Saturday, March 24, 2012

Atop The Hill - Getting You Back To You...!!!

Twinings Ad - Gets You Back To You

Cat Video??? Cute???

Cat Videos: Toyota RAV4


Birdy (Centraal Beheer)

Where Will All The Super Heroes Change Their Clothes?

Dockers: The Last Phone Booth

Inspiration Day - The First Ever Ad Campaign On Pinterest

Inspiration day by kotex

Friday, March 23, 2012

Kapoor Sahab Misses Out On Photo Op With Tendulakr

IPL 2012 Ticket Sales: Kapoor Sahab in Loo

Barça Toons

A campaign by FC Barcelona to raise awareness about the reality of people with physical disabilities and train teachers so they can implement inclusive sport 
FC Barcelona - Els Barça Toons amb la campanya 'Som el que fem. Som el que ens proposem'

Popping Open The Bubbly...? Be Careful...!!!

More March: Cork

Van Gogh to Rothko in 30 Seconds

artCircles: Van Gogh to Rothko in 30 Seconds

Kapoor Sahab Misses Out On Virender Sehwag's Ball...

Do Bee Bots Need A Floral Officer?

Old Navy Presents: Bee Bots!

I Love FOOD Awards 2012

An Ad Imagined By An 8 Year Old...!!!

Sony Xperia™ TV ad - Made of Imagination

The Giant Paper Boat...

The French Daily "Metro France' launched its relaunch by launching this Giant Paper Boat...
Vidéo Metro a changé ... "La révélation de metrofrance" avec 6AM (groupe Fullsix)

My Car SuperStar

My Car SuperStar - Volkswagen India

World Water Day 2012 - More... More... More... !!!

Columbia Water Center

World Water Day 2012 - No Water No Food...!!!

World Water Day 2012 - The World Is Thirsty Because We Are Hungry

"I Want To Be 10"

Nike - "I Want To Be 10"

Aap Jaise Imaandaar Afsar Ka Transfer Toh Har Saal Hoga...!!!

Hitachi Kaze.mpg

These Guys (They Say) Are Real Men... Are You?

REAL MEN KNOW HOW TO USE AN IRON with Sean Penn (featuring Edward Norton)

Singing For McDonald’s

Not Just An AC... You See

Shock Lagvaao... Ustaad Bann Jaao...!!!


Has Voltas And Its Agency Got This One Right...???

This Ad shows a Man who's been given a punishment (because he argued with his boss) transfer to Cherapunji (presumably because it is remote, and because it receives a very high amount of rainfall).

If one were to go by the feedback (and further research on wikipedia) on the youtube posting, Cherapunji is the most unlikely of places to depict the kind weather/climate shown in the Ad.

This Voltas AC Promises you All Weather Comfort!!!


When You've Eaten Something You Shouldn't Have...

All we want to do... Is just run

 All we want to do... 

Is just run! 

Eco Drive -- Driving for the Future

Apnay Boss Ko Banaa Diya Tennis Ball...

How Quiet Can The World Be???

The Cure Starts Here...

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Elephant In Jeans...

Escape Average

Book Burning Party

A Roller Coaster For Germs?

Trafalgar by Alfred Dunhill

Trafalgar by Alfred Dunhill



Meray Ghar Genelia Aayee Hai....

Genelia in latest Rasna commercial

You Got A Neeeeed For Speeeeed???

Street vs Street...

"Don't Deflate Super-Héros"

Renault's Ad for After-Sales Tyre Care...
Renault Après-vente "Super-Héros"


Huggies Movers - YouTube: "

Look... Who's Talking???

Huggies Alfie Ad

The More You Bribe...

Advertised brand: (The Anti-Corruption Federation of India)
Advert title: Don't bribe. Follow the rules.
Headline and copy text (in English): "The more you bribe, the more powerful they get.
Advertising Agency: Publicis Bangalore, India
Agency website:
Art Director:Nishant Shah
Copywriter: Nishant Shah
Illustrator: Vipin Das
Published: Young Cannes Shortlist 2011 in India. 

Take That... And Eat It Law Boy...!

SXSW Burger Hut Trailers "Spike Jonze"

The (LEGO) Battle of Stalingrad

LEGO Call of Duty - Battle of Stalingrad

You're Not The One Holding The Chihuahua...!!!

Stories Unbound for the Melbourne Writers Festival - via Mumbrella

Humaare Do Kal Hotay Hai....

Retire Rich - Bajaj Allianz CashRich Insurance Plan

Imagine An Endless World Of Designs...

Food.... And Its Connections...

Dancing Coke Bottles...

Matlab... Har Taxi Waaley Ke Paas Ek Hona Chaahiye... Nahin???


The Baby Gym...

Tele2 - Babygym

Protects You Against Any (Internet) Danger...!!!

AXA « Protection Familiale Intégr@le»

Dusted To Disappearance...???

Axe: Dusted

Clap... On...! Clap... Off...! Clap... On...! Clap... Off...!

Thank you once again Karthik Hariharan... Keep Contributing...
Experience Personal Switching with ASB Bank

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Indexing The Way People Think?

Launching the New Thinker's Index

Karelay Ki Subzi Thhi... Toh Mainay Bhi Dinner Chhod Dee...

Britannia Dairy-Hindi

Animal Auditions Reel 2

Frontier Airlines Audition Reel 2

Animal Auditions Reel 1

Frontier Airlines Audition Reel 1

Tour Buses... In Your Car...

2012 Buick Verano | Tour Bus

Dear Japan, from Phuket...

Dear Japan, from Phuket (English Version)

Body Full Of Pills...

Breast Cancer Care advert 2012 - Pills

More To Love...

NEW DOVE Chocolate Bar Ad: More to Love

Around the World on 1 Battery

Around the World on 1 Battery - OFFICIAL

Join The Parade...

Cadbury Keep Team GB Pumped Parade

The Muse...

2012 Newport Beach Film Festival Trailer

If Only...!!!


Commercial "Coloring Book"

Lowe's Commercial "Coloring Book"

The Benz Tweet Fleet

This one comes to us thanks to Karthik Hariharan...
Mercedes-Benz Tweet Fleet (English)

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thakuron Ko Jab Garmi Lagti Thi...

"What Responsibility Means"

HSBC | "Responsibility"

The Race With The Bolt...!!!

'Usain Bolt', de Saatchi & Saatchi para Visa Europe

Why This Cola Warring... Cola Warring... Cola Warring... Ji?

Nothing for us to say...
This infographic says it all...
This infographic created by CnnTees. Read the original blog here.

I've Got-To Run Away... I've Got-To Get Away...

1996 Levi Jeans "Tainted Love" Commercial

Is Axetra Strong Really That Powerful?

Extra Strong Axe

Jhukna Mat...

Haier India- New TVC for Bottom Mount Refrigerators.mp4

Ballet In Jeans...

Levis Ballet Commercial - Stretch Jeans - (Full Version)

The Keyboard of Isolation

The Keyboard of Isolation

What Is Curation?

UN's Global Pulse

An animated introduction to the UN's Global Pulse initiative

Made of Imagination - Coming On 24 March - To A Nearby YouTube Screen

Xperia™ Smartphones -- Made of Imagination

Will CRYING (REALLY) Get You The Girl???

Brainy Girl (Axe 5)

The Hunger Games Countdown

The Hunger Games - TV Spot "Countdown Event"

Budget Without Bachat... Amul's Take On The Indian Budget 2012

Paisa... Kya Paisa...

Bruce Lee's Bhateeja? Or Jackie Chan's Bhaanjaa?


Skoda Fabia vRS Mean Green TV commercial

Apnay Tashreef Kay Tokray Ko Jamaanay Ka Maukaa... Aur Kab Milegaa?

DLF IPL 2012 MAX Campaign Mauka Stadium

I Take Reais

HSBC Lemonade TV Ad: Brazilian Reais

Curriculum Vitae

ŠKODA: Curriculum Vitae

Aaj Kuch Toofaani Kartey Hain...!!!

The Actions Performed In This Advertisement Are Performed By Professionals And Should Not Be Imitated

Fancy A Fancy Dress On The Street

Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Chance : Who's Next???

Nike Football: The Chance: Marco Materazzi's First Find

Daadi Singing To Dadaji...

Confused Kaun Hai? Hum... Yaa Yeh?

Hate Something, Change Something...

Honda Advert (Hate Something, Change Something...)

MICROMAX New Logo...What Do You Think?

To repeat a question asked by Shailendra Sarawgi on the 

Facebook page of 

Advertising Ka Kamaal - An Academic Look at Advertising... 

  • Does the micromax new (rough tough) fist logo really represent a mobile phone's brand?
New Logo

Older Logo

Jason Wu's Cat...

Jason Wu for Target commercial

Help... I've Cut Myself...

Help I want to save a life

Rubio (NBA)

Rubio (NBA)

Mo Farah -- Faster. Stronger. For Longer.

Lucozade Sport Advert 2012 -- Mo Farah -- Faster. Stronger. For longer.

When A Turtle Sneezes...

CLOROX - Turtle

Louis Smith -- Faster. Stronger. For Longer

Lucozade Sport Advert 2012 -- Louis Smith -- Faster. Stronger. For longer

What Social Media Is About...!

The World's First Social Pizza

Domino's Australia Social Pizza

City Maps In Logos...

"CityMaps, a New York startup, just released a mobile app of its social mapping service, in which these three cities ; Austin; New York and San Fransico are visualized largely from their retail landmarks rather than street names or building addresses. The maps do one thing that older maps always failed to do: Tell you where the shops are, allowing you to plan a route so that you're never a block or more from a Starbucks, or a shoe shop, or a bar".
 New York

San Fransico

Information Sourced From: Business Insider 

No Gas... No Bathroom

2012 Chevy Volt ad | Gas Station 2 | Chevrolet

The Browser You Loved To Hate

The Browser You Loved To Hate

What Are You Doing At A Gas Station???

Firemen??? At A Car Wash???

Hughes Car Wash Funny Fireman TV Commercial