Saturday, July 16, 2011

Animated Graffiti Ad...

Dread The Juke...

Singing Armpits...

Nike Vs Adidas

In a campaign to reduce the spilling of toxic chemicals in bodies of water worldwide, Greenpeace creates a video geared towards major clothing brands, Nike and Adidas. Shot in the style of a typical sportswear commercial, the 90-second video features athletes, dancers, and party-goers in Nike and Adidas apparel who dare the two brands to step up to a real challenge. From Greenpeace:

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Worth Getting Out Of Bed For?

What Should I Do?

Runs On Light...


GET... The Rhythm... GET... The Rhythm... GET... The Rhythm... GET... The Rhythm...

FutureYou: Waste

JWT Atlanta - Advertising Agency Self Promotions

Put ideas on a pedestal

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More More In Everything...

Only This Much Skin... And No More...

We can only fit this much GIRAFFE on this page. Come see the rest at the National Zoo

Advertising Agency: Lowe Porta, Chile
Creative Directors: Gonzalo Baeza, Mariano Pérez
Art Directors: Mariano Pérez, Sergio Andrade
Copywriters: Gonzalo Baeza, Alejandro Calleja

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Amul's Latest Take...

Amul's Take on Rahul Gandhi's Padyatra in U.P 


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Monday, July 11, 2011

Lürzer´s Print Ad of the week 2011

In a country where a predominant number of meals are vegetarian, this would hardly be a problem...

The Sleeper

Political Pencilheads

‘Politics directly from the source,’

The Cicero Magazine Pencilhead ad campaign focuses on images of  leaders such as President Barack Obama, which have been impressively sculpted into the lead of a pencil. 

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Minimalist Ads

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“India Skateboards.”

In 9 days of shooting across Bangalore, Delhi, Jaipur and Agra the three Oxelo skaters discovered India (in spots where skateboarding is unknown) as the culmination of a series of films, filmed across various spots around the world.

WWF "The World Is Where We Live"

Via:"WWF is celebrating 50 years of conservation history with “The World is Where We Live”, an advertising campaign developed by Ogilvy. Online at and, the campaign aims to create a beautiful map of global awareness every time a new user takes a journey. What does your lipstick, or your sandwich, or that souvenir you picked up on your last holiday have to do with conservation? The site invites support for Save the Souvenir (community conservation in eco-tourism), Save the WOW (stopping poaching), Save the Sandwich (sustainable seafood), Save the Lipstick (sustainable palm oil), Save the Laptop (sustainable industry in China), Save the Fridge (combating climate change), Save the Dive mask (protecting coral reefs), Save the T-Shirt (saving freshwater), Save the Table (protecting forests)."

The Top 40 Facebook Countries In Asia...

For those of you who thought India has the largest number of facebook users... it doesn't...

Guess which country does?

Why is this relevant on this page?

We'll let you answer that one...

Kya Bhaiyyaa, Yeh Nahin Chaltaa Hai...