Saturday, August 25, 2012

Secret Location: What are The Sevens?

Secret Location: What are The Sevens?

The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers

The Hidden Costs of Hamburgers

Want Your Facebook Newsfeed In 3D???

LG 3D Studio: 3D Newsfeed

1959 First EVER Barbie Ad

1959 First EVER Barbie Commercial High Quaility HQ!

Test Your Awareness...: Do This Test...!!!

When Brooke Sheilds' Limelight Was Stolen...


Suzuki Shogun sm H 264 for Video Podcasting"

I Got It!...III

Cherkashin Got it! eng

Friday, August 24, 2012

The Fall

Hover Car - A Car Without Wheels and One That Really Floats In Air...!!!

Bazooka - Bazooka (2012, UK)

Kahaan Jaa Rahi Ho? Ready Honay...!!!

Shopping Ka Naya Address (Beauty)

I Am A ______________

I am Nikon

Chicken Flavoured Pepsi Lays????




Before and After - Unretouched....

Before and After. The Unretouched Story



The Secret Passage

Bad Driver

Matchmaker Matchmaker

The Fake Celebrity Prank...!!!

Fake Celebrity Pranks New York City

One Big Party...!!!

Microsoft's Latest "New Look"

Microsoft unveils a new look

What A Nice Surprise...

Foxtel ad - via Mumbrella

That Day... My Wife Really COOKED For Me...!!!

Mr. Forgetful

Mr. Impatient

Mr. Impatient

You're Doing Something You Can't Get Out Of...???

NAB "Stand In" TVC - AdNews

Thursday, August 23, 2012

A General Goes Nuts...!!!

HaSachar Haole - Sababa Eguzim

A Street-Side Love Karaoke

eHarmony presents, "Love Karaoke"

Talent Hai... Par Training Ki Zaroorat Hai...!!!

Usha Juicer 40sec Hindi

A Mustachioed Penélope Cruz???

New Super Mario Bros. 2 - Penélope & Mónica Cruz TV ad (Nintendo 3DS)

Air Miles: Cash

Air Miles: Cash"

From Phone To Board... And Board To Phone... And Phone To Board... And Board To Phone...

Funny TV Ad: Using Comedy in Advertising - Revolabs

Waak With Me Waak With Me Come Waak With Me...

Katrina Kaif in FLITE TVC Latest ad

Break All Strings... Take Control...!!!

Nike Football: CTR360 Maestri III: Take Control

Amitabh Bachchan's Thank You Note On Hitting 1.2 Million Facebook Fans...!!!

Dus Graam Patli Ho Gayi...!!!

Exo Director's cut

Naani Virudh Naani...!!!

My First Friend...!!!

My first friend - Huggies - Ogilvy & Mather Argentina

Today... If American Students Rank 17... Where Do Indian Students Rank?

Today... If American Students Rank 17... Where Do Indian Students Rank?
Let's Solve This: ExxonMobil is Proud to Support the National Math and Science Initiative

Toh Mai... Chaddi Mein Hi Chaloongaa...!!!

Philips Hair Curler Commercial - Kareena Kapoor

Meet Tommy & Boris

Meet Tommy & Boris

Yoga - What's The Connect Between The (Ad) Concept & The Product???

FirstEnergy Solutions: Yoga

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Mohini...??? Kya Kar Rahi Ho...??? Aise Nahin....

The Unlimited way of life - Mohini

Aey Mujhe Bhi Do Naa...!!!

Sunfeast Bourbon Dream Cream 60sec

Is This THE Thriller...??? Is Our Knife Holder The Killer...???

The Unlimited way of life -- Knife

Better Your Friends Annoyed Than You Dead...!!! No...???

On The Merits Of This Ad; Tony Scott Was Commissioned To Direct "Top Gun"

Saab - 'Nothing On Earth Comes Close' Director's Version


Best commercial - Barclays - "Big"

Standing Out In A Jungle Of Copycats...!!!

Singer 30 sec

Is There No Honest Business In India????

bloomberg Netagiri 35sec

ParaNorman: Making Norman

ParaNorman: Making Norman

When You Could Become King ToyoMidas

Toyota 'Toyotathon' TVC - AdNews

Mere Laal... Mere Peelay... Mere Haray... Mere Neelay...!!!

ALPENLIEBE Juzt Jelly rev

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

When An Actor Was Requested To Performing An Ad Voice Over During His Quiz (KBC Malayalam) Show...!!!

Indian Actors normally get asked to perform songs, Dances and lines from films...
But very rarely does one get to see a fan request a Star to perform lines (that too from an Ad Film) that were done without him on the screen.

This exactly what happened to Malayalam Star Suresh Gopi durin his Quiz Show Kodeeswaran (Malayalam Version Of KBC), when he was requested to perform the line of an Ad for Jolly Silks Ad...
suresh gopi performing jolly silks narration- live - YouTube: "

Joyalukkas Wedding Centre is now JOLLY SILKS - YouTube: "

Has Axe Reached The Ultimate Height Of Objectification, Or Is There Anything Left???

Axe Hair "Office Love"

What Are Your Excuses For Not Taking The Bus/Train/Metro & Other Public Transport?

Dublin Bus 'Excuses' (Coins)

Homeward Bound...!!!

Cathedral City Come Home

So... Is This How Axe Intends To Inspire (Female) Athletes For The Next Olympics???

Hot Putt -- AXE

He Wants To Know Why Education Is Sinking In India?

Amitabh Bachchan Joins Facebook & Hits 8 Lakh Fans In 30 Minutes...

Bollywood Ki Balidaani Mahila...!!!


Re Bhaisaaa... Ke Ho Riyo Hai????

Glamstar Sunglasses_Venus Productions_Ravi

Teach Me How To Brushy... Teach Me Teach Me How To Brushy

Teach Me How To Brushy

When It Rains (SKULL)Candy...!!!

Now This Is What's Called Unrandomly Random...!!!

ROWNTREE'S RANDOMS TV ad: Parents Evening

Why YOU... Deserve The Number One Pie...!!!

Piemans's "SA's Number One Pie"

Badi Duty...???

New Jaago Re TVC

Watch Out 2016... Rio Is Preparing For You...!!!

Rio 2016 Olympic Games - New Logo Promotion Video

No Drama... Just Heat...!!!

SCANA - Affairs of the Flame, Burning Temptations Online

The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Yeh... Mainay Banaayaa Hai...!!!




The Ultimate Multitasker

[GALAXY Note 10.1] James Franco, the ultimate multitasker



Monday, August 20, 2012


Me The Musical

Intel® Me The Musical

Haath Mein Chaakoo Liye... Daraawnaa Music... Full Suspense...!!!

Tata DOCOMO - Hate Incomplete Stories


mazda monthsyt

Dynamite Cupcakes...!!!

Bake it - with Kiefer Sutherland. An Acer story inspired by Intel

What Do You Prefer??? No Nos??? Or Na Nas???

Australian Bananas "Lasting Energy" 30 sec TV Commercial

Tested For The Unexpected

Dunlop - Tested For The Unexpected

Le Look Le Plus Cool... = The Coolest Look...!!!

Diesel - Le look plus le cool (1995, UK)

No Breaking News

Dr Fixit Ad "No Breaking News" 2010"

Mubarak Ho... Aapka.... Ladka Honay Waala Hai..!!! Lekin Aane Waale Anjaam Bhi Jaan Lo....!!!

Renault commercial the doctor

Chhay Haataa Maataa

Woman with six hands!!! Watch the popular MTR TVC.

Balloon Faces...!!!

Award winning Indian ad for NGO Khushi

Welcome to Country... Or... Maybe Not...!!!

Renault Argentina - Welcome South Africa to Argentina

How To Coolly.Deal With A Bully...!!!

Latest Titan Zoop Ad. Funny!!!

When One Hand Turns Off One Light...

Flex Alert Overview - The Power of Community

Barkhurdaar... Shaadi Toh Kar Loge Tum... Anjaam Bhi Jaan Lo....!!!