Saturday, December 27, 2014

Roll Cal Roll...!!!

This is a film that was made 3/4 years ago (released in 2011) but we came across this, because of a post by Arnab Mitra (Creative Director  at Famous and a non resident Calcuttan)...
To quote  Arnab...  "At a Christmas party this year, I overheard a very senior advertising guy dissing Calcutta to an audience - a bunch of schnooks who were merrily nodding away to his life changing discourse about a city that he should have known a little better before commenting. In an ideal world, I would have gone up to the gent and given him a piece of my mind, just that he was not talking to me. But, I did not forget what he said about Calcutta, my city.At the end of the party, I went up to him, introduced myself and we exchanged business cards. Yesterday, I sent him this video. And a note.We did not escape Calcutta to live inter-state or overseas. We left behind a fabulous city because we want to do something spectacular wherever we live now. And that will never change."

Client : YPO, Calcutta Chapter
Priyanka Rungta of Navsoft
Creative Agency : 
100 Watts Design Studio
Branding, Art Direction & Copy :
Kritika MalhotraProduction House: Arko Sen (with Amar Sen)
Published: December 2011

Friday, December 26, 2014

Puttee Ko Control Mein Rakhney Ka Nayaa Tareequaa...???

The storyline might be called cute, many may even laugh... But who is it targeted at? The Putty (tthe one with the 'apparent' buying power)? Or, the Patnee (who apparently controls the remote)?

Thursday, December 25, 2014

What does it cost to give?

To really be Santa... You don't need to be Santa, do you???