indecision Takes You Nowhere...!!!

Le film Les Echos

The Smart Ninja's Transportation System...

Smart Ninja : Smart Transportation System

Issay Kehtay Hai Daadhi Ki Band Bajaanaa...!!!


Dekho Amma Ka Kamaal... Daalaa Collar Mein Rumaal...!!!

Tide - Rumaal (Extended Cut)

No More "We No Speak Americano"

To quote this article posted on Digital Spy, "Australian duo of Sylvester Martinez and Johnson "Durango Slim" Peterson AKA Yolanda Be Cool have held a press conference to recall their global hit 'We No Speak Americano'.

The duo told press that the hit can no longer be played as "the beats are no longer fresh".

'We No Speak Americano' topped 16 charts across the globe back in 2010 and is still widely played by radio stations worldwide.

"After careful analysis, we have determined our number one hit song has been grossly overplayed and in some extreme cases misused," Yolanda Be Cool stated.

"This is not what Yolanda Be Cool stands for… it was never meant to be like this."

Users of 'We No Speak Americano' are urged to destroy all digital and analogue recordings of the track and visit the DJs' official website for a free replacement track titled 'Before Midnight'.

The Original Video

Our favourite Version of the song

While many a re seeing it for what it is... A brilliant marketing exercise for their forthcoming work...
Some want to know if they will be reimbursed for the monies they spent when they bought "We No Speak Americano"

"There you are"

There you are - CHANEL N°5

If you claim to know what's happening in the industry, you're lying...

John Sintras: If you claim to know what's happening in the industry, you're lying

Feels Good Inside...

The All New 2013 Toyota Corolla - Feels Good Inside TV Commercial

Departure Date

The first ever film (Produced by 'Virgin Produced', 
'Virgin America' and 'Virgin Atlantic.")'   shot and edited at 35,000 feet in the air. "Departure Date" a story about taking control of your own destiny and following your heart, regardless of where it takes you to. When Jake lets the girl of his dreams slip from his grasp, he experiences a heightened, magical awakening at 35,000 FT with the help of the eccentric and soulful passengers that he comes into contact with. They ultimately help him take control of his destiny, win his soul mate and alter his life for the better.

Departure Date

A Bronx Tale...

A Bronx Tale - TNT

Monday, October 15, 2012

My Achy Breaky Heart...!!!

Classic Spot of the Week 2012/42: Kenwood (1995) "Country Line Dance

Globally Desi...

Global Desi TVC with Shraddha Kapoor by Nomad Films - Director's Cut

What If Money Was No Object?

What if money was no object?

Swast Aur Mast Theekh Hai... Par Yeh Red Ke Jagah Yellow label Pe Kyon Likh Rahe Hai...!!!

Jokes apart...
The number of (yellow) post-it notes used...!!!

Red Label Health Challenge - Sonakshi Convinced\

Instant Goraapann...!!!

Bajaj CFL fairness TVC

How Much Do Love Me???


Kit Kat Goes To Space! #BreakFromGravity

Kit Kat Goes To Space! #BreakFromGravity

Merey Saath Table-Jalebi Khelogay???

Karbonn Mobile - Table Tennis

First: Salary Kyaa Mil Gayi... Sab Ko Bhool Gayi????

Sui Dhaagaa Moataa Bhaaga... Sui Dhaagaa Moataa Bhaaga... Sui Dhaagaa Moataa Bhaaga... Moataa Bhaaga Sui Dhaagaa... !!!

Via: Piyush Raghani Production House: Old School Films 

And This Is What Red Bull Achieved A Few Days Before Felix Baumgartner's Jump....!!!!

Human-Powered Freerunning Machine - with Jason Paul

Nissan Bolt - Usain's Director Of Excitement...!!!

To the World: Usain Bolt in the Nissan House

Red Bull takes marketing to dizzying heights...

Red Bull takes marketing to dizzying heights - Decoder

Angrez Paan Walla in Mumbai???

English Paan Walla in Mumbai

India's Own Set Of First World Problems...!!!

Hardchorus... England/France/Germany/Italy... Who Do You Love More????

In 2010 Puma and Droga 5 came up with an ingenious Valentine's Day campaign to link the romance for Football...
To quote from this post on Agency Soy... 

"This ain’t no American Idol tryout; in Europe, rough n’ tough football fans from across the continent are cutting loose and showing off their vocal chops in a competition from Puma and Droga5 New York called the “Hardchorus Song Contest.” Hooligan choirs from England to Italy are taking part in this event, where fans can vote through May 29 for their favorite “Hardchorus” on Puma’s YouTube site. This marks the second such Hardchorus battle this year, following the amusing Valentine’s Day effort where geezahs sang an a capella version of Savage Garden’s “Truly, Madly, Deeply.”
Europeans will recognize the spokesman in the clip above as Sir Terry Wogan, who was the commentator for the hugely popular Eurovision contest, which this Puma campaign seems largely inspired by.
PUMA | Hardchorus Case Study - YouTube:






The Full Hardchorus

Ten... Nine... Eight... Eight... Eight... Eight... Eight... Eight... Eight... Eight... Eight...

Windows 8 is Coming Soon

You Guys Grew Up Together... Really???

SNICKERS® - "Party"

Why The Guys On Mt. Rushmore Aren't Clowns...!!!

Real Complainers Vote

How About Some Music...???

Ford Sync ad by JWT Melbourne - via Mumbrella

Kaach Tod Do... Contract Tod Do...!!!

Alinta Energy 'Contracts' TVC - AdNews

Madam... Chhuttay Ginn Rahi Hai...!!!

Alinta Energy 'Boomgate' TVC - AdNews

And Felix Baumgartner Gets Wings...!!!

Felix Baumgartner's supersonic freefall from 128k' - Mission Highlights

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Planning Guru Jon Steel on what he values most in a Planner ! - YouTube

WPP's Planning Guru Jon Steel on what he values most in a Planner !


pub McBaguette McDonald's 2012 [HQ]

Girlfriend Se Hum Bhi Gaaliyaan Khaatey Hai Yar...!!!

Lenovo AIO 40 Sec.mp4

She's So Pretty... So Pretty...!!!

Nike "Pretty"

Airport Security

Science World - Airport Security

Lance Armstrong "Everybody Wants To Know What I'm On..."

Lance Armstrong Nike Commercial

Lance Armstrong "They say I'm Arrogant, A Doper, Washed Out...!!!"

Nike Lance Armstrong "Driven" Commercial

A Fire Truck...???

Volkswagen: Polo "Fire Truck" TV Commercial with Stunt Driver, Robbi Smith