Saturday, September 8, 2012

Putting Customers In Control

Smarter Marketing: Putting customers in control

Oyy... Shaaaah Rukkkkkh....!!!

Nokia City Lens ad - Shah Rukh Khan "Autograph Please"

"Do Your Appliances Stick To Your Body...???"

PG&E "Sticky Appliances""

To Bang One's Head On A Lamp-Post...???

International Radio Festival - Post

We LOve You Kareena...!!!

Prank the Radio Jockey

Mmm.... Mmm... Mmm Meeta... Freindly Neighbour Neeta & Big Brother Dhanunnjay....!!!

Nokia 112 & 110 -- The Facebook Phones

Tom Brady NYC Tall Wall Time Lapse

Tom Brady NYC Tall Wall Time Lapse Video

Don't Get Scared... Get It Checked...!!!

Breast Cancer Awareness

Twitter for Small Business

Twitter for Small Business

A bit faster than Usain Bolt

Cheetah Robot runs 28.3 mph; a bit faster than Usain Bolt

What Bruce Willis Wants...!!!

Sky Broadband - Bruce Willis (2012, UK)

The Hybrid Graphic Novel...!!!

The hybrid graphic novel // Official trailer

Musical Chairs - Diners At A Restaurant...!!

VW Up Restaurant deutsch 120817 60s h264

Musical Chairs - Construction Workers At A Building Site..!!

VW Up Baustelle deutsch 120817 60s h264

Musical Chairs - Senior Citizens At A Park...!!

Grandpa's Magic Trick

Wideroe - Grandpa's magic trick - english version

Is This Sexual Harassment?

Google Celebrates The 46th Year Of Star Trek The Original Series

Google Celebrates Star Trek The Original Series

Aap Ko Raja Banaa De....!!!

Kohinoor Basmati_Vijay_Venus

Friday, September 7, 2012

India... Earn Your Blue...!!!

Experience Virgin America....!!!

Par Aaaj I'm Back...!!!

How Branded Are We Becoming???

Hey Normal... Take That...!!!

The Only Alternative To Reading... Is More Reading...!!!

The Rubberbanded iPhone 5...!!!

This Is Who John Clayton Actually is...???

Licence Hai Naa...??? Issay Gaddi Toh Chalaanaa Aataa Hai Naa...???

Why Does Normal Need To Be Messed With????

We're the People with the Smile on the Box — Amazon TV Commercial

Filming The Sun While Using The Sun...!!!


What Does An Embrace Mean To You...???

Opel Meriva - Embrace Life

Zanele Situ's Incredible Story...!!!

Nedbank Incredible Stories- Zanele Situ

Giant Lunchbox

Giant Oreo lunchbox

Hilton Langenhoven's Incredible Story...!!!

Ernst Van Dyk's Incredible Story...!!!

Nedbank Incredible Stories- Ernst Van Dyk

Ilse Hayes' Incredible Story...!!!

Nedbank Incredible Stories- Ilse Hayes

Tebogo Mokgalagadi's Incredible Story...!!!

Nedbank Incredible Stories- Tebogo Mokgalagadi

Emily Gray's Incredible Story...!!!

Nedbank Incredible Stories- Emily Gray

Get On This... And You'll Get 111 Million Viewers...!!!

2012 Ad Blitz Sizzle Reel

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Designed By A Guy Who's Traveled 988 Years Back I n Time...

How To Make the Most Hi-Tech Car


Ally Bank | "Predictions" Commercial

There's Hole In My Stomach Dear Couple Dear Couple...!!!

Parle 20-20 cookies latest ad - Empty Stomach campaign - College TVC

Cheater Cock Kahin Ke...!!!

VirtuReal Shopping...???

The Shops at Target Fall 2012

Jo Mera Hai... Wo Tera Nahi Hai...!!!

Say No to Sharing-- Family Meeting

Jesus TV ad - Banned in Italy

Jesus TV ad - Banned in Italy

Usska Kaam Fantastic Hai... Pataa Hai Kyaa Kartaa Hai...??? Hawaa Mein Ball Phektaa Hai...

Jo Chamkay Woh Har Cheez Na Sona... Yeh Kahaavat Puraani Hai...!!!

Kalyan Jewellers New ad Amitab Bachchan (Hindi)

Dancing On The Street...???



WomanFitness ad by Iris Sydney - via Mumbrella


Amul Flaavyo TVC

#FirstHonda Ever Made For The U.S...

Tim Mings discovers the #FirstHonda ever made for the U.S

"The Invisible Game"

UGG for Men "Invisible Game" :60

Where Have All The Milkmen Gone...???

Cravendale - Catnapped Teaser Trailer #CatsWithThumbs


Play The Lucky Cube With Maru...

UNIQLO Lucky Cube with Maru - YouTube: ""

'via Blog this'

Ghar Ke Andar Garage...??? Yaa Garage Ke Andar Ghar...???

Allianz RumahkuPlus My Home+: Garage

Hung Over India...???

Hung Over India is an Initiative by the students of the Third Year-Bachelor's of Mass Media students of R.D.National College.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chuck Norris Warns America

Chuck Norris' dire warning for America - 2012

You A Football Fan...??? Join The Club...!!!

FIFA 13 - JOIN THE CLUB - Spot TV # 90

De De Maiyya... Thhaa Thhaa Thhaiyyaa... De De Maiyya...

Chocoliebe - Eclairs

Aise Paithron Ko Hamaare Netaa Logon Pe Azmaay Toh...???

Make the politicians work

Gym - Moving Again Becomes A Pleasure....!!!


The Lady Dior Webumentary

Lady Dior Web Documentary - Teaser

Khull Jaa Sim-Sim...!!!

Ford Escape Hands-Free Liftgate Commercial

Do You Believe In Your Smellf???

Old Spice | Film

Want Some Heat...???

Labonito Advertisement

Live Stream from Space on September 13th!

Live Stream from Space on September 13th!

Mum Brings The Satchel Back In Vogue...!!!

Google Chrome: Julie Deane

Converting The Post Box To A Recycle Bin...!!!

Volkswagen: The Bluemotion Label

Yeh Spiderman Dikhtaa Kaise Hai...???

Taare Zameen Par (social awareness ad)



The Making of Florida One

Southwest Airlines The Making of Florida One

Don't Miss A Word...

Don't miss a word

Be An Angel Spread Your Wings...

Not too sure what this is for, but from the looks of it, looks like a channelt/brand ident film for TG4 an Irish TV Channel...
TG4 LIR 001 TX

Monday, September 3, 2012

"Tree" - Hungry...???

Classic Spot of the Week 2012/36: Nissin Cup Noodles (1995) "Tree"

Maanav Jab Ban Jaaye Daanav...!!!

Butterflies In Love....!!!

Milaawat Se Jung...!!!

Sahara Q Shop TVC 30sec

Jumping For Precision...???

Dunlop Zone TVC: Driven by Precision 2010

When Was The Last Time You Had Fun In The Rain....???

Real farmers having fun

Sheni Se Pangaa Legaa....????

Rue Faubourg: Perrier AD Jean Paul Goude Commercial

Udhaar.i..??? Woh Bhi Rishteydaaro Se...???

"It is better to borrow from a bank, rather than the family" - ING Bank Slaski - Advertising"

Kick Lee???

Coca Cola "Fight" 2003

Why Are We Waiting...????

CommBank Credit Cards campaign - With 0%, why are you waiting?

Maybe Thinking Isn't Your Strong Point...!!!

Rio underwear range

Hackers of Troy

Hackers of Troy | Cisco Systems"

It's For You

McDonald's "It's For You" 1995

Bach Ke Rehnaa Re Baba... Tag Pe Nazar Hai...!!!

Network18 'Red Tag'

I Dove You...!!! You Dove Me...!!!

Dove Bookstore 60 sec Director's Cut.mp4

The Deodorant With Muscle...!!!

Brut TV ad with Henry Cooper and Kevin Keegan