Saturday, April 14, 2012

Running Free

Running Free

The New Vimeo And You...!

Umpire Ko Out Kar Diya!

HIT Kill Malaria ( Umpire )

Nature's Kid...

LLBean: Discover Something - Wagner - YouTube: "

So... If You Buy One... Will You Also Get Helicopter Rides??

Hyundai iGen i20 - TVC

Dream on...

Dream on - Dictators don't just stop

Dad's Day Out

Friday, April 13, 2012

Memsaaaaaaab O Memsaaaaaaab...!!!

Condom It_s OK

The World's Most Downloaded Man

The World's Most Downloaded Man

Guess Who's Filed For 50% (almost) More Patents Thana NASA?

Satellite (Audi A6)

Aamir Khan's Quest For Satyamev Jayate

Satyamev Jayate


Vigorsol Fridgeman Italy 30s



Kya Yaar... Jaan... Itnay Saalon Baad Bhi Tim Mujhe Nahi Samajhti Ho...

Real Diamonds. Real Prices.

Some People Have Found This Ad Racist... What Do You Think?


"Treadmill" :30, Toro, Spring 2012

Thursday, April 12, 2012

That's Nothing

Thats Nothing (Weetabix)

Hai Re Mera Naazuk Dil...!

Britannia Vita Marie Commercial

Paper On iPad?

doodlr's instant interaction experiment

doodlr from LOVE. on Vimeo.

Tweet In Space...

Case History Tweet nello spazio

An Animated 'Smart' Drives Through Twitter

smart Argentina(@smartArg) ASCII Art Animation on Twitter



"Ab Ras Barsega"

Slice "Ab Ras Barsega" 2012

The Paintball Ambush

Sour Patch Kids Commercial - Paintball

Apnay Ghar Ko Andar Se Bachaao...!

Fire Killer (Official TVC.)

Elephant Inn Residence

Residence Inn - Elephant

What's Your Point Of View?

The Guardian commercial - Points Of View

The Super Heroes Of Insurance???

Farmers Insurance/Marvel's The Avengers -- Suit Up: University of Farmers

Behind The Scenes - Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2

Magnum Pleasure Hunt 2 - Behind The Scenes

Giraffe Inn Residence

Residence Inn - Giraffe

The Foot Vs. The Fountain

Foot Vs. Fountain Test

The Movie Was Fiction... But The Problem Is Real!

Financial Fraud Public Service Announcement

Would You Ever Want To Do This?

Inverted Tennis Test



Penguins Inn Residence

Residence Inn - Penguins

Can It Really Help You Fly...?

Levitation Test

The Citrus Charge

Mountain Dew Canada Citrus Charged


Should Everything You Read... Be Read Out Aloud?

Sydney Writer's Festival ad by BWM - via Mumbrella

All The World's A Stage...

Google+: Tom

Take Care To Protect Your Mouse...

Topdanmark Insurance Commercial - That's the way I like it!

"Embrace Our Brand..." How Serious Companies Can Be When They Say this....!!!

Hug Me by Coca Cola at NUS outside LT14

2,548 Packets Of Hot Sauce Used To Make This Hoarding

The Footballerinas

Citroën DS5 - Footballet

For The Journey

Lloyds TSB for the journey advert

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reinterpreting Art

Paintball Art

The Fireball...!!!

Onida Multiflow AC - Hindi

In The Pilot's Chair???

Cell C 'Cockpit'

So Light... It Can Defy Gravity...

Lipton by Yoann Lemoine

Celebrating 30 Years...

IKEA "30 ans" by JACK

Don't You Worry Bout A Thing

IF Insurance commercial - Dont you worry about a thing

Hungry Girlfriend

All New Yaris vs Hungry Girlfriend UK TV Advert

Enchanting Canvases

Les Toiles Enchantées

Coffee at it's Brightest

Nescafe - Coffee at it's Brightest 2009

C3 "Dog"

Citroen C3 "Dog" by Sebastian Strasser

I've Got A Dreadful Confession...

Smart-Spot "Heimkehr"

The Ultimate Break

[Young Director Award 2008] kit kat - the ultimate break

Placement? Displacement? Replacement?

IKEA Canada New Collection

Girl's Night Out...

Miss Of Afterwork, VO ST ENG

Off to a girl's night out after work...
Who is of the stronger sex? 

Pepsi's Ball...

Pepsi Vietnam avi.avi



The Break-Up

Miss O, la Rupture VO ST ENG
Miss O drops her boyfriend ... Who is of the stronger sex?

The Fish Finder

McDonald's - Fish Finder

For All The Art Directors, Visualisers, Layout Artists, Illustrators and Everyone Creating Art In Advertising...

What Does Your Brand Stand For?

B2B Branding Strategy Video

If You Don't Select It... Should We???

Woolworths Select ad - courtesy of Ebiquity

How I Spent Nike's Budget For An Ad Film... To Travel The World With My Friend Max... Until Our Money Ran Out...

Super-Di... Why Didn't You Tell Me You Played Chess?

Bru Chess

Can One Really Not Jackhammer An ASICS Shoe?

Jackhammer Test

The Fabric Of My Life

The Fabric of Emmy's Life (Cotton Commercial)

The MTV Green Song

MTV Switch 2008: The Green Song

Are You A "Know It All" Parent?

Child Passenger Safety - Know It Alls :60

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

How Much More Of MUCH MORE Is Enough For You?

Kuwait Danish Dairy Harvest

When Men Become Babies - The SILly Secret...!!

Sil Jam 1.MPG

When Men Become Babies - Boardroom

Sil jam Boardroom.mpg

When Men Become Babies - Prison

Sil Jam 2.MPG

Live Music

Werbung - Volkswagen - Golf Plus - Mexikaner (2005)

Nacho Nano Nacho

Milestone Films - Tata nano Jig " 50 sec"

What Did You Say?

David Beckham - Burger King 2012 Commercial


Doing Lots Of Silly Things...

McDonald's Belgium spot - Coca Cola Glasses

Her Love? Her Hero? Or???

Funny Thai ads: Your Love? Hero? or?

KONY 2012: Part II - Beyond Famous

KONY 2012: Part II - Beyond Famous

The Tiny Two Letter Word That Makes Amazing Things Happen...!!!

Go Visa

Khaa-Jaa Khaa-Jaa

Saffola - Khaja Khaja Tvc.avi

Accident Ho Gayaa Rabba Rabba... Bada Dent Ho Gayaa Rabba Rabba...

Radio mirchi Accident Tvc.avi

Salman Takes Over The Shao Lin Monastery???

Salman Khan Dixcy Scott New TVC

Gulliver's Chariot



Radio mirchi Bottle Tvc.avi

When Everyone Just Fainted...

Tic-Tac Pulled Off This (What Some People Call) Mind-Blowing Stunt in Rouen On the 21st Of March 2012. Where, When People (who were asked directions) opened their mouths... 
Everyone... Yes Everyone Standing Around Just Fainted...   
La Pire Haleine du Monde


Tree Top - "Cool"

Monday, April 9, 2012

The Conversation

Nokia Conversation TVC

Mai Khush Hun.... Aaj Khaamakhhaa... Mai Khush Hun.... Aaj Khaamakhhaa...

OLD INDIAN - Cadbury_s AD India

All The News That's Fit To Post...

Would You Rather Keep Your Mortgage?

Man Loses Wife keeps Mortgage (Firstbank)

George Bush' Granddaughter Wants Your Help To FEED The World...!


Face Off...

Ads Paper Double A - Face Off

The Thais, Have Obviously Never Heard Of Rajni Kant...

In fiery Leo

Likha Kuch Hai... Par Badey Mian Padh Kuch Aur Hi Rahey Hai....

Your first piece of paper, Double A

Think Before Committing...

Publicité VERSION LONGUE Guy Roux Bouygues Telecom Nomad

The Contacts List

Bouygues Telecom. "Creation of the List" -- DDB, Paris

Hi Dakus...

Milestone Films Olay Katrina Tvc

Drive Alive 3D

"How High Can You Get In Pitch?"

2010 Lexus Commercial: "Pitch"

Get in the Bowl

M&M's Cupboard - Get in the Bowl

Lifelong Love...

Nestle Philippines TV Commercial: Nestle 100 Years "Pag-Ibig"

Ball Toh Ball Hai... Woh Kabhi Thakegaa Kya?

Bournvita Basketball

Din Bhar Sirf Bhaagtay Hi Rahogay Kyaa?

Milestone Films - ENSURE 30 sec Tvc

Mary J Blige Burger King Fried Chicken Commercial Racist?

Mary J Blige Burger King Fried Chicken Commercial Racist?

What Coal Companies Will Say....!!!

Coal Will Say Anything - Gold Jumpsuit

The Search Engine For The Road?

ALTO Altokshari Tvc