Thursday, October 17, 2013

Was This Ad Banned Because What's Said Doesn't Sound Like What It's Meant To Be...???

D*ck Maintenance - Banned Commercial!

Ma Dad Invented BLAZIN...!!!

BLAZED - Drug Driving In Aotearoa

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

#smilingpower - Taaquat Ek Muskuraahatt Ki...!!!

The power of a smile. #smilingpower

Whose Voice Do You Listen To...??? - Find Your Greatness...!!!

Paachvee Lekin Chaltee Jaavein.... Chaltee Jaavein....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

"Type:Rider"....The Ultimate Video Game On Typography...!!!

If You Are A Swede But Not Klaus-Heidi... Would You Still Learn German And Maybe Change Your Name Too...???

Are you Klaus-Heidi? Do the Swedes love Berlin more than their names?

Khaana Banaanaa Sikhaa Kar Hi Jaaoongi... Roz Roz Thhoday Hi Na Miltay Hai Aisay Maukay...!!!

The Cadbury Dairy Milk KBC experience

The Joy Of 'A Little Extra' With Dhoni...!!!

Experience the joy of 'A Little Extra' with Dhoni

The Imaginary Friend...

KFC Imaginary Friend

Ching Chong Cha...!!!

Ching Chong Cha

Yaar... Swiss Honeymoon Ke Liye Saadey Chaar Lakh Kahan Se Laayengey..???

OLX wedding 35sec

Lagi Bet Conveyor Ki...???

VIP Sky Bags 45sec

Phaadar Ka Phull Phugga Phoadd Daalaa...!!!

Good Knight Fastcard AD. FATTACK SE FURR

Bhaag Housewife Bhaag///!!!

Bhaag Housewife Bhaag

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Reverse Effects Of Drunk Driving...!!!

1991: 'Campaign Against Drinking and Driving' | KOBACO | Cheil Worldwide

Ajinomoto... Will The Stadium Change Its Name In 2014???

2005: 'Husky girls' | Ajinomoto Stadium | Dentsu
To quote wikipedia, "Tokyo Stadium (東京スタジアム Tōkyō Sutajiamu?) is a multi-purpose stadium in Chōfu, Tokyo, Japan. The stadium was founded at Kantō Mura, the redevelopment area formerly used by United States Forces Japan, in March 2001. It was the first stadium in Japan that offered its naming rights, which were sold to Ajinomoto Co., Inc. with a 5-year 1.2 billion yen (about 10 million U.S. dollars) contract, from March 2003 to February 2008. This contract was renewed on November 2007 and extended by 6 years for 1.4 billion yen to February 2014.
So... Will the Stadium's name change after February 2014...???

And After 43 Hours... What...???

How to survive on an island with the Lenovo P780 TVC (30 Sec) - OFFICIAL

SKODA's Indian Toy Story...

Array... Laal Chaddi... Kaisey Pareshaann Laag Raaha Hai Bhai???


Yhhaalaa Baghhaa... Sakaali Sakaali Ghhayoon Alaa Aahay...!!!

Tata Sky Mobile - Ab TV aapke pocket mein

Mereyko Corruption Bilkul Pasand Nahi Hai.... The Pappu Vs Feku Debate...

AIB365: Rahul vs Modi

India... Behave Yourself... The Youth are Watching...!!!

The Hindu -- Behave Yourself, India. The Youth are Watching

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Ladybug - Welcome To The World Of The Infinitely Small...!!!

How To Prepare For A Cyclone

By the time you read this post... 
The cyclone may have already happened..
But for whatever this post is worth... 

If you can share it please do.....
Archana Kulshrestha, Content evangelist at Slideshare | SlideShare:


Helplines for Cyclone Phailin 
Kendrapara 06727-232803 Jagatsinghpur 06724-220368 Balasore 06782-262674 Bhadrak 06784-251881 SRC:0674-2534177 Ganjam:06811-263978 Puri:06752-223237 Jagatspur:06724-220368 K’para:06727-232803 Khurda:06755-220002 Nayagarh:06753-2522978 Gajapati:06815-222943 Cuttack:0671-2507842 

Control Room Contacts West Godavari District Control Rooms Eluru Collectorate 08812-230617 Eluru RDO 08812-232044 Narsapuram RDO 08814-276699 Kovvur RDO 08813-231488 Jangareddygudem RDO 08821-223660 Power Supply Control Rooms Eluru Circle Office 08812-231287/288920 Eluru Div Office 08812-252150/232151 Nidadavolu Div Office 08813-221093/221211 Bhimavaram Div Office 08816-223464/228628 Tadepalligudem Div Office 08818-221357/220777 Jangareddygudem Div office 08821-225844/226864 Technical DEO, Eluru Circle 94408 12703 Operations DEO, Eluru Circle 94408 12704 Technical EO, Eluru Circle 94906 10137 Operations DEO, Nidadavolu 94408 12706 Technical EO, Nidadavolu 94906 10142 Operations DEO, Bhimavaram 94408 12707 Technical EO, Bhimavaram 94906 10143 Operations EO, Tadepalligudem 94408 12705 Technical EO, Bhimavaram 94906 10140 Operations EO, Jangareddygudem 94910 49797 Technical EO, Jangareddygudem 94910 30712 

East Coast Railway Helplines 
East Coast Railway Helplines Vizag-0891-2505793, 08935-249672, Vizianagaram-08922-225510, 
Srikakulam-08942- 28722 Naupada-08945-249728, Rayagada-06856-6222407, Koraput-06852-251802 

Shelters List of cyclone shelters in Andhra Pradesh Shelters Odisha Total number: 10,042 Kendrapara:328 Jajpur:255 Jagatisnghpur:593 Andhra Icchapuram, Sompeta, Palasa,Etcherla, Kaviti mandals of Srikakulam dist: Total 32 shelters Source:

Kisskaa Kursi Kyaa...???

TicketNew Adfilm

Shhh My Amma's Lost Bangles...!!!

GRT Thanga Avatharam

The Star Of This Weird Ad Of The Week Is Apparently A Familiar Hyderabadi Face... Know The Name...???

Mmmmmm: Diamond Pumpkin Walnut Cheesecake Recipe