Saturday, December 17, 2011

Hypnotist... (The Original)

"Some Things Can't Be Reversed"

This (powerful drunk-driving PSA begins at the story's end—with the pale dead girl whispering to her guilt-ridden father in prison—and proceeds backwards in time, a technique that freshens up the material and accentuates the sense of loss) was listed as number 20  Ad Freak's list of Freakiest Ads for 2009 


This Funny/Freaky/Bizarre Ad by Diesel Helmets was listed as number 27  Ad Freak's list of Freakiest Ads for 2009 


"Dentyne | "Squid"

This Ad was ranked at number 29 on Ad Freak's list of Freakiest Ads for 2009 

It's Payback Time Dad...!

Gamer Goes To (Real-Life) War

What’s more real than today’s realistic looking war games? Real war of course. Turtle Beach, maker of gaming audio gear like headsets, teamed up with agency Droga5 New Zealand to explore this premise. They sent an experienced Kiwi gamer (not a soldier) to a real war zone: Iraq.

Episodes will be launched on YouTube, with no interactive component (like shooting real people) as far as I can tell. This project is already triggering a heated debate about its morality. Is it ‘leveraging a real-life tragedy for commercial gain’ or simply a logical extension of what war-gamers seek out anyway: the thrill and total immersion in life-threatening situations? What do you think?

Via: Adverblog

The Typical (Hollywood) B Grade Movie...?

Monkey in the Middle

Friday, December 16, 2011


L.A.dy Dior


Paramount Pictures Celebrates 100 Years With Logo Update


Cuore Di Casa - Heart Of The House

Bhaiyya... How Irresponsible...!!!

Khhaass Paysskass

What A Bicycle Can Do...!!!

Amul's Latest Take... Rob Ne Pakda Di Chori...

Amul's Take on India's top-spinner's stolen passport and other documents being retrieved 

2011 Was A Year Of...

Proud Papa...

Gas Chamber

Don't Let A Drunk Friend Drive...

Warning: Some of the images in this Ad could be found to be shocking or revolting to some...

Arrey... Koi Ticket Milaa Yaa Nahi MIlaa?

Yamdude - Sky Diving

Gold Ka Bhaav Badey Tezi Se Bhaag Raha Hai Naa?

Why Is This Repeating Itself

In 2 minutes - 10 Trends for 2012


Amul's Take On Censoring Social Networks

To repeat what Rahul DaCunha (and almost everyone else on the web) asks...
"Will Kapil Sibal have his way censoring the internet..?"

Now You Can - Kancils 2011 - Film Editing

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Yamdude - Manhole

Yamdude - 773H Inverted & Flipped...

Santa Claus Makes A Message Only For You...

The Fundamental Elements Of Design

Doctor Citizens (Clowns In Hospitals)

Has Mr. Kapil Sibal Unmade Friends...???

The latest issue of Outlook magazine has Kapil Sibal on their cover page.

This is not an advertisement... 
So ideally this image should not feature here...
And we're not here to make judgments on the political sagacity of the move...

But from the Public Relations point of view, has this move 
(of trying to scan social networks) 
totally back fired???   

"See it Through"

See It Through

When you’re up against a trouble,
    Meet it squarely, face to face;
Lift your chin and set your shoulders,
    Plant your feet and take a brace.
When it’s vain to try to dodge it,
    Do the best that you can do;
You may fail, but you may conquer,
    See it through!

Black may be the clouds about you
    And your future may seem grim,
But don’t let your nerve desert you;
    Keep yourself in fighting trim.
If the worst is bound to happen,
    Spite of all that you can do,
Running from it will not save you,
    See it through!

Even hope may seem but futile,
    When with troubles you’re beset,
But remember you are facing
    Just what other men have met.
You may fail, but fall still fighting;
    Don’t give up, whate’er you do;
Eyes front, head high to the finish.
    See it through!


Who's Voice Is That?

Some think this Voice-Over has been done by the veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah
While others this that it's some VO specialist's voice...
What do you think???

Was That Superman...?

A rough translation from Finnish...
Free Eye Test for your age and amount of discount on all frames

So...??? Do You Have Light Bulb Above Your Head Too???

Present Impossible

This Christmas Tree Is Full Of Windows...

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Top 10 Most Shared Ads (On YouTube) of 2011

"Top 10 Most Shared Ads of 2011"
10 Nestle Contrex10
Ma Contrexperience (950,988 shares)

9 Nissan9
Poneis Malditos (956,661 shares)

8 Call Of Duty8
Modern Warfare 3: Reveal Trailer (1,062,829 shares)

7 David Cornfield Melanoma Fund7
Dear 16-Year-Old Me (1,072,004 shares)

6 Twentieth Century Fox6
Planet of the Apes: Ape With A20K-47 (1,132,201 shares)

5 Kia Soul5
Party Rock Anthem (1,424,110 shares)

4 T-Mobile4
Royal Wedding (1,733,419 shares)

3 T-Mobile3
Angry Birds Live (1,783,607 shares)

2 DC Shoes2
Ken Block's Gymkhana Four: The Hollywood Megamercial (2,028,238 shares)

1 Volkswagen1
The Force (4,713,179 shares)

They Make Anything Sound Good...!

Wonderful World


Some Men...! Fitness

Pappu-G, Pappa-G & Datoon-G