Saturday, January 7, 2012

Twelve Days Of QRistmas...

First ever QRistmas Tree from TBWA\Vietnam

Calling All...

Galaxy Nexus: Calling All

What Are They Selling? Coffee? Or Curves?

nescafe commercial

We're All In This Together - YouTube

Method / Virgin America: We're All In This Together
Method and Virgin America co-produced this film to remind air passengers to consider their cabin mates and refrain from inappropriate and annoying behaviors.

999 - Misuse Costs Lives

999 - Misuse Costs Lives

What's That?

RENAULT Twingo Tatoo VA"

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What's That?

RENAULT Twingo Tatoo VA"

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Happy Birthday

McDonald's - Happy Birthday TVC"

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The Chase Film

The Chase Film"

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Rexona: Toys - YouTube: ""

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Friday, January 6, 2012

Are They Just Grown Up Boys?

Shake On It -- It's Not Crazy, It's Sports -- ESPN "

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Is India A Country Of Leaders Or Followers?

This post is in aid of  Ninth Grader Pia Shetty's quest for for her Grade 9 Persuasive Presentation/Speech/Writing Project...

"Does the Indian Education System Produce Followers Instead Of A Nation Of Leaders?

"Holidays without the Internet" Advertised on the Internet...

Switzerland Tourism "Holidays without Internet"
Bhatnaturally, one of the blogs we follow, as been featured as one of the media sources which has helped popularise this campaign.

Sauvvaa Ton - Amul's Take

Amul's Take On The Public's/Media's/Nation's Expectations From Sa(u)chin Tondulkar

Yoda vs. Darth Maul

Brisk Star Wars: Yoda vs. Darth Maul"

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Is This For Real????

Or is the last (product) shot just a coincidence?

Life of A Lego Man

What Will It Take...? THINK!

THINK! - drink driving - bicycle"

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Tide Plus - Romeo TVC

Billion Voices - Hindi

Hero Billion Voices TVC (Hindi Version)"

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Top This...

The World (So They Say...) Is Waiting...!!!

Doritos® - You Choose this Year's Super Bowl Commercial

Are You LTE Enabled?

LTE 101 - YouTube: ""

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After Christmas... It's Chinese New Year...!

Since the Chinese market is now as big (if not bigger) as the American and European Markets, the Chinese New Year or Chinese Spring Festival (春节) must be the next Big Marketing Window for Western Brand Managers. 

Blown totally out of proportion

Hubba Bubba - ROCKSTAR - blow it out of proportion - english version - YouTube: ""

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J.R. Hartley

J.R. Hartley - Classic Yellow Pages advert"

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Day V Lately

This Ad is a remake of the classic Fly Fishing Yellow Pages Ad starring J.R. Hartley for 2011, with a new leading man, a new search for a lost classic and a new way 
Yell Day V Lately Advert - YouTube: "


No Kissing...

Vinnie Jones' hard and fast Hands-only CPR (funny short film) (full-length version)"

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When You Grow A Scraggly Beard....

DirecTV: Stray Animals"

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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Face Kaa Gym

Bubbaloo Face Gym Commercial Full"

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Cricketers Lucky Hotey Hai???

MAX Weekends Cricketer "

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Monkey King - Water


Some Inspiration For The Indian Cricket Team (Currently In Australia)...

Dear Team Manager Sir, 

Could you show this to the boys before they go out to bat?

With great wishes and expectations, 

A fan.

Dharam Valia be the dogs down under

Now Play Hide And Seek... Anywhere... Everywhere...

013 Netvision - YouTube: ""

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If You Don't Get Our Product.... Your Child Could Become A Bank Robber... ???

IDBI Federal Childsurance Latest Ad Engineer TVC - YouTube: ""

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How To Hang a Picture

How To Hang a Picture - YouTube: ""

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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Water - Fables of the past for a better world with 'Future Folklore'

GE looks to fables of the past to light the way to a better world with 'Future Folklore'"

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The Next Ten...

The Next Ten App Book - YouTube: ""

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House of Cards

House of Cards - YouTube: ""

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For Every Little Miracle...

Rock-Star Dreams...

Blue Busters - Apple Internal "Ad"

This ad was shown internally to sales people at the October 1984 International Sales Meeting in Hawaii.

For those who may not make the connection, Blue represents IBM   

Phoohaarein... Bhhocharein... Nazaarein... Churaa Lo Naa...

Limca 2008 ad

Chidiya In Control Room...

Hutch Commercial (India) - James Bond Is In Town


Red Chief

red chief - YouTube

How Will You Make 2012 Count?

2012 NIKE | How will you #makeitcount?

Are We Becoming An Affordocratic Society?

If as is said...
Is but a mirror.. .
And reflector...
Of society...
Are we then moving...
From a meritocratic...
To an affordocratic*....
* The term affordocratic society probably does not yet exist in the english lexicon and it means: a society where only those who can afford to (irrespective of ability or inclinations) get a specialised education.

Shaadi Mein Rain Dance Pakkaa...

Tanishq Glam Gold latest TVC ""

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Smile To Unlock

Galaxy Nexus and Face Unlock: Smile"

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Do It Our Way...

Do It Our Way (Play) by Alesha Dixon feat. real members of Weight Watchers"

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You Win From Within...

Isn't Enough"

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So? What's This Llama Chewing?

Llama Shares Starburst commercial funny as hell"

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Do Not Attempt This With Your Vehicle...

Nissan Frontier: Mountain Ride"

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Brought to life by The Sun

HD - Football, brought to life - by The Sun Ad - Wayne Rooney's Bicycle Kick Goal"

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Never Knowingly Undersold

John Lewis TV Advert Never Knowingly Undersold 2011"

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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Passenger Of Happiness

Coca-Cola shared a big surprise with these taxi drivers who otherwise work during the night of December 24, Santa took their place and worked for them while they shared Christmas Eve with their families.

Haalat Gambhir Hai - Amul's latest Take...

Amul's take on Leading Indian batsmen who are out of form in the current India-Australia Series... 



NBA Forever

'The no hunger machine'

'The no hunger machine', DraftFCB para Acción contra el Hambre. English"

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10 Years Is A Decade...

Pulsar - 10 Years of Leadeship (subtitles)"

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At Heart... How Generous Are You?

Cardiotronic - YouTube: ""

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Hero - Billion Voices - Telugu

Hero Billion Voices TVC (Telugu Version) - YouTube: ""

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A Time To Dream - Sydney New Year's Eve Fireworks

Wise Men Say... Only Fools Rush In... But I Can't Help...

Estrellas Fugaces - El nuevo comercial de Coca-Cola, Navidad 2008 VERSIÓN COMPLETA"

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Impatience...??? A Virtue...???

Samsung - Jet


Lucozade Lite - Louder"

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The Musk Ox

Auction (Mikado Sticks 2) "

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Hero - Billion Voices - Bengali

Hero Billion Voices TVC (Bengali Version)"

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Muffin... Mujhe U2 Sunna Hai...!!!

Tata Sky+ HD - Video on Demand (VOD) - U2"

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Santa Claus Vs ZooZoo

Vodafone's 'Christmas mall activity' with Zoozoo"

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If Advertising...
(As many people consider).... 
Is but a mirror of society... 
The questions that arises...
The New Normal? 

When You Get An Eye Patch...

direct tv - roadside ditch.mp4

AXE's ANARCHY A Graphic Novel


Hey Mom... What're You Dong This Weekend?

Titan Katrina ad - YouTube: ""

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School KIds - India Mein Sirf Force Hi Chalta Hai...

SUV Force One TVC Ad with Amitabh Bachchan - YouTube: ""

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Bridgestone - Carma"

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Cashless Carol Singers

Barclaycard Cashless Carol Singers"

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Why Are Canadians Usually Stereotyped?

Why Are Canadians Usually Stereotyped As Stupid?
Visa Canada The Manatee - YouTube: "

Gaadi Leke Toh...Mai Jaaoongi... Tum Taxi Me Aao...!

Matrix latest ad TVC

Sachinspiration II

This is a repost from the album  The Best of Sachin  a tribute to Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar posted on Amul's Facebook Page...

to quote from the Album "The tastiest way to celebrate a legends performance, here's hoping for another stellar performance in Sydney."

Indian master blaster Sachin Tendulkar missing century in cricket One-dayers

Indian batting maestro Sachin Tendulkar - the Master Blaster to appear as superhero in a new range of comic books, animation and games
On the waiver of import duty on the Ferrari gifted to Sachin Tendulkar - September 2002.
On Sachin Tendulkar's foot injury - July 2001.
On Sachin Tendulkar winning a CAR for cricket finals between India & Australia.
Media speculations on Sachin Tendulkar's back trouble affecting his future career
Pun on India's mainstay cricketer Sachin Tendulkar's back ailment.
Sachin Tendulkar accused of ball tampering - November 2001.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Minus One Project

Minus One Project"

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This is a repost from the album A Slice of Performance a tribute to Indian batsman Sachin Tendulkar posted on Amul's Facebook Page...

to quote from the Album "The tastiest way to celebrate a legends performance, here's hoping for another stellar performance in Sydney."
Sachin Tendulkar marks his return to international cricket with a sparkling knock - October'05  
About the similarities between Sir Don Bradman and Sachin Tendulkar.  
On master blaster Sachin Tendulkar's 35th Test Hundred making him the highest century maker in the history of Test Cricket - December'05

On Indian star batsman Sachin Tendulkar's tennis elbow aliment which has kept him out of Cricket - October'04  
Controversy surrounding the friendship of Sachin Tendulkar and Vinod Kambli - July '09



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Greetings From London

The World's Largest Crowd Sourced Road-Movie

Honda - Live Every Litre

Make a Wish

Fairy - Make a Wish - YouTube: "

Fashion industry EXPOSED!

Fashion industry EXPOSED!

How come Santa Claus did nothing this Christmas????

How come Santa Claus has nothing to do this Christmas?"

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Two Worlds"

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Looking good

Press The Happiness Button

Santa Claus sorprende a pasajeros en el aire - YouTube: ""

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TRIZZ NikaGold v02"

Vote For Amul Ads...

Amul is giving its fans a chance to win an autographed Coffee Table Book. Choose your favourite Amul Topical Ad  of 2011 and get it featured in the Coffee Table Book to be published in April 2012.

To participate/vote: Click Here 

When Jingles Become Songs....

Jingle Close Up "Bubble"Full SOng "Come Closer""

Why You Do It!

Is it your turn to be the designated driver?"

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Why Recycle?

Why Recycle?"