Friday, May 24, 2013

98% Human.....

98% Human - PETA and BBDO - Official Video
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Cool a School with Daikin...

Does that mean, that if, all the 71 million odd Indian facebook users were to like this page... Daikin would then put up air-conditioners in 71 Indian Schools???
Cool a School with Daikin - YouTube: ""

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Oyy... Steering Wheel Pe... Sonekaa Nahi...!!!

Café Amazon : "Drive Awake" application

Thoadaa Zyaadaa Nahin Hai Yeh...???

SYNC with Emergency Assistance - Go Further

Matt Damon Goes On Strike!

To repeat what Peter Griffin said on his page... "This is a series of films for, co-founded by Matt Damon. Aside from their own films, they've also tied up with YouTube shows to do their own versions in support, with Damon featuring in them.

  • I love the self-deprecating humour.

    Question to you, though: how effective do you think this kind of celebrity-led pro-bono advertising is? It certainly has the potential to go viral, and more eyeballs is a good thing, but does the core message get lost?"
Matt Damon Goes On Strike!"

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