Saturday, October 27, 2012

Aajkaa Teesra Lucky Number Kaunsa Hoga????

Bingo Red Chilli Bijli Lottery Ad 3

The Cleaner - Erases All Evidence....!!!

AXE - The Cleaner - Evidencias 2

Uncovering The Facebook Cover Photo

Nescafe: Cover Photo Display

Like the page, reveal the image.

Nescafe Greece used its Facebook timeline cover photo to illustrate fans "liking" its Facebook page in a campaign by OgilvyOne, Athens to promote a new tin design. Last week, an image of 30kg coffee beans in a glass tank was used as the cover photo, and as each fan liked the brand, one bean per fan was removed. Eventually, the new coffee tin was revealed.

Messages At The Wheel...!!!


The Future Children Project

The Future Children Project

All Crazy For The All Blacks...!!!

Mastercard 'All Blacks promotion' by McCann Sydney and Robber's Dog via StopPress

Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Steiff Commercial - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark
'via Blog this'

Want A Fan Following Like His???

Nikon "Tree"

Pan Parag - Evergreen Jingles

Old Classic Indian Ad of Pan Parag

The BS Detector

BS Detector



So, Finallly, We Meet, Mr. Bon......

Toyota - Bond (2003, South Africa)

It's Up To You To Stop The Flu...!!!

CDPH: H1N1 Commercial: English (30 second)

Now What Kind Of Video has She Made For Him???

Samsung Galaxy S III - Work Trip

Friday, October 26, 2012

Thhodaa Net Phir Thhodaa Chikan... Phir Thhodaa Net Phir Thhodaa Chikan... Aapko Yaad Hai Rani Ne Ek Film Mein Pehna Thhaa...

Vodafone 'Made for you' offers

Welcome to 2035...!!!

Welcome to 2035...the Age of Surprise

It's A Brand New Brand New Brand New World...!!!!

Toyota Etios Liva New TVC

The Bang Bang Tour...!!!

Bang Bang Tour Series

'Senior Rebels'

Volkswagen Beetle 'Senior Rebels' by DDB Guoan

What If You Could.....????

Nissan releases first Global Brand Campaign TVC [60 secs]

The Sound Taxi...!!!

AIAIAI Presents the Sound Taxi

What Is The Ship of Theseus...???

Ship of Theseus (2012) Official Film Trailer 1
To learn more click here...

One Shot Dead...!!! Adios Amigo...!!!

Raid: The Game


Don't You... Worry...!!!

IF "Copy Cat"

Real Confessions From Real People - Fresh Start

Whitelion - Fresh Start


Bluedragon Chilli 40 mov

Jamkey Lagaa India... - India's Cheer For Sports...!!!

Vicks India presents India's first cheer for champions sports anthem 

Lace The Feet...

nike lace the feet

Does The Voice(Over) Match The Country/Continent This Film Was Made For???

Jubilee Life Insurance.mp4

A Day....

Grundfos: A Day

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

How Many Such Corporate Guys Do You Know???

Corporate Guy

Battle Royale

Battle Royale :60

Kyun Chillaaa Rahaa Hun...??? Yeh Kyaa Hai...??? Kyaa Hai Yeh ...???

Pan Pasand - Set 2 - Ravalgaon Advertisements

Hawaai Jahaaz Nahi Raacket...!!!

UNICEF Total Sanitation TVC 2 - DAWAAYI Featuring Vidya Balan

Shark Fin Soup???

Most people don't know that Chinese wedding dinners are one of the biggest causes of shark killings. By painting on wedding banquet spoons that shark fin soup is served in, Ogilvy & Mather Singapore told a story of how love often has a twisted and brutal end for sharks, and reminded everyone that they each had a part to play in stopping the shark fin industry... Info via: bestadsontv 
ACRES- Tools of Destruction

Apni Biwi Pe Hukum Chalaate Ho...???

Pan Pasand - Set 3 - Ravalgaon Advertisements

Only The Cream Is Full... Everthing Else Is... And A Half...

Cadbury's Dairy Milk - The Glass and a Half (1980, UK)

Swatantra Baduck...!!!

Aujourd'hui en France - Rooster (2011, France)

Kyun Dartaa Hai Tu Yaar... Mujh Pe Daav Lagaa...!!!

Windows 8: You and Me Together



In A Low Sun Country... Who Is The Sun's Best Friend...???

Renewable energy and natural gas are best friends

Take A Deep Long Breath... And Jump...!!!

Honda - Leap

The All-Star

The All-Star


Lamisil - Digger the Dermatophyte (2003, USA)

X-Ray Aur Blood Test Pe package Discount Dilvaa Doongaa...!!!

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Co. Ltd. - Doctor

Girls Night Out

Vodafone - Girls Night Out (2001, UK)

For Mumbaikars, has Starbucks replaced Siddhi Vinayak (Prabhadevi)???

Via: Karthik Hariharan

Bolaa Naa... Restart Karo...!!!

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Co. Ltd.- IT

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance Co. Ltd. - Couple

One Visual But A Lifetime Of Stories... R.I.P Yash Chopra

Need we say more...???
Created by Vipul Rathod of Postertainment

He's Going To Burst...!!!

Caltex - Going directed by Anton Visser

Where's The Camera Yaar...???

Acer TVC - Beyond the Obvious

Chal... Khissak...!!!

Maruti Suzuki Alto 800

Abbey... Peechchey Dekh... Peechchey Dekh...!!!

Protect what's behind you

The New Class = Club Class...???

New Manza - The Club Class Sedan

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock TickTock TickTock TickTock

"Countdown" to Kia Tip-Off 2012


Royal Air Force - Silhouette (2012, UK)

Diwali Clicks...!!!

Canon Anushka Diwali 2012 TV Commercial

Kyaa Aapke Mobile Ke Saath Kabhi Itna Drama Hua Hai???

Isis Mobile Wallet™ - Phone Chase

Kutta Bhaagey Billi Ke Peechchhay... Bhaagey Peechchhay Picture...!!!

Isis Mobile Wallet™ - Supermarket Meltdown

Monday, October 22, 2012

You Have To Stop Playing Video Games... You're A Dad Now....!!!

MetLife: "Whistle"

#McDonald's... Toh Canada Mein 'Fries' Aise Banntein Hai... Aur India Mein???

How McDonald's Canada Makes their World Famous Fries

Is This How You Test Your Car for Fun...????

How to Test Your Car for Fun

What's The One Sound More Beautiful Than A Baby's Laugh???

There's just one sound more beautiful than a baby's laugh. Its a baby's FirstCry


Delta Lloyd commercial Vreemde Taal - Pensioen

To quote from Delta Lloyd's youtube page of this ad (google-translated from Dutch)... "When it comes to your retirement, it is important that you understand something. But when we talk about retirement it seems sometimes like Chinese. Delta Lloyd wants it to be understandable for you, so you can be critical and make the best selection."

The Search...!!!

Searle Street Post: Bells - The Search

At 3 He Can Barely Talk... But Around Windows 8 He Can Do The Walk...!!!

a 3 year old walks us through Windows 8

In India... Starbucks To Sell Tea Too???

Starbucks CEO on opening in India

Mere Brother Ki Girlfriend...

Sprite brothers girlfriend tamil with subtitles - Nikki Galrani

Quiche au Fromage I Will Survive...

BGH Quick Chef Music - Quiche au Fromage
For those of you who don't get (or haven't heard) the "I Will Survive" connection. Gloria Gaynor's original song is included below...!!!

A Musical Microwave???


The CMY (X-Ray) Hoarding...!!!

Colordoor Delfin

Watch What Happens When You Crack An Egg Underwater

Last year divers from the Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences made this video of an egg cracked 60 feet down in the deep. 

The water pressure keeps the raw yolk and white together, which raises the question: how can we include this knowledge when making (Ad) Films?

2011: Water Moves: The Egg!

Read More

Blackberry says... "We're Just Gonna Keep On Loving You...!!!"

Devs, BlackBerry Is Going To Keep On Loving You


HBO GO: Nobody Loves you like HBO GO - Fiance

Parking Douche - Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata Kyaa... Yeh Toh India Ke Har Sheher Mein Chalega...!!!

Take a Chance...!!!

Revels - Take a Chance (2004, UK)

So Real it's Scary...

So Real it's Scary

Jinhe Naaz Hai Hind Par... - Rabbi Shergill

This is music video, what's it doing here???
Ads, whether in print, film, jingle form sell or convince people towards products, services and ideologies...
We have chosen to feature this song here because it raises questions on our idea of our country.

On this Dusehra Day, ask yourselves...
What are we doing to get rid of the Raavans in our country... Its systems... In ourselves!!!
Rabbi Shergill, with lyrics- BILQIS - jinhe naaz hai, .Music Video...Amrit 

Lyrics to Bilqis (Jinhe Naaz Hai) :
Mera naam Bilqis Yakub Rasool
Mujhse hui bas ek hi bhool
Ki jab dhhundhhte thhe vo Ram ko
To maen kharhi thhi rah mein

Pehle ek ne puchha na mujhe kuchh pata thha
Dujey ko bhi mera yehi javab thha
Fir itno ne puchha ki mera ab saval hai ki

Jinhe naaz hai hind par vo kahan the
Jinhe naaz hai vo kahan hain

Mera naam shriman Satyendra Dubey
Jo kehna thha vo keh chukey
Ab parhey hain rah mein
Dil mein liye ik goli

Bas itna kasur ki hamne likha thha
Vo sach jo har kisi ki zuban thha
Par sach yahan ho jatey hain zahriley

Jinhe naaz hai hind par vo kahan the
Jinhe naaz hai vo kahan hain

Mujhe kehte hain anna Manjunath
Maine dekhi bhatakti ek laash
Zamir ki beech sarhak Lakhimpur Kherhi

Adarsh phasan jahan naaron mein
Aur chor bharey darbaron mein
Vahan maut akhlaq ki hai ik khabar baasi

Jinhe naaz hai hind par vo kahan hain
Jinhe naaz hai vo kahan hain

Mazha nau aahe Navleen Kumar
Unnees june unnees var
Unnees unnees unnees unnees
Unnees vaar

Unnees unnees unnees unnees
Unnees unnees unnees unnees
Unnees unnees unnees unnees
Unnees vaar

Looto dehaat kholo bazaar
Nallasopara aur Virar
Chheeno zameen hamse hamein
Bhejo pataal

Jinhe naaz hai hind par vo kahan hain
Jinhe naaz hai vo kahan hain

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Jab Tak Hai Jaan - Yash Chopra R.I.P.

Was The Name Of His Last Film Prophetic?

Or Was It His Way Of Saying He Was Immortal???

When Mailmen Fight...!!!

Get a LOAD of this Package!

Durga Pujor I Spy...

DURGA PUJA - Future Generali India Life Insurance

Changing Advertising Square To Art Square...

To quote from this article on adage Time Square, New York, is a signature of America's marketing and financial prowess, a world-famous tourist attraction and one of the country's most coveted marketing communications venues: Times Square. Awesomely bright and shamelessly gaudy, its billboards towering above the Broadway and 42nd Street neighborhood are also among the country's most effective -- and most expensive -- advertisements.

And to quote from Times Square Art Square's page on kickstarter, Justus BrunsTimes Square Art Square (TSAS) is looking to stage the world's largest public art exhibition inside the world's most popular tourist destination. Our ultimate goal is to establish a sustainable event in which billboard advertising throughout Times Square is replaced with dedicated artinstallations for one whole month each year. Ambitious? Sure. Possible? Absolutely. 

First Love

Coca Cola - First Love Commercial

What Else Haven't I Really Done???

Coca Cola commercial - First Taste

And What Will This Be Called??? SandArtimation???