Saturday, April 28, 2012

Change the tune..

From Pizzas To Burger???

Crown Crust Burger

Accessibility To All...

Three Sloths on A Branch... One Jumps Around...

Criminal Minds...


Sony's Spin...

Oranges On A Fitness Spree

Orange Fitness by Triada Studio

Red Cross - Worms

Likeapella. A Special Thank You Song For Facebook Fans...

Likeapella. A special thanks to our Facebook fans.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Burberry World Live

Burberry World Live: Taipei

My Grandmom Just Died...

Via: Adweek:

As If Ants Could Read Notes...

Rob Zombie Commercial for Amdro

St. George Express

LetsBonus - LetsSantJordi
La Diada de Sant Jordi" or St. George's Day is often compared to Valentine's Day, but with some uniquely Latin twists. The main event is the exchange of gifts between sweethearts -- men give their novias roses, and women give their novios a book to celebrate the occasion. Due to popular legends about Barcelona, roses have always been associated with this day since medieval times. However, the giving of books as a gift is a more recent marketing twist prominent of our times.

Reggae Reggae Sauce - Put Some Music On Your Food...!!!

Levi Roots Reggae Reggae Sauce new TV ad

A World Made Simpler...

Want To Get FunAudited???

The Fun Audit

The Quechua Experiment - See The Magic In Some Frames...

Yesterday we saw  McCann İstanbul's photo album which actually works like a flipbook.  
Today, we have The Quechua Experiment from Quechua, the French Outdoor Adventure Sports Products Company which claims to have the first Ad Film using Only Facebook Cover Pictures.

But claims and achievements apart...

If you really want to see the  real magic of this experiment, you'll see it from Frame (Photo) 156 to 169 and then again Frame (Photo) 188 to 198


Travelling With The (Indian) Pros...

Travelling With The Pros Teaser

The Italian Spirit In A Spanish Ad For An American Product. How Global Can You Get?

If The Device Isn't Designed To Used In Water... Why Advertise It As One Than Can??

At least that's what the comments (and the disclaimer at 2:04.) on the youtube video of this ad would lead one to believe...
Just our Type

Eva Longoria - Possibly The First Celebrity Endorsement For Obama 2012

Eva Longoria Shares Why She Supports President Obama - Get Involved at

Pocket Money

Met Life - Pocket Money


Bonds clothing ad - via Mumbrella

Now Nandos Spoofs Back...

On the 24th of April we had posted about Santam's spoofy response to  Nandos' spoof of Santam's Ben Kingsley Ad. 
Now, it's Nandos' turn...

Nandos 'Speak to the Hands'

Field Full Of Balls...

M&Ms Chiellini TVC OK WMV V9

Our Children's Dreams...

Jeel El Arabi - Arab Bank TV Commercial

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Jason Lester's Journey For A Better World

The Journey for a Better World featuring Jason Lester



When Chuck Norris Encountered RajneeKanth...

Rajnee vs Chuck Narris -- The east-west story!"

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Contact List Abhi Bhi Khaali Hai... Apna Number Daal Denaa Zaraa...!

Celkon C770 DJ TVC Starring Virat Kohli

A Smoking Taxi?

No it wasn't...
The Media Planners, Media Plus designed this stunt in collaboration with Service Plan Campaign. Business cards, that offered for a free "smoking taxi," where people could smoke a cozy "last cigarette" on the way home,  were placed in restaurants and bars in Munich and Berlin. However, after the caller called the number,  what arrived was no ordinary taxi, but a big hearse. The subsequent trip in the funeral car was indeed actually free, but instead of cigarettes, there was information on seminars by on how to stop smoking.   The innovative idea attracted media  and thoughtful (smoking) faces.

Smoking Taxi / Rauchertaxi in München und Berlin

Baato Aur Badhaao....

Refreshment @ Rs 8

Summer Holiday

Mian Baat Karo... Kabootarbaazi Nahi...

Pub NRJ Mobile, alors c'est qui le pigeon ?

Wanna Drive A Car On Facebook? Yeah... Facebook!!!

McCann İstanbul has created a photo album which actually works like a flipbook. You click onto the album and then keep the ‘right’ button on the keyboard clicked and you'd be able to see the car drive.

Facebook FlipBook from McCann İstanbul on Vimeo.

Blood... Has No Religion... No Borders...!!!

Blood Relations - The Israeli Palestinian blood donation project

Baraf Maataa... Jo Apney Haathon Se Ice Nikaaley...!!!

Whirlpool Ice Magic: Starring Kajol & Ajay Devgn

Women... Are Strong .

Sure (Rexona) Women are Strong

The Fin-Dial

I Waited & Waited... And Today... I Died...!

TMB | Make THE Difference II - Why Wait?

Today I Died

TMB | Make THE Difference II - Last day

What Is He?

What am I? teaser video - via Mumbrella

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Helen's real story

New advert - Helen's real story - OFFICIAL FULL VERSIN"

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When Men Do Housework (Some Of It At Least)...

This post is in response to a comment (which sparked a debate totalling 113 comments) made by Neha Joshi about her sadness over ads projecting only women to do the dirty part of the housework...

These two ads posted here, are a portrayal of the fact that maybe (in some parts of the world at least) mindsets are changing

When Men Do The Washing

When Men Do The Cooking...

Let's Speak 'Baby'

'Let's talk baby', de Publicis Conseil para Guigoz

Moustache... Unmoustache... Moustache...

Old Spice | Boat

Continuously Connecting...

Airtel Unchained Melody.mpg

She's A Girl Man... How Can She Hurt You?

Taekwondo-Promo Adidas Sydney

Bohot Jhanjhutt Hai...

Federal Bank

Feel Good... Automatically...!!!

Glade - Sense & Spray by Caramel Pictures

Yeh American University Dustbin Me Kyun Hai?

Federal Bank

Hostel Ke Ragging Mein Mummy Kyaa Kahegi? Achchaa Bataa Teri Mummy Kya Kehti Hai...!!!

Cadbury Dairy Milk - Shubh Aarambh - Hostel

In All HonesTea... Before Throwing It Away... Think...

The Great Recycle 2012 - A project by Honest Tea

Aayegi... Zaroor Aayegi...

kitchen xpress hing



Wharton - Knowledge For Action

Wharton: Knowledge for Action

Aaj Kuch Sofani Kartey Hain...! Aaj Kuch Sofani Kartey Hain...!

Thums Up Toofani TVC FreeFall

Keep Everything... Share Anything...!!!

Go Google: Google Drive

Sunny Kuchch Khhatta Khaaney Kaa Dil Kar Raha Hai...!!

Child's Play"

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Flying On The Knit....!!!

Introducing NIKE FLYKNIT Technology

Señoritas Go Haddippaa On Kolaveri...!!!

Official Flashmob Señorita Kolaveri Madrid 2012 (Watch in 720p)
Question that might occur to some people, is...
Was Vinatha Sreeramkumar of sponsored by Halls?
Or did the location coincidentally happen to have Halls Hoardings and Screens in the background?

Sehwag Nahi... Sherwaagh...!!!

RASNA 30 SEC 26 3 12 - YouTube: ""

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Kissney Breakfast Mein Kiss-se Zyaada Kya Khaaya???

Rasna Revised ssquash 30sec

Finally... An Indian Scientist Can save The World...!!!

Official FedEx Scientist Film

Best Friends....

Best Friends "Fix at Four: Afraid of That" PSA

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

It's Possible

Optus. It's Possible

The Car And The Conveyor Belt

Honda CR-V: Conveyor

The Hat - We Couldn't Really Understand This One... Did you?

嵐 二宮和也 JCB CM 「HAT編」 - YouTube: "

For The Subtitled Version, Click Here: JCB Card | Dentsu | Hat (Subtitles) | WE LOVE AD

Old Motor With New Odour...


USA The Land Of Dreams...

Brand USA: Anthem - YouTube: "

When You Spoof Ben Kingsley... Be Ready To Get Spoofed Back...!!!

Some time earlier this year Santam released this Ad which starred Ben Kingsley, and featured many changes that occur within the film without the viewers realising (when watching the ad for the first time) that they've occurred. 

About nine days back, Nandos released this spoof of Santam's Ben Kingsley Ad... 

Yesterday Santam Spoofed Nando Back...

Do Something... Fast...!!!!

Demand Action

Making Women Feel (Positively) Beautiful!!

Dove - The Ad Makeover

The Exam (Mexican) Wave

Mexican Wave Exam

What Digital Marketers Could Learn From Hugo Baker?

Hugo Baker uses Socialbakers Analytics

The Next Galaxy Depicts Apple Devotees As Sheep

Samsung takes a swing at Apple devotees (depicting them as sheep)

[UNPACKED 2012] Teaser 2

Don't Let Their Voices Mislead You...!


What Would Happen If You Were To Follow Your Heart!

"Mora Jharnar Moto Uddam" is a song written by Kazi Nazrul Islam, the National Poet Of Bangladesh, who is equally venerated in West Bengal.  

Shaker On A Roller

Tang: Shaker Roller Coaster

Do You Want To Be The World´s Fastest Purchaser?

The Transformation Of The Mass

Coca-Cola Euro 2012 Transformation

Hum Tum... Ek Kashti Mein Bandh Ho... Aur Chappu... Khho Jaaye...

Alpenliebe 2 Choco Eclairs TVC with Kareena Kapoor

Thhoda Paseena Bahaao, Thhoda Dedication Dikhaao, Aur Thhodi Pyaas Bahaao...

Limca latest TVC 'Pyaas Badhao' with Kareena Kapoor

Monday, April 23, 2012

Would It Really Be So Good If We Were All Bats?

Mahindra Powerol Latest TVC 1

Kaash Ke Hum Sab Ullu Hotay...!!!

Mahindra Powerol Latest TVC 2

Do You Believe In Your Smellf Too?

Old Spice | I Can Do Anything

C'est Si Bon...

McDonald's - Publicité Mc Baguette

Not Jeremy... Not Jessica... Then Who Are You?

Stimorol Mega Mystery... You decide the flavour.

When The Clay Peeled Off...

When The Paper Peeled Off...

Assemble Your Boot...

Adidas ad by 1st Ave Machine


The First Robotic (Street)Art-Car

As Carlton D'Silva says in his post of this Ad on  Worthy Watch...
"Brands capitalizing on talent ... the next big wave ..."

Street Art Documentary | Chevy Sonic Stunts | Chevrolet

Meri Gaddi Kithhey Aey???

Idea Heaven - Car Finder

Now Keep Awake Without Tea Or Coffee...!!!

NIVEA Fresh Active

Are You An Ultimate (Olympic) Fan?

The Olympic Athletes' Hub

The Marines...

The Marines (Directors Cut) from Rob Chiu
And, if you were already a marine (without even knowing it)?

Angoothhaa Chhaaps No More...!!!


51 Musicians 10,197 Music Notes. Single Out Each Musician...

Dear MTV... The Question Is... When Will The Abuse Stop???

If one were to go through the comments posted on the youtube post of this TVC, most feel that this is just a cheap stunt. 
Since it is not our place to comment on the merits or demerits of the creative.... 

You Decide...


The Most Surreal Environmental Video Ever

The Most Surreal Environmental Video Ever
Via: MoveOn.Org:

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EDF's Jumping Ducky's Price Promise...

EDF Energy Blue +Price Promise TV advert

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Pegasus Of Smartphones...

Standing at 5.7 meters tall and made of 3,500 smartphones, the Huawei Pegasus took 720 man hours to build. See it come to life. 

The Huawei Pegasus is currently on display at Mobile World Congress 2012, in Barcelona.

The Making of Pegasus

Mercedes-Benz Of Oz...

Icons of Style Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin A/W 2012

See The LEGO Forest Grow

Now... It's Time For The Prickly Heat Season...!!

One Coke®. One Song. Street Dancer

One Coke®. One Song. Street Dancer


Coles FlyBuys ad featuring Dawn French - via Mumbrella

Running Inside The Wheel

Hamster Wheel (Degree)

Should We Really Be Wishing Each Other Happy Earth Day...???

Should We Really Be Wishing Each Other Happy Earth Day...???

What are we doing to make Earth A Happy And Sustainable Planet???

Problem Playground

Problem Playground

The Funniest Pizza Delivery Scooter You'll Ever Hear...!!!

Domino's Pizza Safe Sound - Menselijk motorgeluid voor elektrische scooter