Saturday, July 28, 2012

This Is A Pair Of.... Slam Poetry...!!!

Olympics 2012 - Cheer For India (This One Is A Must Share Film...!!!)

To quote from Prathap Suthan's post of this Ad on Alt Del
"This is such a beautiful film! someone put in a lot of effort to make it. the least we can do is share it."

Bubble Bath...

Yes India can...!!!

Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Vermin...

Guitar Pee???

I Fight For My Country...!!!

Ess You Bee Daab Lew Ay Why

No Enlgiss... No Love???

Street Art - Flora Fountain

Badaa Baap...!!!

Mr. Boombastic...!!!

The World's Cheapest Taxi Rank...

What Are You Carrying Today???


A U.P. Hero

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Cheer For India - Aap Agar Saath Hai... Toh Jeet Bhi Saath Hai...!!!

"Its Time You Cheer" Theme Song: Support India at London 2012 Olympic Games

Sand Sculpture - Drowning Prevention

Drowning Prevention Sand Sculpture



O Uncle... Pichchlay Janam Mein Rationing Officer Thhay Kyaa?

Tata DOCOMO - Spoon

Oh... My... God...!!!

adidas | David Beckham pops up at the #takethestage photobooth

Extreme Sheep LED Art

Extreme Sheep LED Art

Voted 'Worst Commercial Of 2011'

worst commercial of 2011 
Poop There It Is - Luvs Diaper Commercial

The Beauty Inside

The Beauty Inside

Always Near 100%

The NEW Duracell Powermat Commercial

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Introducing Google Input Tools

Anurag Kashyap Ka Naya Casting Director...

Missed Her First Make Up Session???

Director Martin Courts Siri...

Apple - iPhone 4S - TV Ad - Busy Day

Mamma... Aap Toh Tina Ma'am Se Bhi Smart Ho...!!!

Brief Grief...!!!

DC Hyderabad

The Beasts Of The Road...!!!

Renault Clio - Animals (2009, UK)

Aajaa... Galey Miltay Hein...

Surf Excel - Cricket - YouTube: "

RONA - Olympic Relay

RONA 2012 Olympic Relay TV Ad

So... Where Do You Go Camping???

Nexus 7: Camping

Srimatji Sirf Sabji Nahin Naa Khareed Rahi...

Double Decker Bus That Does Push Ups...

"The Simple Joy of Winning"

"The Simple Joy of Winning" with Lolo Jones

Start Me Up - London 2012

OMEGA London 2012 'Start Me Up' TV Commercial (Long version)

Do You Know How Many Friends You Have???

Chili's Triple Dipper

The Dog And The Bone...

Combos "Witch Doctor"

Jazz... Pigeon Jazz...!!!

Pigeon jazz in the city

I Will Live Forever

Old Spice | I Will Live Forever

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Saturday Sunday... I Love You...!!!

Woolworths' 'Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday' featuring Gossling

Are You Pumping With Confidence???

ARCO: Pumping With Confidence

Shattering Glass With Music...

Shatter Sessions


3D LED TV / Samsung (USA, 2010)

If Your Mom Were A Man... What Would Your Mom Feed You?


Monday, July 23, 2012

Pentying The Town Vareli...

Diana Penty - Looking Gorgeous In The New Garden Vareli Commercial"

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Do... Do.. Do... Do.. Check... Check... Check...

New Mahindra Rodeo RZ - TVC

Humko Bhi Hai Likhnaa Padhnaa... Humko Bhi Hai Aagey Badhnaa...

Shiksha Ka Suraj a music video on Indian Adult Literacy SaveYouTube com

Life of George

LEGO® Life of George

What Uncle.... ... ...???

Hero Maestro - Such a Boy Thing (60 Sec Hindi)

Yahaan Buss... Ulloo Hotein Hain...

Reliance 3G Tab V9A - Multitask

Borneo And Boring????

The stunning new range of Panasonic Smart Viera

Who Is The Hollywood Star Behind This VO?

Yeh Thhoadaa Zyaadaa Hi Ho Gayaa

Salman Khan's Relaxo Hawaii Footwear Tvc

Ready For Some Cliff Diving???

New Camry Atara. Inspires Confidence

The Story of Change

The Story of Change

141% - Global

Brother Printers TV Ad "141%" (Global)

141% - Architect

Brother Printers TV Ad "141%" (Architect)

141% - Cafe

Brother Printers TV Ad "141%" (Cafe)

Can India Make It Large???