Saturday, October 6, 2012

Start With A Square & End With With A Square - Thinking Out Of The Box

I Haz a Catnip in Mah Head

Litter Genie: I Haz a Catnip in Mah Head

Amy Cuddy: Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are... - Must Watch For Those In Advertising

To quote Lakshmipathy Bhat of Bhatnaturally 'Must watch for those in advertising.'

Live Free Or Fly...

JetBlue Election Protection 2012

Remembering Steve Jobs

Apple Official Video - Remembering Steve Jobs

For A Drink...??? This Machine Will Make You Dance...!!!

Coke dance vending machine ( 코-크 댄스 자판기, 2PM 자판기, 2PM vending machine )

She Loves Winter... How About You...???

Heinz "I Love Winter"

Crash Puzzle

Crash Puzzle

I Hate It When My ________________________

First World Problems Anthem

The Good Times, Just Got Better

The Good Times, Just Got Better - Thomson TV Ad - 2012

Friday, October 5, 2012

What The Hitchhiking Bear Gets At The End...!!!

MINI NOT NORMAL: Hitchhiking Bear

Grete - The Most Fertile Woman In The World...!!!


Toh Isski Shaadi Karaa De... Kaa Loan Voan ke Chakkar Mein Padtaa Hai....!!!

Monetary Assistance to Minorities

Monster Paws - Lapak Lapak Lapak...!!!

Kurkure Monster Paws Fun TVC

Hello... Nice To Sweet You...!!!

LINDT "Hello" by Leila & Damien (Blinkk)


This, is a 3 minute propoganda film being used by the Congress Party in the Gujarat Elections.

Inside CHANEL - For the first time...!!!

For the first time: Trailer - Inside CHANEL

NORMAL. Can Never Be THIS...!!!


David Droga: The Potential of Creativity

Why Smoking Is Like Making A Train Reservation...!!!

Smoking Kills

The Fashionisata's Ice Cream Parlour

Style To Savour | Harrods Ice Cream Parlour |

Space Monkey

Ben Lee music video: WWF Space Monkey

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Avant Garage...!!!

NHLPA Hockey Gear Presents: Avant Garage with Logan Couture - YouTube: "

Click Something...

Explore Old Sam's Cabin with John West

The Rickshaw Run - A Brief Guide...

The Rickshaw Run - A Brief Guide...

Velvet - Factory

Velvet - Factory - TV commercial

We Are Not Concerned About...

2-Fujifilm Super HG photographic film.mpg

Facebook | The Things That Connect Us

Facebook | The Things That Connect Us

Imagine... A Life Without "The Scary" In It...!!!

"Watering Hole" (Travelers Insurance)

Now Nokia Goes The Anti-iPhone Way...!!!

Nokia Lumia 920 - Time to #switch

When 007's Vision Got Impaired...!!!

Instrumentarium Agent 60s TV ad

Just Imagine... Do Karod Paisath Lakh...!!!

Roma Switches TVC | Forest

Chaar Kar-road Pachchaas Lakh...!!!

Roma Switches TVC | Pagoda

Faaydon Ke Number Hi Number...!!!

Oxy Creme Bleach

Find Your Understanding: Expedia Find Yours

Find Your Understanding: Expedia Find Yours

DhinkaChika... DhinkaChika... Baajey Re...!!!

Liberty Shoes commercial with Hrithik Roshan (KOOLSKOOL)

Don't Tell Mom...!!!

2013 Hyundai Santa Fe | "Don't Tell"

And If I Had Not Changed The Curtains...

I simply would not have met the girl...
pub Conforama 'les rideaux' 2012 [HQ]

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Going BLACK On October 8 - An Apology And A Protest

This is Bangladeshi Agency Cogito Marketing Solutions Limited's apology and protest againsty the atroctities recently committed against Buddhist communities at Teknaf, Ramu and Ukhia upazilas of Bangladesh.

A Father & Daughter Through 25 Years Of The Mobile Phone Evolution

pub SFR Dual Carrier Mai Lan 2012 [HQ]

Nuit Blanche - Arev Manoukian

Not an ad...
But what storytelling...!!!
What technique...!!!

Nuit Blanche - Arev Manoukian"

'via Blog this'

200 Characters In Cartoon Network's 20th Birthday Music Video

Local Lights - Meet The New Neighbourhood...!!!

Yellow Pages - Local Lights

Paet Upar Kheenchnay Say Kam Hotaa Hai Kyaa???

Thai commercial

Same To Same Pack Laanaa... Okay...???

Surf Excel Easywash is now Surf Excel blue

Daarrling... The Tap Is Leaking Again... Go Fix It...!!!

Leaked Tap

When Did You Last Pat Someone On The Back??? Or Get Patted Yourself???

Planet Fitness - Pat On The Back

Crorepati Pass...!!!

Idea KBC Pass II

Waltz Through The Airport...

British Airways TV ad - Waltz Through The Airport

The Bed...

E.ON is the largest Energy Savings Experiment - The bed

How About In India???

Domino's Handmade Pan Pizza - Fresh vs Frozen
Does Dominos use Fresh Dough (for its Pizzas) only in the US or is it done all over...!!!


#YOUDRIVE - New Mercedes-Benz A-Class TV ad trailer


T20 Se Toh Nikal Gayi India... Ab Yeh Badtameez Kya Karengey???

How to Relieve T20 Tension

Oh Buri Nazar Wale... Teraa Muh Kaalaa...!!!

Set Wet Style

Boss... Wife Serious...!!!

Mahindra Quanto - Live the Weekend Life

So....??? You Should Do This Because Padma Lakshmi Does It Too...???

OpenSky Touts Its Celebrity-Recommended Shopping Site

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Messing For Fun???

Shout Reprogramming America For Fun

Thhodaa Kam Nahi Ho Saktaa???

Fiat Absolute Edition.mp4

'Os Pixadores'

Paris vs New York

Based on Vahram Muratyan's book, Paris vs New York

Paris vs New York from TonyMiotto on Vimeo.

Tu Maa Ko Mandir Ke Seedhiyon Pe Milaa Thhaa...!!!

Reliance Mobile - All Share Plan

"Horseless Headsman"

SNICKERS® - "Horseless Headsman" TV Spot

We... Are Football...!!!

Hyundai A-League - Season 8

How To Spill The Soup & Get The Girl...!!!

Orange 4G

To Watch Till The End And Wonder... Wwhhatt??? - Shaman

Arby's Believe the Unbelievable - Edd

Monday, October 1, 2012

Yellow Yellow Scootery Fellow...!!!

Vespa Exclusive TVC Premiere

Doughnut Anyone...????

Volkswagen Touareg - "King Kong" Crew - Ad

Har Over Me Chhakkay Kaa...!!!

IFFCO TOKIO General Insurance Edit 4 - 10 SEC "SIXER"

Feeding Grandpa...

Rebisco Sandwiches "LOLO" TV Commercial 30s

2012 Airtel Indian Grand Prix - TVC.feat Michal Schumacher & Nico Rosberg

2012 Airtel Indian Grand Prix - TVC.feat Michal Schumacher & Nico Rosberg

Waisey...??? Conficdence Aati kahaan Se Hai???

ADICTION body spray deo ad latest

I Was Here - Beyonce

I Was Here (United Nations World Humanitarian Day Performance

Baba... Mera Mangal Kab Hoga...???

media world_hillman Innerwear.m2p

Trust Your Power

Duracell Batteries: Trust Your Power - NFL's Patrick Willis

The Romance Is Back...!!!

Virgin Australia - The romance is back

Falling For...

Falling for...

"Falling for You"

"Falling for You" a Target Short Film Event

Model (Claymation) Britain

TalkTalk Model Britain TV Advert

Is The New JWT Amsterdam Website Magic???

The new JWT Amsterdam website - It's magic!
Go find out for yourself...

Touch... Touch Touch Touch... Touch... Touch Touch Touch...

Fab "Touched" 60 second TV spot

Istriwaale Ki Kalaakaari...!!!

The Art of Ironing

Sunday, September 30, 2012

The More You Watch... The More You'll See...

This is a very clever Promo for TG 4, the Irish Language Channel...
Clever TV Ad

Fanasonic... Udaa Ke Rakh De...!!!

Pensonic BOLD FAN TV Commercial (Hokkien 1min)

Here... All That Means Nothing...!

Melbourne Heart ad - via Mumbrella"

'via Blog this'

Hair Raising...???

Xperia™ TV Commercial - Unleash your music on the world :

Arrey Waah...!!! Kiyaa Ultee Aur Niklaa Chashmaa...???

TeeVirus - Highly- Toxic Fallout

Bachchaa Kisskaa Hai??? Maa Ka Naam??? Baap Ka Naam???

TeeVirus - Born From T-shirt

Toh...??? Work-Out Kab Se Shuru Kar Rahe Ho...???

Saffola Muesli

Facebook: Unfriend Coal - When Campaigns Succeed...!!!

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