Saturday, October 12, 2013

Busy Life Easy Meal...???

Sonali Potato Flakes TVC Dipa Khandakar


Do You Think The NDA Lost The 2004 Elections Because of 'The India Shining Campaign'???

To quote Prathap Suthan...  "A long time ago, I happened to write a campaign for the Government. India Shining. While the core thought still holds good, as an umbrella feeling for successful India, a lot of people including the BJP, holds that campaign squarely responsible for their 2004 defeat. All I can say is that if you ask a bird to trample like an elephant, the grass would laugh. Here's a discussion that came out at"
The Cleaners- Who's Picking Up The Tab? - Part 1 (Episode 8)

Part 2

Sunny... Mainay Toh Tumhe Koi LapTop Gift Nahi Kiya Hai...!!!

Dell #HintaGift festive TVC (15 secs)

What If We Stopped (Merely) Asking The What Ifs...??? And Actually Started Doing Things...???

Hindustan Times - Let's Make News Better

Create Your Own Plane...

KLM Disney Planes

Melbourne's Remote Control Tourist...!!!

The Melbourne Remote Control Tourist

14-Year-Old Belgian School Kids Shocked At Pregnant Girl Joining Their Class...!!!

14-year-old Belgian school kids shocked as pregnant girl joins their class

Tamilian Tourister...???

Americal Tourister Take on the World India) TVC

Friday, October 11, 2013

For This Diwali... Light Up Her Life...!!!

Tanishq - New Diwali TVC

Samosay Kahaan Se Laayein...???

RIMI. Start your story

Paapi Paet Kaa Sawaal Hai Baba...!!!

TV Commercial - Australia - Chicken Treat - New Monster Burgrrrs - Feed Your Hungry

When Milind Soman Goes All Mantastic..!!!

Old Spice | Mantastic Man

Silk's I Love You Sleeve...!!!

#SayItWithSilk Sleeve - I love you!

Arranged Marriage - 20 Questions Style...!!!

Arranged Marriage

What's The Most Important Thing In Life...???

Sanjaya - Nationwide commercial

Ek Minute Ruko Beta... Mummy Ko Bulaataa Hun...!!!

Telstra Call Mum TV Commcercial - 'I'll get your mother'

Time To Call Your Mum...???

Telstra Call Mum: Hear Your Voice TV Commercial

Will He Never Grow Up...???

Hero Maestro - October 8, 2013

Patti Baandhke...!!!

funny ixigo TVC ad - full version.

Issay Kehtay Hai... Aa Bail... Mujhey Maar...!!!

Volvo Trucks - The Chase (Live Test 3)

The Naked Truth...

The Naked Truth


Koekoek (2013) -- Even Apeldoorn bellen