Friday, November 1, 2013

When Old Spock Races New Spock To Beat VW's Darth Vader (Kid)...???

Fascinating Ad... But the even more fascinating question is, because people online are hailing the as the Vader beater, whether it can actually steal a march on Volkswagen's Passat TVC (made during the American Superbowl in 2011) which attracted over 5.8 Crore views on youtube???
Zachary Quinto vs. Leonard Nimoy: "The Challenge"

The Force... - When A Kid Became Darth Vader...

This charming TVC which was created for Volkswagen's Passat during the American Superbowl in 2011 was so popular that it attracted over 5.8 Crore views on youtube, and is its second most popular TVC till date.

Are You Clark (Not Kent Though) Enough? - Portuguese (Brazilian)

So, she's Amazonian... Okay Brazilian... And... Yes she's sexy... But even then... Why would you buy this product...??? 
Are You Clark Enough? - Brazilian

Shaadi Ka Yeh ConNexusun Hai...!!!

Google Nexus 5: I Do

Are You Clark (Not Kent, Though) Enough? - French

So, she speaks French... And... Yes she's sexy... But even then... Why would you buy this product...??? 
Are You Clark Enough? - French 

Happy Diwali

Another one from Bang in the Middle... "This is for all those worried about sound, and smoke, and scared dogs. Diwali for all its light and happiness, brings darkness and sadness to many. Here's an alternative. Our 6th card. All the sound and fury of the festival. Minus the chemicals."

"Point Here If... You Are Dead Sexy" - Say These NYC Ad Grads...

If you were to go to New York City and spend enough time on its subway, you would probably notice that halfway down each platform hangs a black-and-white striped sign and the train-conductors point at it each time they pull into a station. The conductors are required to do this to show they've fully arrived on the platform.

So Yosef Lerner and Rose Sacktor (roommates and a former art director/copywriter duo at Miami Ad School) decided to have a little fun. Feeling sorry for the conductors who spend their whole day “in that small booth, alone,” the duo decided to stand at subway stations in New York holding special signs knowing the conductors would have to point at them. The video results are pretty endearing.
While the best sign they hold is “Point here if you are dead sexy,” they also made many other signs asking the conductors to “point here” if:
  • ·         You are not wearing pants right now
  • ·         You have taken a selfie while driving
  • ·         You have seen a passenger naked
  • ·         Shoot the target with your laser finger [bullseye]
  • ·         You still love Thomas The Tank Engine
  • ·         Snape kills Dumbledore
  • ·         The 2nd Ave Subway is a lie
  • ·         NY is the greatest city in the world

You should watch and smile too.
The New York Subway Signs Experiment - YouTube: "

Info via: Gawker & Adfreak screenshot via Yosef Lerner / YouTube

Thursday, October 31, 2013

60 Crore Tak Ka Recharge...!!!

Pepsi 60 Crore Tak Ka Recharge

Ramesh Aur Suresh Ab Chaley Gayein... #NoHardFillings...!!!

5 Star, seems to have discontinued, or at least suspended the Ramesh Suresh series and has replaced them with a new series...
5 Star - Toaster and Burnt Toast #NoHardFillings

Cricket Ball & China #NoHardFillings

Aloo and Karela #NoHardFillings

5 Star - Petrol & Wallet #NoHardFillings

5 Star - Nail and Tyre #NoHardFillings

Yaar... Hic... Mainay Kuch... Hic... Aaaj Kuch Zyaadaa Hic... Pee Lee....

I gatti leccano di tutto!

Pyaar Se Bitaao Har Pal... Pyaar Hi Paaogey Tum...!!!

Cadbury Celebrations Moments of Love - Diwali

Are These The Greatest Villains In Human History...???

History's greatest Villains


Now, this maybe Officer's Choice's way of camouflaging an advert for the actual brand, but at least they are raising a voice. 
To quote from this article by Leeza Mangaldas... "Misogyny has long permeated our textbooks, our pedagogy and our parenting." Though most of us know of it and complain even, but very few have publicly (apart from the 'activist' types) raised our voices... If you have come across any campaigns/ads (apart from this one by Aaj Tak, which ironically is passed off as merely a 'funny ad') before this one, do tell us.

Officer's Choice Blue - Restaurant

Which Monster... Is More Terrifying Than Vampires... Zombies... Or Werewolves...???

In How Many Ways Can A Pencil Be Used...???

Apple - iPad Air - TV Ad - Pencil

Was Your Morning As Easy As This Guy's...???

McDonalds Easy Morning

Ohh... FacebooKing...!!!

Idea 121 Facebook TVC

Agra Mein Pappaa Ko Khabar Ki...???

Idea 121 TVC - Roaming

Kaam Ho.. Toh Didi... Varnaa...

Idea 121 TVC- ABCD

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Author Shatrujeet Nath Thinks This Ad Is Chauvinistic... What's Your take...???

While everyone is raving about the latest Tanishq ad and some, have dug up a much older (made in 2004) Femina Ad...
Here's what novelist (of "The Karachi Deception" fame)  Shatrujeet Nath had to say about this ad (featured below)...

The a$$#*|e client & the agency should be slammed for making such a chauvinistic ad. I almost wish the woman turned Durga and made mincemeat of her family! 

Monday, October 28, 2013

That's Audiball...!!!

Audi El Clásico: That's Football

Save Your Skin...!!!

LUX - Save your skin

The Royal Enfield Continental GT Story - Heritage...!!!

The Royal Enfield Continental GT Story - Heritage

Remarriage In Indian Advertising... There Is One Pioneer Before Tanishq...!!!

Just yesterday we posted Tanishq's latest Ad which is being hailed by everyone as bold/brave/courageous... Then we found this one dug up by Adi Upadhyay...

Wedding from Malobi on Vimeo.

Every Kind Of Dog (Car) Has An Owner Available...!!!

Volkswagen Woofwagen dogs advert 2013

Yaar... Kaagaz... Kaagaz Hota Hai....!!!


Mai Ghar Chhodke Jaa Raha Hun... Sab Gussa Kartein Hain...!!!

Dhara Commercial - jalebi

Mujhey Naa... Sab Motu Bulaate Hai..!!!

Aaapnay Aisay Kabhi Gannaa Khhaayaa Hai...???

Kal Meri Pant Phatt Gayi...

Where Do You Want To Go Ghoomnay...??? TVC 2013 with Sachin Tendulkar

And We Thought They Only Made Photocopy Machines...???

A World Made Simpler... by Xerox
The title for this post was inspired by what Prathap Suthan wrote when he shaed this film on Alt Del....
To quote Prathap... '"and I thought xerox made photocopies. duh."