Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blink... And...

Xolo X900 - Blink

If All Foreigners Were To Go Back To Where They Came From???

Nandos "Diversity"\

Friday, June 8, 2012


Now, this film is not an advertisement in any manner whatsoever...
But this experiment would probably be an interesting watch for film-makers and advertising creative teams.

MINI Driver vs. Non.MINI Driver

MINI Driver vs. Non.MINI Driver - MINI Brand Campaign 2010

When The Copenhagen Philharmonic Orchestra Flash Mobbed The Metro...

Flash mob in the Copenhagen Metro. Copenhagen Phil playing Peer Gynt.

Makudo... MakuDonardo.. How Do They Call It In Your Part Of The World...???

50 Ways For 50 Days...

50 ways to join in - 50 days to go to London 2012


Who's The Real Villain? JOKER

Who's the villain? II

Who's The Real Villain?

Who's the villain?

If You Can't Pay The Bills...?



Cinderella Meets Red Riding Hood...

Choc On Chocolate Advert ft. Katrina Kaif

Chiquita Banana - The Original Commercial

Chiquita Banana The Original Commercial

Thursday, June 7, 2012

This Man Watched 252 (=404.25 Hours) Movies In 30 Days...

Can You Beat That???

Sunday Kab Hai Yaar...???

Navratna 'Sunday' 30 Sec

"Languages" Chair

DDB Brasil presents "Languages" for Tok&Stok. Music.

Who Would You Trust???


IPv6 - The New, Larger Internet...!!!


Nike+ Kinect Training for XBOX360

Change of Air...


Lurzer's Classic Ad of the Week: Sony (1991)

Twitter Has Got A New Bird...!!!

My Daddy's Superman...

Happy Father's Day
Coca-Cola - Día del Padre

The Most Outrageous Way to Share a Coke

The Most Outrageous Way to Share a Coke

Jazz & Imagination

Honda Jazz 'Imagination' TV Ad - YouTube: ""

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Chanel No.5 Share the Fantasy A 'Sir Ridley Scott' Ad Way Before 'Prometheus'

Chanel No.5 #5 Share the Fantasy
Via: Business Insider

The Real Video From The Fake Column....

Cool New Tide Detergent Video
News About The Fake Column....

The Fake Column Itself

The Escape In The Woods...

Sigue leyendo. Librerías Gandhi Bosque

0:23 - Kid:    Mom can you open the jar for me please.
0:25 - Mom: Yes my dear. Here You Go...
        - Kid:    Thanks
        - Mom:  You're welcome
The super at the end of the film: Keep Reading.

Now This... Is Called Good Marketing Ground Work...

We couldn't find a sub-titled/dubbed version of this film so we can't provide you with translations...

But we can narrate our interpretation of the Story...
The Eldest Son tells the Father that he will have a very good day...
Then the three sons troop out and go from shop to shop asking the shopkeepers (who've never heard of such a thing) for coloured frogs...

The Rest... 

Is For You.... 
To Find Out...!!!

Minute Maid from Musicatomica on Vimeo.

Louis Vuitton's Little Groom : Duel in the Dust

Louis Vuitton's Little Groom Presents: Duel in the Dust

Guard Rabbit

Ken's -- Guard Rabbit

If You're Going To Go Big...?

The More You Know

NBC "The More You Know" PSA - Featuring Bill Cosby

Schools That Can "Because Students Can"

How Cannes (2011)... Was Conned...

What Britain Loves - The (Queen's) Jubilee Version...

“451° Burn”

Apna Sa Kona

Parryware TVC - Apna sa Kona

Want To Be Among The First Ones On Mars One?

Mars One introduction film

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


NESTEA - Giant

On Race Day... You Don't Leave Anything To Chance...

Gillette - Tyson Gay "Mind Games"

Metamorphosis - If You Are Film/Acting Buff... You Must Watch This!!!


Husband for Sale

La Marseillaise A La Renault

Renault's version of the French National Anthem La Marseillaise   

Is Social Media A Fad?

The Social Media Revolution 2012

Windy Eh???

pg&e - wind - philippe andre

Now... She Has Her Own 4GENIE... You Want One Too?

Basics-Life's Man'tra

Basics of Life - THE 'MAN'TRA

Pehle Apna Bill Chhoata Karo... Dil Baad Mein Badaa Kar Lenaa...

Reliance Netconnect - My Best Plan

When Grown Up Men Got Pranked

The Lorem Ipsum Job Offer...

Lorem Ipsum Recruitment by Jung von Matt

Is Fear Holding Your Creativity Back?

The title for this post is inspired by this post "Some are born creative. More are born scared" by  Nima D T Namchu a few minutes back.
A New Beginning - Is Fear Holding You Back?"

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Bonded By Blood

Obama for America's Ad Against Indian BPOs (Again)

It is never the purpose of this blog to discuss the politics of things...
But people are wondering...  
If they've lost so many Manufacturing jobs...

How come other countries aren't spoken of, in such ads?

Me So Corny... Yo... So Corny...

Why A Kannada Song For A Belgian Ad By Toyota???

Toyota iQ StreetView in Belgium

World Wonders

World Wonders Project by Google

Nike Women - Li Na (China)

Nike Women - Li Na (China)

Monday, June 4, 2012

Start Me Up - Timing The Olympics For 80 Years...

Detroit Second Look

How Men View Shopping Bags!

Yorkie Shopping Bags


Why Etihad Full TV Commercial (English)

Bhai SmoothLee Soach SeriousLee...

Smooth Lee Ankur Suman

Jaao Tempo Lekar Aao...

Hum Chipku Hai...

The Scene Tilt...

Pub Canal Plus Iphone

How Orgasmic Can One's Imagination Get?

Hayaate... Yun Hi Nahi Chalaate

Suzuki Hayate Yun Hi Nahi Chalate

Ek Din ka Creative Head

Ek Din ka Creative Head

When The Paparazzi Could Make You A Star...!!!

Samsung Camera Paparazzi Video

Loag Mujhe Baap Nahi... Dada Bulaate Hai...

Sourav Ganguly Official HD Trailer 'Ganguly - The Movie'

Was I A Beta Test?

It's Over!

Trivial Questions... Community Notice Board...

CSQL Volunteer Recruitment Community Service Announcement 2012 - 2 - YouTube: ""

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The Toss & The Slap...


S'Not A True Hold Up Artist...


Dogs Wearing Glares...

Diesel Spring Summer 2012 Eyewear Collection

The Challenge

Superga - The Challenge (1996, Italy)

How Does This Bank Robbery End???

Bank robbery

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Should This Ad Be Banned???

This is our contribution to Scott Goodson's attempt at making people aware of this film...
Click here to read Scott's article (on this campaign) in the Forbes Magazine ...Banned Sex Slavery PSA