Saturday, January 28, 2012


MTV Dolls"

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Shoppers Stop - Wife "

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Mike & Megan's Island

Propaganda CCAA MEGAN FOX e MIKE TYSONMegan Fox and Mike Tyson in a Brazilian commercial to encourage second language learning

Face of Beauty

Panasonic Face of Beauty"

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Happy Year of the Dragon

Hugh... Hugh... Hugh...

Lipton Ice Tea with Hugh Jackman, Budapest vers. long vers..flv"

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Assembled Across Town...!

Volt | Morning in Hamtramck"

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Google Privacy Policy

Google Privacy Policy Update - YouTube: ""

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The Italy We Like

New Fiat Panda - This is the Italy we like"

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Where's The Sled?

Suzuki "Sled" 2012 Super Bowl Ad"

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The Penguin & The Polar Bears...

Penguin Thief"

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Star Wars: Duel

Kinect Star Wars: Duel"

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McVitie's Quirks: Falling"

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The Nation Of Our Dreams....

Dream - Olympikus"

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The Court: Rally

The Tennis Court: Rally"

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Chakhna Butterly - Amul's Take

Amul's take on the  item song  in the latest Bollwood realease Agneepath ...

Full Mouthed Gossip...

Lay's Baked"

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Friday, January 27, 2012

Humans??? Who Are We???

Who are we humans?"

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What Happens When The Plug Gets Pulled Out...!

Hafslund: Pull Out the Plug - YouTube: ""

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All Legs...

United Airlines - Mr. Pants"

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Buh...Bye Vampires...!

Audi 2012 Game Day Commercial - Vampire Party"

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Give them Wings - If I Got A Chance To Dance With Shahrukh Khan...

Expedia Give them Wings Project"

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Give them Wings - Naseema

Expedia Give them Wings Project"

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Family Forever...

Perceptions in the Advertising World

Perceptions in the Advertising World

"Dad's Love"

Staying Ahead Of The Times... III

Stay ahead with The Hindu"

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Hey Baby I Want That Car... 2012 Super Bowl Ad - Confident You - YouTube: ""

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How An American Found Love In Paris....

Parisian Love - YouTube: ""

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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Staying Ahead Of The Times... II

Stay ahead with The Hindu"

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For those of you who do not know this, the scene above is a replica of the original from the film God Father...  
Warning: The scene below contains blood and gore..

Finnair Dances To Celebrate India's Republic Day

Surprise Dance on Finnair Flight to celebrate India's Republic Day"

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Respect the National Anthem

Lead India

Lead India new film - YouTube: ""

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Vande Mataram - A New Millennium, A New India, A New Melody

Staying Ahead Of The Times...

Stay ahead with The Hindu"

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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Drive Away Happy...

Peugeot - Drive Away Happy"

Tropicana's Man Made Sun...

It Doesn't Get Any Fresher...

Cape Town Fish Market Scooter - YouTube: ""

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Mile Sur Mera Tumhara...

An Aquarium For An Airline...

British Airways London Heathrow Terminal 5 Advert"

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Ramesh & Suresh Go On A Date...

THE DATE - The adventure begins here"

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India Ka Sab Se Fast Sheher Kaunsa Hai?

i1 Supercar Series TVC"

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Can India Afford It?

Bajaj RE60 AV"

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Dikhti Chhoti... Par Responsibility Badi...

HDFC Life Ring TVC"

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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


Rebisco EXTREME Crackers "PUSH IT" TV Commercial 30s HD.mp4"

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Will You Cry For This Lamp? Why?

ikea lamp"

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Cliffhanger (Mini Roadster)"

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Is The Pen Mightier Than The Sword...??? - Amul's Take On The Jaipur Lit-Fest!!!

Amul's response to the ridiculous goings on at the Jaipur festival..

Go Daddy Goin Too Far???

Go Daddy Girls Paint Hot Model in Super Bowl Ad (2012)"

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BIG Sleepover

IKEA BIG Sleepover"

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Smoking kills 14,000 people every day....


One Hour Per Second...

YouTube - One Hour Per Second"

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Happy Graduation Sweetie...

Chevy Happy Grad | Chevy Super Bowl XLVI Ads | Chevrolet Commercial"

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Saamaan Side Pe Rakhwaanaa... Old idea...!!!

Idea 3G Smartfone latest ad Old idea, new idea TVC with Abhishek Bachchan in Shop"

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Windows Of Opportunity

2012 GM Advanced Tech Window"

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"Where do we Land?"

Who Would Want To Smell Like You?

Changing Room (Snickers)"

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Miss Cellaneous

Solvil et Titus "Time Is Love" 2011 TVC "These Three Years" : 4-min"Belongings" Full Version"

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Monday, January 23, 2012

Oh, the Places You'll Go...

Now this may not be an ad (in the conventional sense), but considering how viral it has become, just proves how much of a brand Dr. Seuss and his works are...!!!
Oh, the Places You'll Go at Burning Man!"

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The Eye Test...

Canal+ dream commercial"

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The Mafia

Mafia (Canal+)

Matrix - Beat Yourself...?

Matrix (VW Golf) - YouTube: ""

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Hey Daddy Don't Be Foolhardy...!!!

Kaunsa Friend Kitna Zaroori Hotaa Hai? - Airtel's outlandish list of 'Zaroori' friends

This post has been inspired from the article  "Meet Airtel's outlandish list of 'Zaroori' friends" on afaqs
1. bhukkad friend

2. tubelight friend

3. chipkoo friend

4. kanjoos friend

5. F1 friend

6. status update friend

7. beep friend

8. dhinchak friend

9. vasooli friend

10. sharing friend

11. activist friend

12. LOL friend

13. fan friend

14. party friend

15. lazy friend

16. filmy friend

17. pakau friend

18. subtitle friend

19. proxy friend

20. curious friend

21. music friend

22. despo friend


Golden Mangoes?

Thomas Cook - Travel Smooth Hotel Fiasco Ad - YouTube: ""

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Had A Fight??



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Voda For Yoda...

Supermobile (Vodafone)"

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Do You Have A Film To Show? A Story To Tell?

Announcing Your Film Festival

The global search for the world's best storytellers.

This is Your Film Festival. You have until March 31st to submit a short, story-driven video. There's no entry fee. It can be any format - short film, web-series episode, TV pilot - and any genre. In June, audiences around the world will vote, sending 10 deserving storytellers to open the 2012 Venice Film Festival where a Grand Prize Winner will be be rewarded with a $500,000 grant to create a new work, produced by Ridley Scott and his world class team.
For More Click Here.

The (Chinese) New Year's Angel...

Kodak Nostalgia

Kodak film 1977 TV commercial - YouTube: ""

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