Saturday, May 18, 2013


The Buddy... !!!

Samsung Premium Monitor Series 9: Buddy The Dog

The First Taste

Made by Saatchi & Saatchi, Sydney especially for TEDxSydney 2013.

A delightful look at children taking their first taste of some challenging foods. Filmed in high speed, stunning clarity, this film allows us to almost see the thoughts of these children on their faces.
The First Taste: Saatchi & Saatchi at TEDxSydney

Friday, May 17, 2013

Chotu CEO

Chotu CEO

Sonia Looks Exactly Like Amir...!!!

Aamir Khan in Zindagi Muskuraye by Godrej - Episode 7/9
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Sam... If We Were To Fight... How Would You Make Up...???

Aamir Khan in Zindagi Muskuraye by Godrej - Episode 6/9

This Marriage Is Not Working...

Aamir Khan in Zindagi Muskuraye by Godrej - Episode 5/9

He... Is Her Husband...!!!

Aamir Khan in Zindagi Muskuraye by Godrej - Episode 4/9

Sam... Please Don't Use That Word...

Aamir Khan in Zindagi Muskuraye by Godrej - Episode 2/9

Bathroom Mein Phansaa Diyaa...!!!

Aamir Khan in Zindagi Muskuraye by Godrej - Episode 3/9

Aey Haath Kahaa Lagaa Rahaa Hai... Don't Touch Me...

Aamir Khan in Zindagi Muskuraye by Godrej - Episode 1/9

Hi... Did You Lock Your Phone... IN THERE...???

Aamir Khan in Zindagi Muskuraye by Godrej - Episode 8/9"

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Precision, Beauty, Expression...!!!

Puravankara - The Art of Development

From Puppy Love To Marriage In 85 Seconds...

85 Seconds Getty Images AlmapBBDO

Was Chetan Bhagat Really Needed For This Ad...???

Don't get this wrong...
We have nothing against Chetan Bhagat... 

But this Ad... 
Would have worked even without Chetan's endorsement...
What say you???

Love, arranged by"

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How Will You Bring About Change???

Camlin Whiteboard Marker - Change

What Is Your One On One Approach???

Camlin Whiteboard Marker - One on One approach"

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How Will You Do The Repositioning???

Camlin Whiteboard Marker - Repositioning.mp4

Khaao Peeo Khissko... Has Changed To... Dekho Soongo Dis-co...!!!

Kyaa Ho Rahaa Hai Bhai... Ho Kyaa Rahaa Hai...!!!

Banned - The film"

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Apppnnnnpnaaaaaa Khhhhhayaaaal Rrrrrrakhhhhhnaaaaaa....!!!

VW Caddy Maxi - Park Assist - The Long Goodbye Commercial

Bad Dog, Good Dog...

Pedigree 2013 Feeding Brighter Futures Ad: Bad Dog, Good Dog"

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Not Too Far??? Leave The Car,,,!!!

Not far? Leave the car.
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Itnaa Badaa Playground....

Honda CR-V. Brinquedo de gente grande. 45"

Truth (Upside - Down)

To quote Jayendra Katti who shared this gem with us.... 

"This is a classic  political advertisement, which won the silver lion in the Cannes Lions Contest 2006."

Thank you Jayendra keep them coming...

Lopez Murphy for president - Truth (Upside - Down)

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


This is a repeat of Lakshmipathy Bhat's post on his blog bhatnaturally...
To quote from the post...
'Many moons ago, I owned a pair of Abercrombie & Fitch jeans. I didn’t know much about the brand’s background or heritage save for the fact it was a ‘foreign’ brand and largely had positive feelings about it.  The fact that the jeans were comfortable helped the ‘cool brand’ perception.

Thanks to @ideasmaverick I came across this story about a statement made by the CEO of A&F that he doesn’t want fat women and uncool kids wearing his brand. Obviously the statement has come under fire. But the best response yet is perhaps from @GregKarber who wants to ‘remake the A&F brand’. His idea: #FitchTheHomeless – a social media campaign to get people to donate their A&F clothing to the homeless.
That’s a brilliant and hard-hitting video and ‘campaign idea’. It’s probably too early to say if the campaign gains momentum. But it reminds brands yet again to be careful of what they say & do, as there is no ‘delete’ button on the Internet. And the wave can turn into a tsunami in no time."
Abercrombie & Fitch Gets a Brand Readjustment #FitchTheHomeless

Busting Out....

Bust You Out

Pappy Is Dead

Pappy Is Dead

Swapped at Birth

Swapped at Birth

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Yeh Log... Yahaan Aaye Kaisay...


Wonderfilly Hypothetical Tales...!!!

OREO Wonderfilled Anthem (:90)

Telephone Exchange Mother & Son

Idea TVC - Telephone Exchange Mother & Son

Rethink Butts...!!!

Toxic Litter Everywhere

Mujhe Tumse Pyaar Yoga-yaa....!!!

Meet Mat (A Yoga Love Story)

When Parkour Roams Free...

Parkour (PK) Roam Free Video | Land Rover USA

'Amazing in Motion - 'Steps'

Amazing in Motion - 'Steps'

World's Best Driver...

Hot Wheels World's Best Driver Movie

The Gift My Mother Gave Me...

Maria and Eunice Shriver: The Gift My Mother Gave Me

Guaranteed for Life...

Schwinn 2013 Commercial - Guaranteed for Life