Saturday, February 18, 2012

How To Build A School Out Of Plastic Bottles...

How To Build A School Out Of Plastic Bottles... - YouTube: ""

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Henry & Aaron - IT'S A SNAP!"

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What All Will You Bunk Away From?

Class Se Bunk Maaroge?
Date Se Bunk Maaroge?
Family Dinner  Se Bunk Maaroge? 
Zindagi  Se Bhi Bunk Maaroge Kyaa?

Where We Can All Gaze In Awe...

A Family Torn Apart...

(Orchestrated?) Chaos On The Buses

Lynx Attract: Chaos on the buses"

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Can We Change Their Minds?

To quote from this article in the National Business Review...
"Air New Zealand has launched its biggest Australian campaign in 10 years, Kiwi Sceptics, in a bid to get Australians over the ditch.
The campaign features four web episodes, showing on Air New Zealand’s dedicated YouTube channel, where four different Australians are matched with four Kiwis to try and change their opinions about New Zealand." 

The Moot Question here is...
Do campaign like this one... 

Change mindsets???

Aussie Aussie...

The Europhile...
Bali Girl...

The Hipster...


Moms' tips for baby sleep

Moms' tips for baby sleep"

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The Binaural Sound Experience

Introducing the Binaural Sound Experience: Step into a whole new world of sound with Sony"

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Help An Indian Student... Help Her/His Tribe....

Help a Student Help a Tribe"

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Sarkozy's Campaign Goes Wrongly Viral...

French President Nicolas Sarkozy's campaign to get re-elected seems to have taken of viarlly. 
Though, in the the wrong direction, as opponents are creating alternate (spoofy) memes of it.    
Strong France                                     Dead France

Sarkozy's Campaign Goes Wrongly Viral...

French President Nicolas Sarkozy's campaign to get re-elected seems to have taken of viarlly. Though in the the wrong direction, as opponents are creating alternate (spoofy) memes of it.    
Strong France                                     Dead France

Valentine's Day Emoticon

Coca-Cola Valentine's Day Emoticon Video"

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When Menaka Gave Up On Vishwamitra

Centuary Mattress TVC"

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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just One Touch...

So Much To Give... So Much To Receive...

Lotus Frangipane FR"

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Can You Do This Juicy Whistle?

Do Something Juicy - YouTube: ""

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Freedom Dictionary

Freedom Dictionary - Amnesty International Portugal"

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Move to the Beat

Coca Cola Move to the Beat"

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Appearances They Say... Are Deceptive...

Biggest Load Capacity"

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Vivez Bien Assure...

Bruno Aveillan CNP"

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This wonderful Ad Film was posted on Alt Del by  Prathap Suthan
"Enjoy this commercial. And if you know how this was made, do share. I know it's not special effects". 

To which Naresh Gupta replied: "Goodby Silverstein and Patners in 2002. Used what they called motion control cameras"

Land Rover "Orbit" TV Commercial

Take Water To Give Water...

Join the 2012 UNICEF Tap Project"

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Rehabilitation is POSSIBLE

PBN: Rehabilitation is Possible - YouTube: ""

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Rolling In The Deep @ Target

Rolling In The Deep Target Ad"

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KooKoombar Salaat

TATA SALT ad cucumber Salad TVC - YouTube: ""

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But I Thought You'd Quit On Us...

Pub Krispy Kernels - Divan / Krispy Kernels Ad - Couch"

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The Pot Of Yogurt...

Pub tv Fiat 500 - le pot de yaourt - mu2gor"

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How Strong Is Your LinkedIn Résumé?

Profile Pitch: A Fujitsu Linkedin Campaign"

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Slap After Slap After Slap....

The funniest slap video. Watch it girls, Watch out boys!"

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Sachin Jumps Through Walls

Amit Enterprises Housing Ltd"

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They're Sleeping... They Are All Sleeping....!

And All People... Play!

PS Vita - The World Is In Play"

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The World's Best Boiled Egg

TATA SALT ad Boiled Egg TVC"

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I Love You...!!!

Samsung GALAXY (Love) Note"

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The Spare Energy Experiment

E.ON Sveriges största energisparexperiment"

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Please don't vote

Please don't vote"

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Is That A.......???

Super bowl 2012 Hyundai commercial""

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The Ultimate Car Chase???

Shaw Exo Super Bowl Commercial"

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"Rhumba Nallaa"

Kareena and Karan Mahindra duro "Romba Nalla" scooter ad!"

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How These Men Expressed Their Love ...

The Head Banging Baby Sitter

Corentin en mode baby-sitter"

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MaMa & Flying Son - Italo-English Version

A Bull From The Stratosphere

Mission to the edge of Space - Red Bull Stratos 2012"

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Adweek's (Valentine) Ad Of The Day...

Episode 1"
Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

Episode 5

Episode 6

Episode 7

Who Says You Can't Dream Of Harvard?

Edelweiss Tokio Life Insurance 15 second"

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Aaaaj Kal Beeees Rupaiye Mein Milta Kya Hai Betaaaa?

Funny Indian commercial for Mcdonald's-Music"

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Space Mein Bhi Inpe Dish Hi Sawaar Hai...

Dish tv- Space"

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Love Child..

Reese's Pieces - Love Child - Dir. Cousins"

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New Dad...

Google+: New Dad"

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Different Animal, Same Beast

Kobe Bryant:Different Animal, Same Beast"

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On Pakistan PM Gilani - Amul's Take

Koi Gilani....Koi shikwa nahin.....
Neighbouring country Prime Minister charged with contempt

We Are Music - Grammy Promo

We Are Music - Bon Iver, Holocene"

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Ultrabook™ POP-UP THEATER"

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Why Did Aurangzeb Take So Much Time To Find Shivaji Maharaj??? (Marathi Ad)

What Children Learn...


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For The Night Vision Assistant... Get In Touch With Us...

Audi Night Vision Assistant Case"

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Flashing Back In Time....

McDonalds Flashback 60"

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The Team Owner

Micromax Team owner.mp4"

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The Auction

Micromax Auction.mp4"

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Amul's Tribute To Whitney Houston

We Celebrate Every Day, Like Others Do On The 14th Of February...

Crown Ke Under Hai Katrina Ka Number

Mango Slice: Katrina Ka Number, Crown Ke Under"

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Google's St. Valentine's Doodle...

San Valentin Google 14/2/2012"

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Ted Williams' Golden Voice of Love...

What 2 € Can Do...

GOOD MOVE WITH 2 € - The interactive CLP MISEREOR"

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Monday, February 13, 2012

The Monkey-Man And His Commitment

Commitment is Everything for MonkeyMan - An ICICI PruLife production - YouTube: ""

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Commitment is Everything for Moochwala - An ICICI PruLife production"

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Know It All Ekambaram... KBC Tamil Version Promo...

Unlock A Benz With Your Own Car Key...

The Wireless Mind

CTIA Wireless Mind ad"

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Drumming Up The Goalpost

Lebara Mobile - The Call of Africa - YouTube: ""

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Arjun's Scarecrow...!!!

Surf Excel one minute Ad"

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Don't Waste Your Time...!!!

Forever Wild: YouTube Interventions"

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This Thakur Is Loving It...

Funny Indian commercial for Mcdonald's - Sanjeev"

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The Times Of India Hits Back...

Cup Magic for Valentine's

Starbucks Cup Magic for Valentine's Day

What's To Love In February???

Is this is what's called UnAdvertising?
Valentine's Day"

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Lots To Love In February

lots to love in february"

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Wiz Khalifa

Bing Originals: Wiz Khalifa"

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Wahchew Gonna Chew When They Come For You?

Wrigleys Bad Boys by DDB - via Mumbrella"

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Sung Photo Chaley...

Chevrolet brand commercial (father and son) - YouTube: ""

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Psychology And Advertising

Psychology And Advertising"

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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sound Check For Birth....

Thai Life Insurance 30Soundcheck Birth"

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Get An Ooo....

TyPhoo tea with Cilla Black - YouTube: ""

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Sea Shadow

Sea Shadow Movie- 30 Sec TV Commercial"

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Coca Cola - 125th Year Exhibition

Three Kindles...???

Kindle and Kindle Fire Commercial -- Three Kindles are still less than that..."

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How To Tie A Tie...

R-Imagination Rebrand

Reel FX R-Imagination Rebrand Video"

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Trapped -- Trapped"

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Best (Mostly American/European) Ad Campaigns Of All Time According To College Online...

"My Art Beats For Mumbai"

"My Art Beats For Mumbai""

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The Doors Keep Opening...!


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Keep Moving Forward

Bank Of America - Doors - Keep Moving Forward - 2009"

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I Love Coffee... I Love Tea!

Home Sweet Home - The movie NL"

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Amul Manthan - Full Song

Builders of Tomorrow

LEGO - Builders of Tomorrow"

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Daku Rani Champa...

Tide - Daku Rani Champa"

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Hitler's Take on Social Media and ROI

Hitler's Take on the ROI of Social Media"

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No Smoking

No Smoking"

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