Saturday, January 21, 2012


Thomas Cook Cockroach TVC - YouTube: ""

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Aur Main Mr India Hun???

Jagdish Rajpurohit Mr India SUBWAY TVC.mp4



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"Samsunged" - Samsung Galaxy S II, The Next Big Thing"

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Love Our Product More Than You Love Your Dad...!!!!!!

Is That What This Brand Is Telling Its Buyer?

What If Someone Steals From You A Long Time?

New KRAFT Macaroni & Cheese TV Commercial: "Officer Dan""

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Refuel Commercial."

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If They Can't Eat It... They Shouldn't Make It...!!!

Carl's Jr. commercial TV"

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Hanaa Ben Abdesslem, Lancôme's First Muslim Model

To quote Brandchannel "Lancôme has signed its first Muslim model — the 22-year-old gamine-cropped Tunisian, Hanaa Ben Abdesslem — as a global face". 

Kitty & Lala, 80 Impression - Intel Visual Life

Intel Visual Life - Kitty & Lala, 80 Impression"

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The Joy Of Being A Lemon...

McDonald's - Strawberry Lemon Aid"

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The One Time You Wish You Had...!!!

You Can Change Too...

Starburst Flavor Morph: Mean Streets"

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Save Yourself... Some Money...

Priceline Negotiator's Last Deal"

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I'm Really Really Sorry...

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Reading - John Carter :30"

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Friday, January 20, 2012

Word as Image

Word as Image by Ji Lee Via Bored Panda

Here are a few images from Ji Lee's Word as Image by Ji Lee Via Bored Panda: Where one can look at letters differently. Play games with them too...

Ghost Birds

Ghost Birds"

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Green Deposit

Bank of Georgia TV Commercial - Green Deposit

Jaldi Bol Naa.... Main Lift Mein Hun...

Reliance 2G - Lift - Film Director - Shoojit Sircar Rising Sun Films"

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What They Did... With One Sheet Of Paper...!!!

Hand Drawn.mp4

pakde rehna chhoddna nahi

pakde rehna chodna nahi -Very Creative Ad - YouTube: "


Fevicol Advertisement

Transportation In Rural India...

Fevicol Bus AD"

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Cinema Cinema

Cadbury Dairy Milk Silk - Cinema Cinema Commercial"

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What Will She Do Next???

Apollo Munich Health Insurance Optima Restore: Facebook Contest"

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Phir Se Glass Todegi Kyaa?

The loudest LOL ever - YouTube: ""

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Kuttaa Frisbee Le Gayaa...

New Bolero TVC"

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Taking The "Scary" Out Of "Life"

Travelers Insurance - Watering Hole Funny Commercial"

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Shopping & India!!!

Shopping In India TVC -"

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You Are Your Words

Aisa Shower Ho Toh... Buss...!!!

Funny Commercial - Bus Shower [Daily Fails] 1/3"

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Kissi Se Kehna Nahi Thaa... Toh Ad Kyon Banaayaa???

Atul Manjrekar - Director - Showreel - Hathi Mirchi Masala"

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Literature... Animated

Melbourne Writers Festival 2009 cinema ad"

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From Car-Jump To Car-Jump...!!! Non-Stop

Ethias Mini Omnium + - 'car accident'"

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With Such Protection You Too Will Be... 'All Smiles'

The Fountain Of Desires...

A (roughly translated from Portuguese) transcript:
Call Centre Employee: Roll Out Another Nissan Versa.
Call Centre Employee: And another Versa.
Man At Fountain: I want a Japanese Car...!
"Fonte dos desejos", da Lew'Lara para a Nissan

Stické (The Galli Version Of) Tennis

adidas "the game is the game": challenge 2 - stické tennis"

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Tsk... Tsk... Tsk...

Once-in-a-lifetime offer on the Polo and Vento TVC "

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The Bark Side:

The Bark Side: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial Teaser"

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Get... Headz Up

Headz Up"

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Whatever Your Complaint... I'll Take Care Of It...!!!

Ethias Modulo publicité télé (FR)"

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dream Car...

Ethias Omnium+ : 'Bedroom' (FR)
Don't let your dream car stop you from having a good night's sleep... 

Keep Your Hands Off

Doritos® - Crash the Super Bowl 2010 Finalist - House Rules"

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Fast Five - One Of The Most Shared Superbowl Ads

This Trailer has been ranked number 3 among Adfreak's 20 Most-Shared Super Bowl Spots of All Time 

Sweet Tweet...

A Year of Sun with Mr. Persol

A Year of Sun with Mr. Persol - HD"

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Oskar's Cinema

Augmented Reality - A La M&M

Mahindra XUV500 Live Augmented Reality at the Auto Expo 2012"

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Toast To Oprah... Amul's Latest Take

Our (Hi)Story

This is a well illustrated sketch of the 14 years of CP Barcelona's existence.

CP Proximity Barcelona. Nuestra historia

Business As Usual Under A Smart Cloud

Cloud Computing - Business Transformation in the Cloud"

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Baych De...

OLX latest TVC 'Grandfather'"

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Baap Bann Gayaa Hai... Jagah Banaa

OLX Latest ad Baby Cot TVC"

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Giant Chocolate Thumb

Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate Thumb - How did we do it?"

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Burn The Rope...

MINI: Fan the Flame"

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We Are Music...

Adele #WeAreMusic - 54th GRAMMY Awards"

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Beep... Beep.... Beep... Beep.... Can you handle this?

Beep F@#$ Beep - Can you handle this?"

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Doctor (Ameriquest Mortgage 3)"

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Allegorical Synchronicity...!!!

audi rs6 2009 clio award winner"

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The Ultimate Killing Machine???

Roundup Attack with iQ inside"

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Jam Packed...

Kubota - Jam Packed"

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With Immediate Effect...!!!

With Immediate Effect"

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Finally (Volvo)"

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Naak Bandh Hai...

Otrivin Nasal Spray latest ad Picnic Tvc"

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What? Why? How?

Question everything - What, Why, How?"

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Chipkoo Friend

The world's strongest glue/ The Permanent Pile-On."

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The Daydream of A Penspinner

Daydream of A Penspinner"

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'Thanks, Airbag' B-Class Commercial 'Thanks, Airbag'"

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Window Cleaners

Csinálj sportot az unalomból! = Make sport of boredom!

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Chop... Chop... Chop... Chop... Chopping....

Be Wonderful and Wise (Lurpak 2) - YouTube: ""

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Kids on Steps"

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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Buzzy New Year Wish..

Carte de voeux W"

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Mc Jeans - Basic

Thai Old AD - Mc jean - basic"

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Bewakoof... Gadhey... Paisey Nikaal... Nikaal Paanch Rupiyaa...!!!

Fevikwik Antique Shop - YouTube: ""

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Will You Lend Your Shoulder To This Friend?

Got dumped again by him?"

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It All Starts Here...

Best Media Advertisement ever - The Indian Express ltd

Enjoy the Everyday...

Enjoy the Everyday"

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Perthatic - Amul's Latest Take

Amul's take on India's dismal Per(th)formance against Australia in test cricket

'Dish Sawaar Hai.... Dish Sawaar Hai.... Dish Sawaar Hai.... '

Dish TV latest ad 'Dish Sawaar Hai' with Shah Rukh Khan"

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8 Seconds Of Silence For Steve Jobs...

The Safest New Year...

See Potential...!!!

See potential"

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Monday, January 16, 2012


Key's (VW Polo) - YouTube: ""

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Musical Notes...

Glamour Calling Work Profile - Tata Docomo - Come Live the Incredible 3G Life_xvid.avi - YouTube: ""

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So...? Whose Pushpin Portrait Is This?

Pushpin Portrait of David Ogilvy"

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Glamour Calling Work Profile - Close Up TVC - YouTube: ""

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Google Plus Vs Facebook Infographic


Ahab (Tow Truck)"

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Explore Your World...

Explore your world with Google Maps

Hi... I am Richard Branson

Virgin Media - I am Richard Branson - Double Speed"

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How We've Forgotten To Receive, Send, Read & Write Them...!!!

When Was The Last Time You... 
Or Wrote... 
A Letter?

Britain... Make It Great

The Sun - Let's Make It Great, Britain"

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Cuppee Conversations...!

McDonald's 'Cups' Full Bean Coffee TV Ad

Vande Maataram 3D Mapping

3D mapping on INDIA GATE - YouTube: ""

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WHHHHheat Thins

WHheat Thins: Family Guy - YouTube: ""

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Favourite Things...

Foxtel: Bring your favourite things to light"

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Stereo-typification? Or... Praise-worthy Celebration Of (Bollywood) Culture?

This Vanish Advert commissioned by Euro RSCG London, and made by Kiss Films, is decidedly (at least from the looks of it and the English/British accent of the person voicing the voice-over) aimed at the English/British/European Audience...
Which could lead people to wonder...
Is this stereotypical stereo-typification?
Praise-worthy Celebration Of (Bollywood) Culture?

As Life Unfolds...

Tempo: As Life Unfolds - 'Apartment'

Escape Button

Escape Button - Sesc_Videobrasil

Sunday, January 15, 2012

The media's manipulative influence over your morals. - YouTube

To quote from a post of this film by writer/director Abbas Tyrewala: scary, once its put in words and contextualised images.
And while this film talks essentially of USA, how different is it in the  rest of the world?
The media's manipulative influence over your morals.

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What's A KobeSystem?

NIKE: Everyone is on the #KobeSystem - YouTube: ""

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Bohot Badey Ho Gaye Ho Tum Log?

CNBC awaaz latest TVC 'car'"

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CNBC awaaz latest TVC 'Cycle'"

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SABJI by Aamir Khan

Right now, with the state assembly elections round the corner for Goa, Himachal Pradesh, Gujarat, Manipur, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand this ad once more (at least temporarily) regains validity.

Midnight's Child - Amul's Take...

Amul's Take on the movement seeking a ban on Salman Rushdie's visit to attend the Jaipur Literature festival