Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tumhaare Logaan Sher Maartein... Aur Hamaare.... Pooray Jungle Ko...!!!

Galu dada Sheir

Aur Bhaashan Pe Taali Kaa....!!!

IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Edit 1 - 45 SEC

The Duck Gangnam Style (Parody)

The Oregon Duck - Gangnam Style Parody



Harley Ko Maarlee

Harley - TV Commercial (2012), Wholesale prices @ your door steps.

Ek Parchchhaaee Hameshaa Pechchhaa Kartee Hai...

Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan at Royal Stag Ad 1 Min

Peeth Par Shaabaash Kaa...!!!

IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Edit 2 - 45 SEC

Our Dynamic Earth

Our Dynamic Earth (1999?, UK)



The Bictator

Bic Canada has had to pull this ad after viewers complained it was racist.

The bictator a bic commercial banned in canada

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How Many Nos For This Nose???

Friday, September 14, 2012

Big On Every Detail...!!!

Philips - Big On Details

No Nonsense... One Punch And Out...!!!

NOS: Get the Job Done
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It's Friday Today... Free The Warrior Within...!!!

The Warrior Within Personal Card

Save The Other 3 Buckets Of Water...

Super Hit Telugu Ad for Unilever's Magic!!!

Badtameezee at the Hospital?

Pepsi Tutorial: How To Watch ICC World T20 at the Hospital?

Never Knowingly Undersold...

John Lewis Never Knowingly Undersold TV Advert 2012

It's Like Love... - Some Brilliant Singing....

Tourism Australia's Latest Ad (3 minute version) - YouTube: "
This one, we came across on Albert Barton's page... To quote Albert... "Brilliant Singer"

How The Track Took Root...!!!

I Believe In ZERO...!!!

Believe In ZERO - U.S. Fund for UNICEF PSA

We Will Drive You...!!!

Midttrafik Commercial - "The Bus" (With English Subtitles - HD)

Kitnaa Colourful Hai Zee...!!!!

Zee Alwan Brand TVC

Diddy Dash

Macy's: Diddy Dash

My Can

Pepsi My Can

Teaching with Timeline...

The Power of Listening

Midland Bank - The Power of Listening (1993, UK)


Macy's: Speechless

The Voice-Over...

Arctic Ease: The Voice

A Caroplane...???

Toyota Yaris - Avion

Saasu Maa Ke Saamnay Aisa Shocking Naach... Thees Ees Too Maach...!!!

Shocking dance in front of mother in law!!!!

I Don't Do Dream Sequences...!!!

Macy's: Dream

Kellogg's Origins

Kellogg's Origins

Train For Summer'

Lloyds TSB 'The Train For The Summer' - Cinema Ad

The Recurring Dream...!!!

Sueño - Toyota

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Par Betaa...Mai Itna Kharchaa Nahi Kar Sakta Hun....!!!

HDFC Smart Women's Plan - Holiday TVC

Aey Baar Ki Korbe Bidda...???

Fists Of Fusian...!!!

When The Chipmunk Becomes The Pet Owner...!!! Snickers - Белки

If You Could Do ONE THING in life... What Would It Be...???

Share your ONE THINGS in life.

I Go Here... I Go There... I See Richard Gere Everywhere...!!!

KappAhl "Richard Gere""

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The Shop Window...!!!

Apple iMac Commercial - G4 iMac Window Commercial


Big Boss Season 6 Promo with Salman Khan

Chew Your Way to Icehood

New Eclipse Chewy Mints "Chew Your Way to Fresh"

Angry Birds Became Freddie (Mercury) For A Day!

School... Is For Girls Too...!!! - Raise Your Hands Now...!!!

Zero Zero Seven

Coca-Cola Zero meets James Bond (TV Commercial)

Paraaaaa paraaraaa Para Paraaaaa paraaraaa Para Paraaaaa paraaraaa

"Bum barabumbum bumbumbum bambarabumbum bum bum Bum barabumbum bumbumbum bambarabumbum bum bum Bum barabumbum bumbumbum bambarabumbum bum bum Owwwwwww Hahahaaaa Para Paraaaaa paraaraaa Para Paraaaaa paraaraaa Para Paraaaaa paraaraaa Para Paraaaaa paraaraaa Para Paraaaaa paraaraaa Barraaa Barararaaaaa Barraaa Barararaaaaa Barraaa Barararaaaaa
Para BUUUUM Paraaa Paparaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"

Freida Pinto Says "Raise Your Hand Now!"

Because I Am A Girl: Raise Your Hand Now!

The Wings...

The wings.wmv

Is This The Indian Version Of Forest Gump...????

Ranbir Kapoor aka Barfi in Aaj Tak TVC

The Big Presentation...!!!

The Big Presentation

Escaped The Map?

Escaped The Map? Mercedes-Benz TV Advert 2012

When To Take My Name Off The Door

When to take my name off the door

What Does It Take? - Amul's Tribute to Dr.Kurien

Kuch Bolay Bagair Hi Kitna Kuch Bol Rahein Hai Yeh Dono...???

Volkswagen latest ad - Silent

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Macintosh... Not Macalligator....

80s Apple Macintosh Commercial

The 'US Open' Data Wall...!!!

IBM US Open Data Wall

Micromax (Ke Doosray) Uncle Nay Lee Samsung (Ki Doosri) Aunty Ki Case...!!!

Sunn... Tu Dayal Babu Ka Beta Hai...???

Grow Up to the New Look Verito - Mahindra Verito New Ad

Dhakkan Ke Saath Kya Kiya Jaa Sakhta Hai...

What Can Your Coca-Cola Become?

Arrey Bhhaiyyaa Bachkay...!!! Reversible Hai...!!!


Shaa Laaa Laaa Laaa LaLaLaLa,,, Shaa Laaa Laaa Laaa LaLaLaLa,,,

IKEA - Bright, Shiny Colours COMMERCIAL

What Would You Do To Change The World...???

Old Apple Ad - The Internet"

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The Beauty Of Real Time Data

The Beauty Of Real Time Data

So... What Is 'Integrated Advertising'?

So what is 'Integrated Advertising'?

Do You Speak The Umbrellanguage???


The Family Dinner Rhapsodiy

Giving The Penguin Wings...!!!

Your Only Limits... Will Be The Size Of Your Ideas And The Degree Of Your Dedication...!!!

Classic Apple ad: Industrial Revelation

Boss ________________ !!!


Fragile Childhood - Monsters"

She Would Become Lara Croft Just To Get The Latest Design???

eBay: Frenzy

Yeh Idea India Ke Raaston Pe Use Karein Toh...???

Lição na faixa de pedestres

TV Ad Film On Newsprint...!!! - 150 Years Of The New Zealand Herald...!!!

The New Zealand Herald: Watch our TV ad

All-in-One PC

VIZIO All-in-One PC Commercial

Abhi Paidaa Bhi Nahi Hua... Usskay Kandhe Se Kyun Bandook Chalaa Rahein Ho...???

eBay: New Baby



Kaat Gaye Chikoti Do Chhorray... Kaahay Jaatey Ho Yaar...????

Chikoti - TV Commercial (2012), Wholesale prices @ your door steps

No... No.... No... NoNoNoNo.... Nooooooo - Bad Dog...

eBay: Bad Dog

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dad... I Miss Mom...!!! I Miss Her Too Dear...!!!

Google Chrome: Jess Time

Tribute To India's White Knight Dr. Kurien - Mini-Episodes in Photo-Stories

As a tribute to Dr.Kurien, Guruprasad Gp will be narrating the story of Amul in the form of mini-episodes similar to photo-stories. Each entry will be uploaded by end of day (by 9pm) for the next few days, followed by discussions in the form of comments under the entry.   

Before diving into the story of Amul, it is advisable to read about Polson's butter company which is already uploaded here:

Further episodes will be in continuation of the above episode. Feel free to participate in the discussions and share this with your friends so that they will also be able to tune into the series narrating the inspirational story of Amul :)

Google... Bing It On...!!!

Bing It On Challenge

Micromax Uncle Nay Lee Samsung Aunty Ki Case...!!!

Should Whales and Dolphins be Invited To The Party...???

Support Scotland's whales and dolphins


Andoks Wings with Synopsis

Fruit of the Loom - Backflip

Fruit of the Loom - Backflip

Fruit of the Loom - Rings

Fruit of the Loom - Rings

Fruit of the Loom - Trampoline

Fruit of the Loom - Trampoline

Fruit of the Loom - Anthem

Fruit of the Loom - Anthem

This... Is One Millimeter...!!!!

Audi A1 Commercial "Millimeter" 2012

Abb Toh TViaan Bhi Sochne Lag Gayein Hain...!!!

Toshiba 'Thinking LED' TVC (Director's cut): Sachin Tendulkar

Every (Heart)Beat Matters...!!!

A Heartbeat's Journey - Every Beat Matters 60s

Is It Only A Man's World????

Promo AXN It's a man's world

Chitrakaari Daadhi...!!!

Londonderry Commercial - Painter

The Dancing Cow...!!!

Londonderry Commercial - Cow

Can You Fuel A Car With Bicycles????

Can You Fuel A Car With Garden Furniture???

Can you fuel a car with garden furniture? Morrisons Fuel Saver Challenge: part 2

Can You Fuel A Car With Clothes????

Can you fuel a car with clothes? Morrisons Fuel Saver Challenge: part 1

Ubleam Teaser...

Ubleam teaser: le nouveau QR code, robuste et explicite

The 360º Blood Poster

Hemope - The 360º Blood Poster

Monday, September 10, 2012

Taraqqui Ke Picture Mein... Interval Nahin Hota...!!!

Yahi Umar Hai Betey.... Saarey Mazein Le Lo...!!!

Dell New Commercial Khol Do Masti Ka Pitara 45sec.Intel by Nomad Films

Born To Be Wild...???

Achchhaa Hua Mill Gayaa... Ab Iss Say Dhoondo...!!!

Good Knight Advanced latest ad - Funny

When The Robots Become The Singers...!!!

Knocked Down Underdog

National Accident Helpline - 'Knocked Down' ad

God Bless the Child

Volkswagen Passat - God Bless the Child (1990, UK)

Maammaa... Maammaa... Wassa Goin On...???

Dolmio - As Nature Intended (2011, UK)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

America Lays The Talking Potato In Slovakia....

Lays A big thanks from america

Mark Potter's Got His Fingers Crossed...!!!

Google Chrome: Coffee

Kashmiri Cycle Generator....!!!

Visa Debit - Cycle Generator

The Milkmen Have Been Catnapped...

Dr. V. Kurien, founder of Amul and father of the White Revolution, is no more.

"Dr. V. Kurien, father of the White Revolution, is no more. He passed away today morning at 1.50 am. Funeral will take place today afternoon at around 4.00 pm at Anand. "

This ad was published in November 2011 to wish him on his 90th Birthday...!!! 

This ad was published in November 1999 to wish him good health...!!! 

The Driver's Test....!!!

Mcdonalds Drive Thru Commercrcial

IIT Delhi's Rendezvous 2012

Rendezvous 2012

This Is My Car...

Chrysler Pacifica Commercial