Saturday, March 10, 2012

Angry Birds Space: NASA Announcement

Angry Birds Space: NASA announcement

"In The Stoplight"

New TV Commercial: "Stoplight (EN)"

A New Snake Charmer For Bollywood

Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy Happy

Parle Happy Happy Cookie - South Indian

Mera Best Friend Mar Gayaa....!!!

DLF IPL 2012 MAX Campaign Mauka Friends

The Kalbaz Gun - The Table Tennis Coach

Kalbaz 'Ping Pong'

This Feels Like Being On Indian Road.... Can You Believe It???

The Kalbaz Gun - Family Living Room

Very Funny Kalbaz Living Room



Lay´s ¡Irresistibles!

Reading Wall Advertisements... Can Be Injurious To The Cheek...!!!

Tata DOCOMO - Bus Stop

For Uninterrupted Conversations...

'At Kangaroo Island.... Let yourself go'

South Australian Tourism Commission 'Let yourself go' TV ad for Kangaroo Island - via Mumbrella

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Why Does James Cameron Want to Dive to The Ocean's Deepest Point?

When The Daughter Imitated The Mum...

Oreo India Latest TV Commercial

Do You Think It's Right To Treat Children Like Adults?

Il Ponte del Sorriso - CASTING

Arrrr Rrr Rraaa Rang Daalo... Rang Daalo... Naa.. Bura Na Mano.... Vanish Hai...

Kaisa Music Sunntay Ho?

Live the music with Nokia Asha 200 - YouTube: ""

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At This Metro Station... The World Is In Play...!!!

Playstation: Metro station take-over

Happy Holi - Find Your Soul Paint...

At the end of the day, on Holi, many people end up looking like the characters in this campaign...
Hoping you've had a colourful day...
And The Paint Comes Off...

KONY 2012

A Purple That Yo Can Live With For A Long Time...

Ace Hardware -- Line Up

An ATM For Cupcakes...

Sprinkles Cupcake ATM - YouTube: "

When A Screen Becomes This Good - The new iPad

Apple - The new iPad - TV Ad - YouTube: ""

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Win a $25,000 Makeover For Your Office

turnstone - Win a $25,000 Makeover For Your Office"

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And So... The Icecream Stick Falls...

ALDO Shoes - Stay Cool for SS12 feat. Anais Pouliot"

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

All These Women Are....


Ten Excuses Girls Give To Reject Guys... But Here's Why?

Gillette - YouTube: ""

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How Cranky Can You Get???


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Welcome to Another World

Shouldn't Let People Take Advantage Of You...


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The Little Bunny's Dream

Evoque Convertible Concept

Range Rover Evoque Convertible Concept | Range Rover USA"

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Google Play

Introducing Google Play - YouTube: "


Jaypee Cement"

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A More Caring Society Waiting Just For You

Service Civique - Clean Tags"

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Irish Eyes

Conceptually brilliant...
But Freaky To Watch???
2012 ATL St. Patrick's Parade - Irish Eyes"

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Paper City 3 D Bird...

GiaDinh Bank Vietnam by Cirkus"

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Shave Time Shave Money... - Our Blades Are F***ing Great "

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

We Are the Explorers

We Are the Explorers - YouTube: ""

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Born With The Beard???

Virgin Mobile Presents: The Fantastic Tale of Young Branson"

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Blue Starts Here...

Volkswagen Polo BlueGT"

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I Play For Goutte d'Or (Drop Of Gold)... And You???

"He Loves Me? He Loves Me Not...!"

How Far Does Your Creativity Go?

How Far Does Your Creativity Go? - YouTube

創造力 Panamericana School of Art and Design: How far does your creativity go? - YouTube: ""

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Container On Air

Container on"

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A Well Contained Apartment Block

Homebase TV Ad - March 2012 - YouTube: "

The Story of "Keep Calm and Carry On"

The Story of Keep Calm and Carry On

Bachchon Ka Ka Melaa, Yeh IPL Khelaa...

IPL "Carnival""

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Amul's Take On P S T Becoming A Hit...!!

Jealous Husband

Tata Sky Sorry Sir Film"

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Baby... Tum Bhool Rahi Ho, Hum Naye Sheher Me Shift Huay Hain...

Human Car - Powered By You

Human Car - Ford Pilobolus"

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How These Two Used Extortion To Get Creative Jobs At An Agency...

The Creative Ransom - YouTube: "

Zoozoo Meditates...

Zoozoo meditation works!"

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Advertising in 2020 - Tom Morton's IPA Talk

Fire Fox Your Flick In To The Twilight

M E G A Upload... Unloaded... Reloaded...

This Ad/Song was removed and then reinstated by youtube...

For More Read here: 

"When Hong Kong is a Woman..."

Last day…
Younger than Shanghai
The Lady,
this city breathes
a woman’s sophistication.

When Hong Kong is a Woman.
She stands in emancipation,
fans her lashes,
highlights her lines,
clasping her silver handbag
under a coat of grey. …
dismantles an entire truth.
Hong Kong,
a woman of contrast.
The districts flash
with a compressed rhythm.
The pathways unravel time’s passing.
A glowing fuse,
the ladies are reveries
for wanderlust.
Her contenders trail
into her heart.

The Sun sets
approaching Night’s fall
and she undoes her hair,
allowing a pause along the journey.
Hong Kong whispers
a quiet melancholy,
echoing a delicate magnetism.
She plays the mirage
of a seductive glance.
From her vertical frames,
she mesmerizes guests
through a gateway to her Motherland.
The voyager vanishes
embraced by the labyrinth.
Until dawn break,
she is a charmer,
a keeper,
a romantic in hiding.
Miss Hong Kong holds
my eternal fascination.

You Save... You Save... You Save... You Save... You Save...

Santander - 123 Current Account"

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Streeeeeam... Stream, Stream, Stream

Comcast/Xfinity: Stream, Stream, Stream"

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Monday, March 5, 2012

Save Holi - One Voice -

Save Holi - One Voice"

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What Happens To Men Who Cry...

KFC "Sensitive Souls" directed by Dean Blumberg"

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Cartier's Odyssey

For The Complete Experience click: Here

Having said all of the above... 
Here's the disclaimer... 
All the trademarks, logos, advertisements, etc are owned by Cartier and its Creative Partners. - “Advertising Ka Kamaal - An Academic Look at Advertising...” assumes no liability on anything shown or said on this fan page, as the only purpose is academic and to inform and entertain users. - Do not copy or distribute the content of this page for commercial benefit. 

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Tumhari Generation Ka Ladka, Nice! Huh...!!

850 People Drop, One-By-One For Mattress Dominoes World Record

La Quinta Mattress Dominoes World Record - YouTube: ""

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The decline in (American) newspaper ad revenues hit a 60-year low

Could You Guess How Old The Original Image Of This Ad Is?

This piece of Art made in 1573 (yes it is 439 years old) by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. 

To quote wikipedia: "Giuseppe Arcimboldo (also spelled Arcimboldi) (1527 – July 11, 1593). was an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads made entirely of such objects as fruits, vegetables, flowers, fish, and books – that is, he painted representations of these objects on the canvas arranged in such a way that the whole collection of objects formed a recognizable likeness of the portrait subject." 

For all we know it was probably this kind of art which served as an inspiration for the modern day technique of compositing, a technique favoured by artists in advertising . 

Creative Credits: 
Advertising Agency: Mark BBDO, Czech Republic

Creative Directors: Leon SverdlinMartin Charvát
Art Director: Dan Kurz
Copywriter: Pavel Sobek
Producer: Honza Šoupa
Airbrush: Danda Horáčková

Via: Adsoftheworld

Fold... Unfold... Refold... Toss...

SkyGO 40sec Prospect 02 03 12"

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Win Creative Prizes For Real Briefs...

puppkids probono ad"

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Sunday, March 4, 2012

Feeding The Rabbit...!!!

Comercial argentino de papel higiênico"

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Every Child Has A Right To Be A Child...

Commercial OMO Robot"

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If Your Baby Could Talk, She/He'd Say... You're Doing OK, Mom

Ab Issi Lliye Toh Kehte Hai... Bachchon Ne Sar Khaa Liyaa...

Spaghetti Braids - Ragú Asks"

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Brazil V/S Brazil

Brasil x Brasil"

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From (M)Ad Men to Math Men

This is Digital Marketing: From Ad Men to Math Men | Mediative"

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The Reunion For Sam

RFAD Sam Reunion"

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PPC Cement 'Elephant'"

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Impossible Dream

Honda Impossible Dream"

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Why/How This Mercedes Is Invisible!!!

Invisible Mercedes"

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The Cheetah That Runs On Streets...

Maxda ad by CHE - via Mumbrella"

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El techo caerá en diez segundos! TickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTickTick

The Roof Will Fall In Ten Seconds
Language Learning"

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If You Were To Fall Out Of A Plane... Would This Happen To You???

Ubank ad by The Monkeys - via Mumbrella"

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When John F. Kennedy Spoke German

Berlitz JFK 30 sec"

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