Friday, January 11, 2013

Aapki Gaadi Jaisi Bhi Ho... Chandu Miyaa Toh Chandu Miyaan Hi Hai...!!!

Lynx -- An Astronaut Never Has To... 2/5: "Nice Wheels"

Through The Eyes Of Children... Rediscover Life...!!!

[Samsung GALAXY Camera] Rediscovering life through the eyes of children

How Advertisers Failed Women in 2012

One part of the discussion in Indian society, specially in the aftermath of the horrendous attack, violation and murder of Physiotherapy Student Jyoti Singh, has been on objectification of women and of the patriarchal tendency of blaming the victim. 
While advertisers and marketeers brush this off as nonsense and advocates of the moral brigades use such arguments to push the women back in to the clusters of modesty putting all the onus of their protection/preservation only on the women themselves....

Though this compilation consists only of ads made in  the west... There are some who wonder how much of such stuff happens in India and to what gravity????  
How Advertisers Failed Women in 2012

So...??? Times Of India / Hindustan Times / The Hindu / Telegraph ?Indian Express... Are You Watching This One...???

Introducing the Guardian and Observer Weekend - Own the Weekend

Monday, January 7, 2013

Ustaad... Ustaad... Meri Lifting Power Dekhogey...???

I... Am... A Woman...!!!

I am a Woman

Ghar Se Bhaag Jaanaa... Phir Khho Jaanaa...!!!

Janvari Hai Sahab... Aaney Waaley Poorey Saal Ke Bill Laayaa Hun...!!!

ING Life Insurance Monthly - Hindi

Jeans Ki Pantaan Pehnnaa... Toh... Tight Nakko Pehnnaa...

Mirza Mike

Eent Kaa Jawaab Battery Se...!!!

Interstate All Battery Center - Brick (Dallas)

Prabhudeva Goes Dhool Tucker Dhool Tucker Dhool Tucker Dhool....

Dhool Tucker - Official Full Song Video feat. Prabhudeva

Sorry Mamaa...!!!

Mother Dairy "Sorry Mom" TVC