Saturday, April 7, 2012

A Philharmonic Orchestra Flash Mobs Ravel's Bolero At A Railway Station

Flash mob at Copenhagen Central Station. Copenhagen Phil playing Ravel's Bolero

Leonardo Dicaprio (As A Kid) Keeps It Poppin....

Umpire Ko Hi Out Kar Diya?

Drinks Break - Bheegi Billi bowls out the Umpire

Iss Saadi Pe Chaar Sau Saal Puraani Hast-Ship-Kalaa Hai...!!!

Havell's Fan-

Yeh Newspaper Hai... Pankhaa Nahi...!!

The Olympics As They Used To Be...

EDF Olympics

The Pepsi Slav Epopee

The Pepsi Slav Epopee

Ungli Utha Vote Kar!

Ungli Utha Vote Kar!

Maa Kasam

D'cold Natural TVC (Maa Kasam)

Can You See Your Family On Such Stickers?

Kia Grand Carnival New 2012 Commercial - Stickers

Thought Engineering

On The Beach

BMW M5 on the beach for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games (full)

Friday, April 6, 2012

The First Facebook Car...???

New Citroën C1 Connexion

"We Are The.................. Owners"

Adidas "We are Owners"

Strip Away

Nissan SUV's: Strip Away

Baby I Would Run To You...!!!

What Makes Us Click?

canon - powershot

Main Bhi Anna - KhadiJam

We picked this one off a post by Shubho Sengupta
To quote Shubho..
"Nagpur rocks - these are a couple of Nagpur kids who created this anti-corruption music video, with almost zero resources. One or two of the band are gig musicians/animators, the rest are college students". 
Main Bhi Anna - YouTube: "

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Happy Karwa Chauth...??? Abbay Chamchay... Chal Phutt Yahan Sey....!!!

Shit Corporate Chamchas Say At Work

Have You Ever Dozed Off, Like This?

Tired of nodding off?

Achchaa Socho Sharukh... Achchaa Hi Hoga...

SRK TV on Nokia Channel ME


Re-Routed (Acura, The Avengers)

The Cheer-O-Meter

Beam Me Down Scotty...

Traveling at the Speed of Hertz - ZAP TECHNOLOGY - ARRIVAL

Beam Me Up Scotty...

Traveling at the Speed of Hertz - ZAP TECHNOLOGY - DEPARTURE

And When Brad Pitt Played The Mamma..!!!

Soft Bank (Brad Pitt_2) Part 2

When Brad Pitt Played The Side-Kick...!!!

Soft Bank (Brad Pitt) Part 1

Have You Flown AirAsia Lately?

Have You Flown AirAsia Lately? TVC

For The Brits... Summer Means Time To Get Out In The Sun... But For Us....

M&S TV Ad 2012 - Summer To Remember TV Ad - Marks & Spencer

The Thrill Bench...

MINI Countryman JOHN COOPER WORKS Thrills the Geneva Motor Show 2012

Blue Essence

Now That's What's Called Good Shooting...!!!

2012 Kia Soul Clay Pigeons Video

The Creative Adult Is The Child Who Survived

Kate Winslet On Shopping

Sky Store

Know What's Deadlier Than Suicides, Poisoning, Fire Accidents, Crime & Drugs?

The First Burpy Car Ad We've Ever Seen...!

COPS 'N' DONUTS | Scion iQ [HD]

Yeh Kyaa Hai?

Is Not A Conventional Product Ad...
It Is Not Even A Conventional Public Service Awareness Ad...

Is Abdul Mujeeb Khan's Personal Message To Every Indian For Zero Corruption Day

Feel Better Energy

EDF Energy Feel Better Energy TV advert

Plate Me Teen Aatey Hain...!!!

Tata DOCOMO - Idli

Dar Ko Maaro Dew

The Blockbuster is here - Ab Dar Ko Maaro Dew


McDonald's Spice Fest 2012

Shaadi Se Pehle, Aapka Bhi Sirf Photo Hi Dekhaa Thhaa...

Shopping Ka Naya Address (Three Generations)"

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Sach Mein...? Pass... Aur... Time Pass... Dono...?

Micromax Funbook TVC

Kaash Husbands Mein Bhi Aisi Guarantee Hoti...

Shopping Ka Naya Address (Replacement)

What Is Score?

Lagi Paanch Hazaar Ki...???


Fun For Those In The Rear Seats...!!!

Volkswagen - Rear Seat Entertainment

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Project Glass: One day

Project Glass: One day...

When Richard Gere Winks At You...!

NEW! Richard Gere's Japanese CM for orangina cafe ver.

Rise From the Ashes

Chrysler 200 Commercial - Rise From the Ashes

Kinect Star Wars: Duel

Kinect Star Wars: Duel

Kinect Star Wars: Duel

Kinect Star Wars: Duel

Driving The Best Car On The Road...!!!

Shell Helix 30s LayoutVsn1 08Mar12

CAN He Win Against The Odds...?

Coca Cola Best Commercial ( Very Funny)

Match Penalty

Volkswagen Sondermodelle MATCH: Elfmeter

Haai...!!! Kaunsa...!!! Yeh Bhi Koi Poochnay Ki Baat Hai?

GCMMF - Amul Masti Dahi - In the lift- TVC


‫فيديو ساخر عن إتصالات المغرب - Maroc Télécom.mpg‬‎

Girls Going Wild In Red Light District(Don't Jump To Conclusions Before You've Seen The End Of This Ad)

Don't Jump To Conclusions Before You've Seen The End Of This Ad
Girls going wild in red light district

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

'An SL In My Garage'

'Un SL en mi garaje', de Wysiwyg España para Mercedes-Benz España - YouTube: "
A Translation from Spanish = "What if you find the new Mercedes SL parked in your garage?

For the sixth edition of the most legendary sports Mercedes... 
We changed  3 peoples' car  without their knowledge.

And you, where would you go with it?
Write a tweet with the hashtag # yoconunmercedes. The best answers will get to win fantastic stuff".


eyeOS Professional Edition: Indestructible

The Chase...

Pages Jaunes = Yellow Pages

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Aaj Kya Jal Raha Hai?

Domino's Pizza Mania at 39 with New Toppings.wmv

This Must Be The Place...

PRIME from thismustbetheplace on Vimeo.

Time Loser...


Lynx April Fool's Day Spray App - Getting the girl will never be the same again

How Would You Know When Luck Is Going To Slap You?

Lady Luck (California Lottery)

Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride

State Insurance -- Ain't Nothing Gonna Break My Stride (90 seconds)

Abbay... Sapnay Mein Bhi???

SKODA Laura Dream TVC

Ek Ek Chammach...

Tata DOCOMO - Spoon

Glasses for Dogs...

Warby Barker: Glasses for Dogs

Hamaare Closet Mein... John Abraham Kyaa Kar Raha Hai?

VIP Skybags Commercial

"Match Dikhaayaa Naa?" Ranbir Kapoor Asks...

Tata DOCOMO - Match

Nagging Suspicion

Nagging Suspicion

Child-Free Cabins In An Airline???????

April Fools - WestJet introduces child-free cabins

Don't Hold It Like That...!

Death Grip

Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2

Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Are You A Cat Person?

We Are Cat People Commercial -- Purina® Cat Chow®

I Say This To You... And I Say It With No Malice...

Clio Awards 40th Anniversary Reel - 039 - Vitalis

I Am Stuck On Band Aid Coz Band Aid's Stuck On Me...

Clio Awards 40th Anniversary Reel - 044 - Johnson & Johnson

I Can't Follow You Everywhere...

This one, shared on our facebook page by Devashish Shahani, is on the lines of the Vodafone Pug Ad...
Though we don't know If Vodafone is really the Advertiser for this ad....

Modern C-Art???

Clio Awards 40th Anniversary Reel - 078 - Honda

Bhhaiyyaa... Hum Chlormint Kyon Khaatey Hain?

Lose Like A Man

Charles Barkley In Drag For Weight Watchers

Kabhi Ungli Aasan Kar Ke Dekha Hai?

Oongli Cricket- Yoga

Thank You (2 Million) Jeep® Fans...!!!

Thank You 2 Million Jeep® Facebook Fans

Mai... Naa... Apney Husband Ko Chhod Ke Jaa Rahi Hun...!!!

Britannia 50 50 Running Away TVC "

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Why Should Our 200th Anniversary Matter To You?

Citi: Citi Turns 200 this year

In Husband Absence... No Aansoo Wasting! In Husband Presence... Full Atom-Bombing...!!!

Britannia 50 50 Tears TVC

Crashed The Car But...

Inko Sirf Husband Ka Dimaag Khaaney Se Khushi Miley Tabb Naa...???

Britannia 50 50 Dimaag TVC

Priyanka Chopra Se Bike Race Lagaaogey...

015 Khatron Ke Khiladi BIke

Chuttay Toh Hai Nahi Bhaiyya...

Britannia 50 50 Chutta TVC

Har Zindagi Se Takraaey...

Aamir Khan's Television Debut - Satyamev Jayate - Promo 3 'Sabka Show'"

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017 ONGC lampost

Dil Pe Lagni Chaahiye...

About the (American) Ad Council

About the Ad Council

Pehle... Beach Pe... Apna Lounge Banaao... Phir... Bottle Uthaao... Phir... Uss Me Cheque Daalo...

016 Axis Bank

'Dil Se Dekho'

Aamir Khan's Television Debut - Satyamev Jayate - Promo 1 'Dil Se Dekho'

Monday, April 2, 2012

The Who - Heinz Baked Beans (with lyrics)

The Who - Heinz Baked Beans (with lyrics)

Did you Know That The Rolling Stones Did This Rice Krispies Jingle?

rolling stones - rice krispies

Priyanka Chopra And The Snake...

049 Khatron Ke Khiladi Snake

Simbu - Dance For Me...

7UP Dance For Me Contest Simbu TVC


ITC School

Apnon Ki Keemat...!!!

028 Bigg Boss Bachchey

Koi Ajnabee Aapkaa Chaai Pee Gayaa Toh?

027 Bigg Boss Ajnabee

Cholbe Na - Change Kolkata - Eitaa Aamaar Department Noy

Cholbe Na Office Stuck Files Issue-A STAR Ananda Initiative

Cholbe Na - Change Kolkata - Taxi

Cholbe Na Taxi Refusal Issue-A STAR Ananda Initiative

Small Change...

Indian Terrain TVC

What If? And Reality.


Geeta Ke Peeche Steeta Bhi Gayab Ho Gayi...???

011 Tata Sky Sita

Geeta Gayab Ho Gayi...???

010 Tata Sky Geeta

Aaya Mausam Thandey Thandey............

Dermicool -- Aaya Mausam Dermicool Ka

Baal Nahi Udaayaa Toh Hosh Zaroor Udaa Denge...

Salman Khan's Ad

Baat... Aap Ke Husband Se Jhooth Bulvaaney Ki Hai...

Baat Aap Ke Husband Se Jhooth Bulvaaney Ki Hai...

Airtel Money 'Electric Bill' TVC 2012

Waiting Time... No More Wasting Time...


Chaos Triggered...!!!

AXE Douche Anarchy "Impact" - 60s

Wai Wai - Suspicious Wife...

Wai Wai Quick



The Kick-Box Match

Wrangler Jeans

Bhai Sahab... Yeh Kya Hai?

New Halls Cool AD

Halls Ke Asar Bemisaal...!

This... Is Me...

50th year of AMNESTY International Against Racism

This Timetable Shows You In How Much Time You Can Eat What...!

Train timetable shows time in hamburgers

Not An Ugly Duckling At All...

New Audi A5 TV advertisement

What Rapunzel Did To Her Hair???

GHD TV ad - Rapunzel



Sunday, April 1, 2012

Litle Girls On What Their Mums Do...

Dove .mp4


Clio Awards 40th Anniversary Reel - 049 - Fiat

What Is Giroblauw???

Giroblauw used to be a Dutch Bank....
Clio Awards 40th Anniversary Reel - 050 - Giroblauw

What If Your Child Mistook A Rat For A Cat???

Clio Awards 40th Anniversary Reel - 027 - Urban America

Catch It...

Coke 2012 Commercial: "Catch" starring NE_Bear

What (US) 40 Cents (INR 20) Can Buy You?

40 US Cents are approximately (at today's exchange Rate) 20 Rupees in India.
(RED) Celebrity Video with Hugh Jackman, Gwen Stefani, Bono & More

TERII Anti-Theft Negotiator

Honda Anti-Theft Negotiator

A Photo In A Photo In A Photo In A Photo In A Photo In A Photo In A Photo

Fotoprix - Coincidencias


Spot Fotoprix - Rana

Dot Dash Dot Dash.... Tap Tap Tap Tap...

Introducing Gmail Tap

Happy Together

Ford Focus 2009 Happy Together - Brasil - Focus Hatch Sedan

I've Got A Hard Road To Travel....

QualitySolicitors - For Whatever Life Brings TV ad