Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Presley Paaji!!

This as Actor/Writer/Director Puneet Sira (who acted as the sikh dance-alike of Elvis in the Ad) confesses 'is many many moons old and is now popping up all over the net.' Cliched and stereotypical perhaps, but worth some laughs maybe.

Well you can take
me and my turban
to the Kathmandu,
chew my chapati,
eat my vindaloo,
but when I see a Walkers,
Im a fingers and thumbs,
so get your gums
off my Poppadums
- aha-ha, yeah, ya-ehe.
Well go ahead,
Punka Wallah,
make my day,

two tasty flavours will blow you away, they rattle and a-roll allover yuor tounge, so get your gums off my Poppadums.