Saturday, June 8, 2013

How The Guys React... And How The Girls React...!!!

While Ranbir Kapoor Clicks Away His Blues...

Axe Blast- Ravish Desai with Ranbir kapoor

Coke's Cutting Cola...!!!

For those of you who are wondering why this post has been titled so... Cutting =  (To quote the Urban Dictionary)A really hot (small)cup of tea (hence the name) served by the road-side teastalls found in every major...scratch that...EVERY city/town/village in India. ...
Coca-Cola Sharing Can

Friday, June 7, 2013

Phatt Ke Haath Me Aaa Jaayegi...


Khrrrrrr..... - Clent Agency Bhai Bhai...

We came across this video by
 Sandy Mental while browsing Ad-Filmmaker 
Piyush Raghani's page...
Now,we don't know who the agency or client is... But this, many Ad-Filmmakers would tell you, does happen...!!!
We have pasted the entire thread generated by this post... 

Client Agency bhai bhai...
 — with Prateek SuriMayank SinghMayur HolaSudeepa GhoshManas LahiriVarun Popli and

Kahin Deep Jale... Kahin Dil...!!!

The Hyundai i20 casts a spell

A Quiz For Papa...

Gibson - "Quiz"


Vodafone - Lake (cinema version)

Mating Season

Mating Season | Channel 4

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baithe rehne ka time khatam - I will be the change

Baithe rehne ka time khatam 

Ilzaamon ka ab time khatam 
Tu tu,main main ka time khatam 
Ab main hi woh,
Ab main hi hum 
Baithe rehne ka time khatam 
Doshi kehne ka time khatam 
Tu tu,main main ka time khatam 
Ab main hi woh,
Ab main hi hum 

Mr. Know It All...???

Noah Munck - Frosted Mini Wheats Commercial (2009)