Saturday, September 29, 2012

Kyriad Experience - How advertising laughs at itself?

Though there are many ads that make fun of ads, this is probably among those rare ones where The Pitch is made into an Ad...
Kyriad Experience

Hey... Up Here...!!!

Luvs - Breastfeeding

Getting Rid Of Hate...!!!

The History of English in 10 Minutes

Some might wonder at the relevance of this video on this blog...
Simply this... Since advertising uses words and language to convey, convince and sell, it good to know where it came from...

The History of English in 10 Minutes

Koi Aakhri Khwaahish...??? English Version vs Hindi Version

English Version

Hindi Version

What is Branding?

What is Branding?


LOOK! For Cyclists



Advertising Week Question Generator


This will help sell the car???

Upskirt - by storm edge design from Fitzroy Amsterdam

When The Grim Reaper Had To Face Death Too...!!!

To quote Adfreak "The Grim Reaper gets his comeuppance in this jarringly well-done Hyundai Veloster spot, which many are saying was "banned" by Dutch TV. However, an agency-provided summary on Ads of the World says the spot was spiked by Hyundai itself for being "too shocking for our brand." The car has two passenger-side doors but just one on the driver's side, a quirky feature that serves as the setup for a punch line that really slams home the safety message. Note the especially effective editing in the commercial's first vignette as the woman in the backseat of the Ford Focus and Death both reach for the door handles at the same time. Things play out a bit differently when the moment is replayed in a three-door Veloster. The real villain isn't Death, though. It's the doofus driver who seems more than willing to let the gal get out on a dark, lonely road late at night. Is chivalry dead, too?"

The Hyundai Veloster banned commercial

Friday, September 28, 2012

Jumping From Stratos...

Playboy Press to Play - When Deodorant Ads Get Driven By Dogs...!!!

Playboy Press to Play - VIP pre neho a pre nu | spot SK

Go Do Something Wonderful...

Go Do Something Wonderful, Ode To About To


Hey St. Jude

Everything Else... Is Generic...!!!

Shatterprufe tvc tough times

Who Is The Star???

Philip Köster - Der heimliche Star

What You Must/Think/Won't/Can Do...

Follow the Frog

Baal Kahaan Gayein???

Tine yoghurt: I'm you

The Four Seasons Stop Motion Project

Tikkurila - The Four Seasons' Project - Extended

Hi... We Haven't Met... I'm Jenny...!!!

Texa - Bow / Terence Neale (Egg Films)

Wire Waali Car??? Waah Re Waah...!!!

Halls - Wire car / Terence Neale (Egg Films)

Yeh Bandaa Middle Mein Kyaa Kar Rahaa Hai???

Middleman - TV Commercial (2012), Wholesale prices @ your door steps.

Girl - Filmed Once A Week From Birth Till 12

Sprint Girl

A father filmed his daughter every week, from birth until she turned 12 years old in this time lapse.

"Wake the F**K Up" Says Samuel L Jackson To American Voters...!!!

Wake the F**K Up (NSFW)

Julie Goes On A Hand Shaking Spree For NewspapersWork...!!!

Julie remercie 1 Belge sur 2
According to reasearch by it appeared that 4.6 million Belgians read the newspaper every day. That is one of two Belgian (ICD 12 +). How long does it take to thank all these people? With an ad in the newspaper one day only. But Julie, a student in Brussels, thought she could do it too... With a personal Hand Shake...

Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Am a Crisis...!!!

I Am a Crisis - British Red Cross

99 steps of progress

99 steps of progress - Teaser

SIRI - Jonathan Sings Her Her First Happy Birthday Song...

Duet With Siri: Part 2 (iPhone 5 Song) (Song A Day #1365)

Shake... Shake... Shake Up Your Senses

Coca-Cola South Africa -- Shake Up Your Senses

@Speed Of Bolt...!!!

Puma Commercial - Evo Speed

Badi Badi Baatein...

OLX Commercial - Montage

Dosa Banaa...!!!



JWT turns a magazine into an amplifier for Coca Cola FM


Bank of Ireland "Dancers" by Stuart Douglas


McDonald's - America's Greatest Burgers [ua burgre] | spot SK

Seppankilangu (Arbi) Teriyaadaa (Nahi Maloom Kya)???

World space

Ad Faces A (Almost) Ban... Model Too Tan...!!!

Top quote The Bottomline...
"Cheap-chic clothing brand Hennes & Mauritz AB was reprimanded by the Swedish regulatory body for the advertising industry following 
a furor that erupted over bikini ads featuring a very tan model, although it dismissed complaints that the ads were sexually suggestive and that the model was overly thin."

H&M Beach Sensation | spot SK

Not Found...!!! - Make better use of your 404 page

Back to Rock

(ENG) Rolling Stone Magazine - Back to Rock

Biggest Supporter!!! Whose??? The Soon To Be (US)President Elect's???

Cisco | Biggest Supporter | Collaboration and Multiple Devices

Sesame Street: Kami and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon

Sesame Street: Kami and UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon - Every Woman Every Child PSA

Is This How Obama Works...? And Is This By The Republicans Or The Democrats???

This video which urges Americans to register to vote has mixed reviews...
Some think it's been made by Republican supporters, while others think it's the other way round...

Either way... Most find it amusing...!!!

Obama Works...

Ssabb Bbehhrre Hhein Kyyaaa???

Award Winning Very funny Indian ad

Taste Fast Blood...!!!

Harsh Naagar in Honda CBR 150R TVC

The Cat Got His Tongue???

The Dairy Council - Comedian/Spider (2000, UK)

Lift Mein Network??? Yaa Network Mein Lift???

Virgin Mobile - new ad

Total Recall - What You Didn't Know About Schwarzenegger

Total Recall Book Trailer

ChalKung Fu...??? No This is Japanese... So ChalKarate...!!!

Chalk Funny Commercial - Japan Dairy Council

Hey George... Have You Been Drinking???

The Dairy Council - Bestie (2000, UK)

Skate Pinball

Mountain Dew- Skate Pinball (Colenso BBDO)

The White Stuff - Rolf

The Dairy Council - Rolf (2000, UK)

Extra Time

Nike: Extra Time

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Ball Ball Dekho... Hazaar Ball Dekho... Dehkhnay Ki Cheez Hai Hamaara...

Fiat - Linea "The Ball"


LIA Agarbathy- Mom and Son - TVC

"Whistle Story"

Cerebral Palsy Lanka Foundation "Whistle Story"

On Becoming A Milk Magician...!!!

Introducing Cravendale's Epic Straws!

Apnon Ke Bagair... Jeeyein Toh Kaise...!!!


Happy-Waasi Kaisay Hotein Hai???

Chevrolet Spark

Peechhay Yeh Jeep Kahaan Se Aa Gayi?

Mahindra Scooters TVC

Oyy... Peechhay Dekh... Lagg Rahaa Hai Kya...???


Which version Do You Like??? - One Cute Dog's Attempt At Being Spot Free...

The French Version
Soin Correcteur Anti-Taches de Garnier

The Priyanka Chopra Version

Hey Engineer - Are You Capable Of... ... ... ... ???

SNCF, the French National Rail Company has launched its Serious Game...

"The Engineers Challenge" is a Serious Game intended to find Professionals for SNCF, fresh engineers, students, graduates and experienced engineers.


Participants must resolve complex situations that they would face during their career: construction of a viaduct, rail traffic management on a single line, or how to react effectively to a weather alert.

Find the Game Here: 

Kinetic Sculpture - This Gets Creative After 1 minute - Be Patient.

An amazing display of 714 metal balls on strings. It really gets creative after 1 minute. So please be patient.

Explore The Ocean... Online!!!

Explore the ocean with Google Maps

You'll Always Remember The First Time...

Renault Clio IV "Unforgettable" - english

Bohot Hua Offisial Atyaachaar...!!! - 2

Official Atyachar a.k.a Official Oppression

Bohot Hua Offisial Atyaachaar...!!!

really funny song about offisial atyachaar

CEO On Undercover Boss Shut Down Of Store During Shih0w Worth $20 Million In Advertising...

Re: Fast Food CEO Shuts Down Struggling Branch During 'Undercover Boss' Ep

The Doomed Planet...!!!

Pearl & Dean - Doomed Planet (2012, UK)

Vulcanacity... What Is That...???

Volvic - Mr. Volcano (Revised, 2007, UK)

Boot Camp...

Libra 'Boot Camp' TVC - AdNews

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Amsterdam's First iPhone 5: See What They Did With It...!!!

iPhone 5: Super Glued to Ground in Amsterdam (Leidseplein)

L.O.V.E. Let One Voice Emerge...!!!

L.O.V.E. Let One Voice Emerge: The Music Video

Win A Tv Worth 1300 Euros If You Can Un-Hideout Philips

Philips Hideouts

Samosa samosa.... Jalebi jalebi.... Aaloo Poori aaloo poori... Butter Chicken Butter Chicken...

Saffola TVC (Gym)

Sshh... Kya Kar Rahey Ho...???

Love Dobara - Hide & Seek

No... This Building Wasn't Built In 2 Minutes 25 Seconds - Brick By Brick: A Time Lapse Film

Brick by brick: time lapse film captures the new RCA Dyson Building being built

Ek Patloon Kaa Itnaa Hungaamaa...???

Jaaney Kab Se... Intezaar... Hai Tere Aaney Kaa...!!!

i-sure ovulation strips | Confusion se behtar hai sure hona

The New Myspace

Shifts Everything Ahead...!!!

New Audi A3. Shifts everything ahead

Life Mein Koi Limitich Nahi...!!!

Aircel Pocket Buddies

Raastey Sab Ke Alag Alag... Safar Sab Kaa Ek...!!!


The Fragrance may Indeed Be Iconic... What About The Ad???

Myer - Dior ad - courtesy of Ebiquity

33 things David Bell knows about Art Direction

A presentation by David Bell, Executive Creative Director at MercerBell, on ’33 Things I know about Art Direction’. 
A presentation which David thinks all young Art Directors should view.

Ganpati On Lego...!!!



wire ON GANPATHI cor

So... How Many Stereotypes/Archetypes Does Deepika Padukone Meet In This Ad???

Life is an Adventure- Yamaha Ray

Monday, September 24, 2012

Amazing... Mind reader reveals his 'gift'

Amazing mind reader reveals his 'gift'



Fold... Unfold... Refold... Unfold... Fold...!!!

Film Le Groupe La Poste Pliages

Mixing Business With Pleasure...???

Old Spice | Bed

Shockvertising - How Much Blasphemy Can One Get Away With???

Note: We do not in anyway support, condone or concur with any of the concepts portrayed in the Ads portrayed below!!!
We too find them controversially shocking and offensive!!! 

Shockvertising, as described by wikipedia is advertising that is deliberately shocking. Which can, at times, be lewd, vulgar and offensive.

They are deliberately made that way to attract attention...

Question is... How far can one go???

Recently there's been this series of Extremely Offensive Tee Shirt Designs Posted as Ads on Ads Of The World which (if one reads the comments on the original posts) even atheists consider offensive.

Eshe Streetwear:Religion is garbage

Advertising Agency: Muckmouth, Auckland, New Zealand
Creatives: NobjockeyTatsieStrange GDabset
Illustrator: Kennedy Poynter 
Question is... At such times, is the brand (as a business entity) happy with cultivating a small niche at the risk of alienating everyone else???

Ads Of The World  

I realize that this is a highly controversial campaign and I want to make sure it is clear to everybody that the fact that we publish any campaign it doesn't mean we support it too. We're just publishing it for the world to see and comment on. Apologies to anyone offended.

Here you can see images of the posters in situ and also branded skateboards and t-shirts.

Ek Coat Lagvaaiye Aur Poora Parvivaar Basaaiye...

Dulux New TV Ad - Home Improvement - Boudoir

Which ONE???

Hyundai Elantra - "Miss Decisive"


The Unlimited way of life - Car

What Nature Asks For...!!!

The campaign created by nature

I Don't Like Talking To Customer Care...!!! So I Tweeted To Them...

Mr.Tweeter - Flipkart It

Do You Do All This...???

To Feel Awesome...!!!

Coke Vs Pepsi - Not So Vanila...!!!

Coke Vs Pepsi - Not So Vanila.flv

'I Spy'

Tourism Queensland 'I Spy' TVC - AdNews

Arrey... Uncle Ko Kya Ho Gayaa...???

Polo Sri romance Lanka (Tagore Berry) .wmv

Gaadi Mein... Yeh Kahaa Hotaa Hai...???

SBI Life Insurance Ad Campaign - TVC

My Heroes...

Heroes - Surf Life Saving TVC (2002)

All The Bonds... In One Car Chase...!!!

Sky Movies 007: Bond Car Chase