Saturday, October 13, 2012


The Pursuit: Director's Cut - Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga

Chall Laa Meraa Hair Band De...!!!

Oreo Surprise


Oddsen - Hooligans

What Do You Really Need From A Bank...???

Capitec Bank from Am I Collective on Vimeo.

The Elephant Whisperer...

The Voiceover Man...!!!

In These 60 Seconds...!!!

Drill Sergeant...!!!

Frankie... I Got The Same Tat Too...!!!

Why Did These ENGINEERS Have To Be So Skimpily Clad...???

Axe Soap Bar

Friday, October 12, 2012

Ek Bottle Chaand...!!!

Sony BRAVIA: More Bright. More Vivid. More Joy

Sugar is Killing Us...

Sugar is Killing Us

#YOUDRIVE A New Mercedes-Benz A-Class

#YOUDRIVE - New Mercedes-Benz A-Class TV ad trailer

Click Here For The Full Experience...

An Awesome World

Google Chrome: An Awesome World

Leo Burnett presents The Foundry ...

Leo Burnett presents The Foundry

Tough Work

Volkswagen Nutzfahrzeuge Werbung Commercial - Tough Work - funny

Apple Maps Dark Knight Parody

Apple Maps Dark Knight Parody Movie HD

Biwi Nahi...!!! TV Advertisement


The Job...!!!

Everyone just did their job right
As well as a VolkswagenVolkswagen Crafter Transporter Funny Commercial Werbung

Ek Hi Pal Mein Pooraa Ghar Ujadnay Ka Aur Phir Se Fully Buss Jaanay Ka Chance Kitna Hai...???


How Do You.........???

What Did The Station Master Do...??? - Watch This One For The Song...???

Bus Syncro - Volkswagen South Africa Commercial

Rock Van Haven...!!!

Rock Van - Official 2012 Honda Odyssey Commercial

What You've Got In Your.... Hand...!!!

Volvo XC90 - Made by Scandinavia

Goli Itna Ghoom Ghaam Ke Apnay Hi Pair Mein Lagnay Ka... Kitna Chance Hai???

Bangkok Insurance "Robbery" TVC

Aur Agar... Woh Bhi Kissi Handsome ke Saath Dance Pe Jaaye... Toh Tu Thodi Na Mind Karega... Jaa Jaa...!!!

Archies - Greeting Cards - Let your Love Speak for You

Did You Know (In The U. K.) One Can Elect One's Police Commissioners...???

Police and crime commissioners online advert


Finolex Laal Hindi 45sec

How NAKED Can Ones Marketing Get???

NAKED MAN: Gotstyle Video Shopping

The McSamurai...!!!

The Last Samurai - 30s

Fast Haircut...???

Hotlink Broadband - Haircut - 20s - Eng

Yeh Honay Ka Kitna Chance Hai...???

probability 0.0000001 %

A Bike Designed To Be Ridden On Indian Roads... Even If... Sometimes... There Is No Road...!!!!

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 500

Kyonki... Wednesday Ko Mera FAST Hotaa Hai Naa...!!! - Real Life Mein Aisa Hota Hai Kya ? (30 Day Returns)

Haa Uncle...???

London and One Show Winner. The Bank Clerk TVC for BellBajao.

When The Board Room Table Becomes The Ramp...!!! - Real Life Mein Aisa Hota Hai Kya (Rampwalk)

Well... It's The 5 Senses...!!!

Stunning!! Bombay Jaishree lights up the track in this beautiful MTR 5 Senses TVC.

Do You Know What The Octopus Has...???

Huggies DryNites 'The Secret Weapon Against Leaks' TVC - AdNews

Bringing The Rainforest To New York City...

TD Bank: TD Forest Teaser

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Ranchers & Dumb Little Things...!!!

DishNET "Ranchers" :30

The Bouncing iPods...!!!

Apple - iPod - TV Ad - Bounce

The Eggcentric Choir...!!!

Egg Choir Tribute to mySupermarket (with lyrics)

Justin Bieber on Cyberbullying

Justin Bieber on Cyberbullying - Nassau County District Attorney's Office

Oh My God... Everybody At The Office's Gone Robotic...!!!

Imagine If Everything You Loved Was Available In An Instant...???


Lowdi from Amsterdam Ad Blog on Vimeo.
This online animation to promote the brand new speaker Lowdi, was created by Nalden and Momkai. The animation was made by CRCR and the sound by Audenity. 

Mummy Hogi teri Maa...!!!

Alpenliebe Mangofillz

The Egg Breaker...!!!

'Huevos', de McCann Erickson para Garrahan

Chintoo Ke Sapnon Mein Paiyyay Lagaaiye...!!!

Big Bazaar - Swagatam 2012

The Unglee Queen...!!!

Jualan Juara Internet - Finger Fencing - 30s - Eng

Oyy... Angoothhaa Chaap Kissay Bulaa Raha Hai??? Mai Toh Champion Hu

Jualan Juara Internet - Thumb Cyclist - 30s - Eng

Moves... You...!!!

Lil Buck "Denim Moves You" Gap Be Bright Fall 2012 :60

The Pizza Party...

The Pizza Party - The Great Debate II

Kyon Mausam Ko Tarsay...???

Philips Kitchen Appliances - Mausam TVC

Time To Sleep...!!!

Got Milk - Hora de dormir

Uparwaalaa Jab Soataa Hai... Toh Chhappar Phhaad Ke Soataa Hai...!!!

Dentyne: "Downward"

Uparwaalaa Jab Soataa Hai... Toh Chhappar Phhaad Ke Soataa Hai...!!!

Dentyne: "Downward"


Some Men Are Coming To Kill Us...

How Much Do You Know About Fear...?

Adele's Theme Song...

The Real Bears - Alex Bogusky's Coke Bashing Video/Ad/Spot...

The Shoebox That Is A Clever Little Bag

Don't Let The Monster Catch You...

Zicam. Don't Let The Cold Monster™ Catch You

5 Million Fans - Come Fun... Come All...!!!

Old Navy Presents: A Big Deal for our 5 Million Fans


Water Aerobics Instructor Robin Schaffer

Michael Jackson - 'Bad25'

Pepsi 'Bad25'

Aapke Ghar Mein Kaun Kaun Seeti Bajaataa Hai???

Holiday Inn commercial 200

Hello... Nice To Sweet You... Kiss & Go Boom!!!

Lindt: Hello - Strawberry Cheesecake

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Flavours Without Borders

Hippo World Toasties - Flavours Without Borders


Weetos "Moustache"

War Veterans...

Fundação SOS Mata Atlântica: War Veterans. Creative News - YouTube: "

Marian Barnett's Life Story...

Marian Barnett's Life Story - Fidelity Investments

Kyon... Mere Saath Race Lagaayegi...???

Mobility Scooter Race Advert At Santa Pod - Just for the Jackpotjoy of it

Trophies Are For People With Self Esteem Issues...!!!

State Farm® - State of Detention (Career Day)
Professional (American)football's reigning Most Valuable Player, Aaron Rodgers, is visiting a grade school for Career Day. Unfortunately for him, a State Farm agent is also visiting Career Day, and that means Rodgers' considerable talent and resume take a humiliating backseat.

Fall Of Figaro

Subway "Fall of Figaro"

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Exquisite Art Installation... Or Biriiliant Web Commercial...???

JORDAN CP3.VI: Cut Through L.A.

iPad Mini - And Samsung Can Suck It...!!!

LEAKED Official Apple iPad Mini Promo Video

Break-ing News...!!!

Break Nieuws 4 (met ondertiteling)



Cow & Gate Supergroup...

Cow & Gate Supergroup - Extended Version

For Our Women...

For Our Women


Leo Burnett Crunchy Nut Dinosaur

Head To Brussels

To introduce its Lyon-Brussels direct TGV, on 21st  and 22nd  September 2012, SNCF (France's national state-owned railway company) invited the Lyonnais  to go head to Brussels.

Passez une tête à Bruxelles avec TGV. - YouTube: "

Ocado's Google+ Testimonial

Ocado Testimonial Google+

I Thought You Didn't Like Him...

eBay India Latest Ad - eBay Deals - Camera with subtitles October 2012

May The Birds Be With You...!!!

Angry Birds Star Wars out on November 8!

MIKHAIL BARYSHNIKOV: - My Body Is My Instrument...!!!


Issay Kehtay hai Deewaal Toadoo...!!!

Wall Breaker - Mercedes 2013 GLK Commercial

Teen Maheenay Baad...???

eBay India Latest Ad - Deals - Mobile October 2012

Ads Of Some Australian Actors Before They Became Famous...!!!

Before they were famous

Drowning In Coffee...!!!

Costa Coffee 'Coffee Heads'

Online...??? No Guarantee...!!!

eBay India Latest Ad - eBay Guarantee 1 with subtitles October 2012


Bridgestone - Scream (2008, USA)

The Speed Camera Lottery - The Fun Theory

The Speed Camera Lottery - The Fun Theory



Yeh Dosteee... Hum Naheee...

Renault Scala Official TVC - It's Time To Step Up

Doesn't This Ad... Sound Like This One...????

Doesn't This Ad...

Sound Like...

This Ad...???

Sassy Cuts... The Jingle Studio

FedEx: Jingle Studio

Kangaroo Island - Let Yourself Go...!!!

Kangaroo Island - Let yourself go

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bullying... Hurts Anywhere... Even Online...!!!

Cyberbullying hurts too.

Good Morning India... - Maa Jaisa Koi Nahi....!!!

Mother Dairy - "Maa Jaisa Koi Nahi" TVC"

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Beauty... Cannot Be Calculated... It Can Only Be Felt...!!!

BMW "Rose" directed by Adrian De Sa Garces

Pay With A Smile

'Pay with a smile _ Project Change', de Euro RSCG a Havas Worldwide

Teeth Modelling Mein Kyaa Scope Hai???

Dentyne "Double" directed by Gregg Bailey

"Listen. Watch. Play."

Sony Entertainment Network presents "Listen. Watch. Play

When An Audition Becomes The Ad Itself...!!!

WAFER TIME "Audition" TV Commercial 30s Version 1.mp4

Who Allowed This Character In To The Operation Theatre...???

MNET "Birth" Directed by Greg Gray

Unleashing The Hero Within Is Alright... - But Where Is He Getting All The Bikes From???

Unleash The Hero Within

Arranged Marrige...???

DSTV "Wedding" directed by Greg Gray

Why They Insure Women...

First for Women "Darts" 1 of 3 directed by Anton Visser

The Virgin Land Of Blingola

Virgin "Blingola" directed by Leigh Ogilvie

Mirchar Chilli... Mirchar Chilli...

Lal Badshah Launch Ad, Conceptualized & Prepared by Harmony Multimedia Pvt Ltd

Apna Haath Jagannath...!!!

What Canadians Are All About...

Canadian Tire - New Campaign - Launch TV Commercial

Giulietta...??? But... We Thought You Were Uma...!!!

Alfa Romeo 'Giulietta' TV ad

The Get Around Knee

GetAroundKnee | Bike | TV Commercial

Why Just Capture... Create...!!!

Han hyo joo NX10 TV commercial

What A Performance...!!! What A Fight...!!!

Golden Sun TV ad (full)

You... Are My Gift Box...!!!

A beautiful Indian ad film for J&J Gift Box

Your Own Inter-Stellar Gateway... In Your House...!!!

Netflix - Portal (2012, USA)

Sunday, October 7, 2012


MINI - How do you drive your coffee?

Real Complainers Vote - True In India too...!!!

True In India... & Every other democracy...!!! If one looks at Democracy (from a conumerist point of view... Then you can't complain (of what undelivered promises) unless you are a user (participant) of the product / process...!!!
Real Complainers Vote"

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Join The Team

Vodafone: Join the team

Isn't All Of India Wearing Blindfolds...???

Now the creation and production of this (pretty truthful)song (or Ad), may have been paid for by one political party...
But the moot question being asked by many.... Is the way (all)our politicians, political parties (irrespective of ideology) and governments  are percieved by common people... Aren't we all (somehow) wearing blindfolds???

Dad... Stop...!!!

This is what Dinesh Khanna wrote, when he posted this Ad on the Alt Del page...

"Hugely irresponsible advertising . . And I am saying this both as a person 

who lost his father to an overladen truck and as a concerned citizen . . Can't believe that the so-called socially responsible Tata group has done this . . ."

 If one were to agree with Dinesh  then, shouldn't Dad (in the Ad) just stop???
New Tata Indica eV2 official TVC

C H A N G E...!!!

Funny Ad - Camlin white board marker Commercial

Dogs In Slow-Mo...

Pedigree Dogs ad shot 1000 FPS using the Phantom camera

You Rascal....... - Father and Son - TimePass

TimePass - Father and Son

The Translation (provided to us by Karthik Hariharan)
Father:                        You rascal

                                   Have you taken leave from college today?
                                   In 3 years, you have accumlated 30 arrears
                                   You have celebrated diwali in the principal's office
                                   You have seduced the maths teacher
                                   You have given love torture to everyone in the library
                                   You have bunked
                                   You have wreaked havoc
                                   And now... You have left college
                                   Then, all these days, did you go to college only for time      pass?

Son:                            Yes yes yes yes, everything was a time pass

                                   But i have got a bigger time pass now
                                   Blah blah blah about how entertaining the magazine is for 5 bucks
                                   This is boss of time pass

To quote from Bhatnaturally's post on this ad...
"The Vikatan Group, a renowned Tamil publication group has launched an entertainment magazine called Timepass. The ad tells the story of a son whose hitherto ‘timepass’ activities are no match to what is to be expected from the magazine".